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C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

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Henderickx, Wim: Blossomings 



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  • Program notes: 

    Wim Henderickx - BLOSSOMINGS (3 Prayers for a better World)
    Composed in 2016 for clarinet in Bb (or trumpet), choir and electronics (optional)
    Duration: +/- 15 minutes
    Performance of the separate prayers is possible
    Blossomings was composed in 2016 for the BBC Singers, conductor Martyn Brabbins and trumpet virtuoso Marco Blaauw, as a tribute to the late English composer Jonathan Harvey. Harvey was profoundly involved with Buddhism and he frequently made a connection between his Christian background and Buddhism. Wim Henderickx wanted to go one step further in this work and took texts from three different cultures and religions as a source of inspiration. The first text was written by Jigme Lingpa, an 18th century Tibetan Buddhist. The second is a text by Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval German monastic leader, mystic, author and composer, representing 12th century Roman Catholicism and the third is by Rumi, a Persian poet and Sufi mystic who represents 13th century Islam. The music in this work was also inspired by these different eras and cultures. In Blossomings (3 Prayers for a better World), Henderickx wanted to emphasise reconciliation and the beauty of different cultures. To one side of the mixed choir a trumpet is commenting on and introducing parts of the texts. The sound of the trumpet can also be considered as a calling upon the master (Jonathan Harvey). The (optional) electronics create a sonorous background to the harmonic material sung by the choir. This will give the work a spatial effect. The work ends with the initial material from the third prayer, combined with a musical motif inspired by Jonathan Harvey’s name.
    For the ISCM Music Days in Tallinn, I made a version for clarinet, choir and electronics.

  • Technical specs: 

    BLOSSOMINGS - Wim Henderickx
    (technical rider)
    info: Jorrit Tamminga or Wim Henderickx
    Set Up:
    - MacBook or iMac
    - connect headphone output to a mixing desk or amplifier with two speakers (There is a possibility to perform with more speakers)
    - Download the file ‘Blossomings’ (For opening the patch, you have to click System Preferences on the computer, then choose safety and privacy, unlock underneath and choose: accept any source)
    - press ’s’ to start (or stop) the sound, press ‘spacebar’ to go to the next section (There is also a possibility to perform the work with independent sound files)
    If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Wim Henderickx



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