C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Vígh, Kristóf 




Composer and pianist Christopher vigh

Vigh Christopher was born in 1959 in Budapest. Music School piano teacher Elisabeth spinning, conservatory teacher Catherine Schweitzer. In 1983 I graduated from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest piano faculty honors. My teachers were Peter and László Baranyai Solymos. I am a member of the Hungarian Composers' Association. As a composer I wrote more than one hundred works.

After graduation, in 1983, the Börzsöny Mountains is a picturesque village oven moved in order to improve zongoratechnikámat. Here I had the opportunity to live in harmony with nature and experience the day to day changes with the seasons. Then came the experience that wonderful chords in piano improvisation spoke under my hand. Bach reminded me a bit, but it was different, spherical, modal, something dreamy. I was born of the realization that I become a composer, I do not enter into the expectations of contemporary music, I write such beautiful music that rang under my hand. The decision was followed and completed his first work, the Ave Maria and songs, small piano pieces. These initial text songs I wrote myself. The writing did not fall away from me, from my childhood since I wrote poems in this genre I was always at home. It was a strange thing, because the music was here first, such as text, but always found the music equivalent of textual content.

The poetry and music as two pillars, bridge touched me, I approached from any direction, I sensed the two common soul-face. I discovered that music is a content, which is approximately the meaning of the words and melody can be expressed differently though, as it demonstrates the music. But the two together is a miracle that shows human feelings, the contents of the mysterious beauty of natural phenomena, because the words of the musical harmony with wonderful poetry yourself. Then, the song has become a favorite pass time writing, and with time the poems of others composed songs. My dear friend, now deceased, Gyula Obersovszky of poems set to music, and those followed by other songs. The Buda Castle Matthias Church was an altar boy as he got the chance to show my works there every year. Thus, every year since 1985 I wrote the organ pieces, religious works that what has been said year after year. In the end I have my work so much that I could hold full copyright nights at the Budapest Academy of Music is also a large number of audiences and with great success. Systematically I trained myself to myself I orchestration school, mainly based on the book of Casella. In this there was no one to help me, because nobody in my environment created in this genre and understanding, apart from a few exceptions.

So I was referring to myself completely, but I do not mind, so I could find him because the Refulgence away, so I could not influence the trends of contemporary classical music, develop their own independent pleased with my world, my technique and instrumentation. The main heroes of my always kept the great classical composers, whose works as a pianist was playing deep empathy and empathy, I am still teaching and playing. They are my supreme master, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt and Debussy.

The expanded repertoire with new works of György Csete architect, commissioned by the National Society of the Peace Anthem oratóriummal and the 12-item Mass of the Holy Crown. Has always been a labor of love Hungary and the fate of the Hungarians, so many national nexus works also wrote the 1848 symphonic poem, followed by large-scale, five-item Trianon symphony. hereby publish SOS Global Hungary I wrote the Post Museum director, Smith Gergelyné the request, and this He appeared at the Hanover World Expo 2000 Hungarian program. In the meantime, I became a member of the Hungarian Association of Composers. Dr. Varallo boobs Jeno's request, a Greek Catholic priest, I wrote in memory of my grandfather's Greek Catholic Liturgy, Vespers and made ​​the Vigil is also Hungarian. Currently I am working on the 20-item angel-tale ballet Forest game that Albert Wass stage adaptation of the tale. By now I want to move on to the public.

My work in the future operas, piano and violin competitions would also like to expand, but would like to undertake intensive writing film music as well. Main My objective in the new harmonic conception of music and art, "the Refulgence" develop and consider the representation, which will bring back the beauty and harmony, I believe, the life of humanity. It has always been the fate of mankind as a whole, the history and evolution of thinking employed. I think all people - according to his talent - is important rászabott mission, and every value that the culture of different peoples gave birth in the history of the world serve as food for intellectual. Today is the time and the possibility that various peoples of the world and creative artists of a joint intention with respect for one another and respect, jointly drawn up by humanity's future artistic direction and the needs of beauty, truth, art history noblest traditions based.



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