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Wajsar, Petr 




composer, arranger, singer, piano player, guitar player, bass-guitar player and lyricist. Born in Prague, November 14, 1978s. Petr Wajsar studied composition and arranging of modern popular music at the Conservatory in Prague with Angelo Michajlov (1993-94), Milan Svoboda (1994-98) and Michal Pavlíček (1998-99). He continued his music composition studies at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek in Prague with Stanislav Jelínek (1999-2000) and at the Academy of Musical Arts (AMU) with Václav Riedlbauch (2000-2009). Wajsar's works include classical, jazz, popular and film music. His piece called Emitgar represented the Czech Radio at the International Composers' Tribune in 2001.

He took part in several contests and reached the semifinals of the International Songwriters' Competition with his piece "Swingovka" in 2006 and with "Drum'n'Berg" in 2007. Wajsar won the prize of the Authors' Association as the Most-played Young Classical Music Composer in 2008 as well as the first prize in two music band competitions: Starter Live (2008) and Boom Cup (2008). He was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award for the musical Pornstars (2010) and won the Nuberg prize of both the jury and the listeners in 2013 for his piece "Eight Sentences on Fans".

Wajsar helped rehearse the following musicals as a piano accompanist: "Excalibur" in 2003 (Ta Fantastika theater), "The Picture of Dorian Gray" in 2006 (Ta Fantastika), "The Lady With the Camelias" in 2008, where he also played a part (Ta Fantastika), "Pornstars" in 2009 and 2010 (Experimental Space Roxy and Petr Bezruč Theater) and "Gameboy" in 2010 (Municipal Theater Kladno). He helped the soloists and choir-members in "Dobře placená procházka" ("Well-paid Walk") rehearse their part; the piece was performed in the National Theater in Prague in 2007 and Wajsar played a part in it as well. He both composed, rehearsed and performed 6-part a-cappella voiceband jingles in a live TV broadcast of the nomination evening of the Czech Lion awards in 2010.

Wajsar played the part of a singer in the theater play "Ivánku, kamaráde, můžeš mluvit?" ("Ivan, pal, can you talk now?") (2005-2009). During the years 2004-2007, he played the guitar and sang with the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra. He composed pieces for ensembles who perform only his music (Hi-Fi, EwaVe, Mandelbrotovy kostičky). As a singer, beatboxer, arranger and composer, Wajsar has been working with a 6-member a-cappella group Skety. He has sung and guest-played with Michal Pavlíček's group on the keyboard. He performs with the vocal group Yellow Sisters on a regular basis as a singer, beatboxer and vocal and instrumental loop arranger.



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