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Štědroň, Miloš Orson: Kouzla 



Basic information

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  • Subtitle: 
    for mixed choir on poems by Ivan Blatný
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  • Program notes: 

    Miloš ORSON Štědroň
    Kouzla / Spells (2015)
    For mixed choir on poems by Ivan Blatný
    Orson’s approach to the text of his favourite poet Ivan Blatný (1919–1990) in the composition Kouzla (Spells) for mixed choir (dedicated to the Kühn Choir of Prague) is to a certain extent theatrical. The author adds: “Above all, perhaps more than in Ivan Blatný’s poetry, I was interested in his fate: to survive forty years in a sanatorium or “cuckoo’s nest” in England was, to say the least, odd. Blatný was a young rising star of post-war Czechoslovakian poetry, a kind of crown prince of Vítězslav Nezval (1900–1958) and František Halas (1901–1949). He was a member of an official delegation of writers to London in March 1948 but he did not return to his homeland. It was as if he was dead in the eyes of his native country (in fact, in the 1950s his obituary was published several times in Czechoslovakia). Not until the 1990s did his name and mostly his poetry begin to appear more frequently. I was fascinated by the incredible lightness of Blatný verse and quite simply by his original language, which in fact is more a mix of languages that contributes significantly to the creation of the poetic form. On the basis of his verse I have written several song cycles, most importantly the composition The Cabaret Ivan Blatný, where I not only put to music his poetry but also gave it a theatrical form (it was performed from 2007 to 2010 at the Prague theatre Komedie directed by Jan Nebeský). The choral cycle Kouzla is a musical melding of poetism, surrealism and a touch of mystery, which is so characteristic for Blatný.”



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