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Hudson, Geoffrey: Suite from The Quartet Project 



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  • Program notes: 

    Modeled on Bartók’s Mikrokosmos, The Quartet Project is a six-volume collection of new pieces for beginning, intermediate, and advanced string players, appropriate for the use of both children and adult amateurs.  The collection—which was commissioned by Hybrid Vigor Music, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop, produce, and proliferate new musical works that reach beyond the confines of the concert hall and collaboratively engage communities—begins with pieces for open string and first finger and then, over the course of six volumes, grows increasingly complex.

    The Quartet Project was born from necessity. As composer Geoffrey Hudson recounts, “I was standing in front of a wall of bookshelves filled to overflowing with string chamber music, looking for music for the young string quartet I would be coaching that week. The romantics (Schubert, Dvorak, Mendelssohn…) were too difficult and too long to learn in a week; twentieth century giants like Bartók and Shostakovich were similarly out of reach; and I knew that turning to the old classical standbys would be met with heavy sighs from the kids (‘Haydn…again?’). My search for new repertoire was fruitless, as similar searches had been in the past. And finally, that day, those repeated failures sparked an idea: I would devote the next two years to composing a collection of progressive pieces for quartet.”

    From the outset, workshop testing of the music was central to the vision of The Quartet Project. Merely claiming that pieces are suitable for beginners would not be enough. We wanted to be sure that they actually were. To that end, The Quartet Project was developed in conjunction with leading chamber music organizations from across the United States, including: Community MusicWorks (Providence, RI); Drake University Community School of Music (Des Moines, IA); the Greater Grand Forks Symphony Orchestra, now called Northern Valley Youth Orchestras (Grand Forks, ND); Indian Hill Music (Littleton, MA); the MacPhail Center for Music (Minneapolis, MN); and the Third Street Music School Settlement (New York, NY). Between 2008 and 2010, these partner organizations hosted workshops in which more than 100 young string quartets rehearsed music from The Quartet Project with their faculty coaches. Each rehearsal process concluded with a mini-residency, in which the quartets worked directly with composer Geoffrey Hudson who collected feedback from students and teachers and used it to revise and refine The Quartet Project, making sure that it succeeded both artistically and pedagogically.

    In 2015, Hybrid Vigor Music published the full six-volume collection. In conjunction with the print publication, nine American string quartets—Chiara, Parker, Miró, Brooklyn Rider, Borromeo, Lark, Artaria, Jupiter, and Apple Hill—recorded 38 selections compiled on a single CD, entitled A Quartet Project Sampler, which is also available for digital streaming and downloading via Spotify and iTunes. None of the music had been recorded previously. The recording was made possible in part from a New Music USA Project Grant. The seven selections in the current suite are drawn from across the collection.

    1. Bright Spot from Volume I

    2. Verse Waltz (Limerick) from Volume II

    3. Doo-wop from Volume III

    4. Harvest Song from Volume IV

    5. Compulsion from Volume V

    6. Elegy from Volume V

    7. Swing for the Fences from Volume VI



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