C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Nejtek, Michal 

Michal Nejtek



Michal Nejtek (*1977)
is a Czech composer whose work ranges from instrumental compositions (chamber to symphonic) and operas to music for theatre. He experiments extensively with sound samples and, in addition to classical contemporary music, he is active in alternative jazz projects both as musician and composer. He has received commissions from many noted festivals and ensembles, such as Warsaw Autumn (PL), Donaueschingen Festival (DE), Klangspuren Festival (AT), Prague Spring Festival (CZ), De Volharding Ensemble (NL). He is regularly commissioned by Czech ensembles - AGON Orchestra, BERG Orchestra, MoEns. His works have been performed also for example at Wien Modern Festival (AT), Dartington International Summer Festival (GB) or Trieste Prima Festival (IT) or by Budapest Festival Orchestra (HU). He received prizes from Generation or NUBERG competition, his work was selected for the International Rostrum of Composers etc. He regularly writes music for Czech theatres including the National Theatre in Prague and Brno, Archa Theatre and many others and within this field he was nominated for Alfred Radok Prize. He was selected for fellowships with Ensemble Modern or Neuköllner Oper, at International Summer Course in Darmstadt, he was awarded with a Visegrad Residency Grant and Fellowship.


1991 - 1997 piano, composition, Conservatory in Teplice (CZ)
1996 – 2002 composition (BA, MA), Music Faculty of the Academy of
Performing Arts, Prague
2009 – 2014 composition - doctoral studies, Janáček Academy of Music and
Performing Arts, Brno

Performances of compositions - selection

2018 - Prague Spring International Music Festival (Ultramarine)
- Warsaw Autumn Festival (Ultramarine,; Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra)
2017 - Festival Dance Transit, Dresden (Constellations I. Before i Say Yes)
- National Theatre, Brno (Rules For Good Manners In The Modern World)
2016 - Rudolfinum, Prague (I Hear The Sky)
2015 - Smetana Days Festival, Pilsen (Pierrot Dandy)
2014 - Living Dance Studio, Peking (Solo for Lu)
- Bürgerbühnen Festival, Dresden (Solo for Lu)
- MusicOlomouc Festival (Nocturne with Ray)
2013 - Budapest Festival Orchestra, Czech Contemporary Night (... your heart stops ...
you continue writing)
- New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague (Anticodes)
- Alfred ve dvoře Theatre, Prague (Doubts, part of Four, Three, Two, One,
2012 - Prague Spring International Music Festival (Not I)
- Archa Theatre (Solo for Lu)
- MoEns Ensemble (Man of the Past)
2011 - National Theatre in Brno (Raduz and Mahulena)
- Lubuski Teatr, Zielona Gora (Medea)
- The Beauty of Today Series, Prague (Sunday Akathisia / Let’s Sing An Akathist)
- Švandovo Theatre (At Home, Waiting for the Rain)
2010 - Early Reflections, Prague (The Great Solstice)
- Vinohrady Theatre, Prague (Fidlovačka, or Where is My Home)
2009 - Hellerau, Dresden (Exit 89 – theater performance by Archa Theatre)
- Trieste Prima (... a beautiful noise)
2008 - Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg (Exit 89)
- BERG Orchestra, Prague (Nocturne with Ray)
- ensembl[:E:]uropa, Funkhaus, Köln am Rhein (Unicorn / On the Field of Lilies)
2007 - Sounding Metropolis, Brno, Prague (... a beautiful noise)
2006 - Klangspuren Festival (Frame Dreams)
- Toronto Music Gallery (Descent into the Depth of Silence)
2005 - Riocenacontemporánea Festival, Rio de Janeiro (Lamenti)
- Young Prague Festival (Balding Patterns)
2004 - Dartington International Summer Festival (Für Elsa Zylberstein I)
- Artacts – Festival für Jazz und Improvisierte Musik, St. Johann (Music For 18
Strings, AGON Orchestra)
- Forum Neuer Musik, Deutschlandfunk, Köln am Rhein (Für Elsa Zylberstein I)
- Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Distress Sonata; AGON Orchestra)
- Schlachthaus Theater, Bern (Lamenti)
2003 - Czech Center Paris (Music For 18 Strings; AGON Orchestra)
- OPERA festival, Prague (Dementia Praecox)
- Wien Modern (Music For 18 Strings; AGON Orchestra)
- New Music Festival, Bytom (Music For 18 Strings; AGON Orchestra)
2002 - AGON Orchestra, profile concert, Prague (Distress Sonata, Sextet, Music for 18
strings, Ballo Nella Notte, Descent into the Depth of Silence)
- Warsaw Autumn (Distress Sonata; New Music Orchestra, Katowice)
- Donaueschingen Festival (Thorn Into The Flesh)
2001 - Warsaw Autumn (Music For 18 Strings; AUKSO Orchestra, Tychy)
- Avuimúsica, Barcelona – Prague and New York „Down Town“ Composers (Grand
Rock Brillante; AGON Orchestra)
2000 - Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (Two Girls In The Space
With Objects)
1998 - Saxon-Czech Music Festival (Modal Sonata for piano)

Selected commissions

2017 Prague Spring and Warsaw Autumn festivals: Ultramarine
2016 National Theatre Brno: Rules For Good Manners In The Modern World
2015 Prague Philharmonia: I Hear The Sky
2015 Musiques Nouvelles Ensemble: Pierrot Dandy
2014 BERG Orchestra: The Lightning Speed Of The Past for soprano, female vocal
quartet, orchestra and electronics
2013 National Theatre in Prague: Anticodes
Brno Philharmonic: Leading Horses (arrangements)
Boca Loca Lab: Dubieties
2012 Prague Spring International Music Festival: Not I
Archa Theatre: Solo for Lu
2011 National Theatre in Brno: Raduz and Mahulena
2009 Contempuls Festival: ... your heart stops ... you continue writing
2008 BERG Orchestra: Nocturne with Ray
2007 MoEns Ensemble: ... a beautiful noise
2006 Klangspuren Festival: Frame Dreams
2004 Agon Orchestra: Passion Play (arrangements)
2003 De Volharding Ensemble: Irritating Of Inland
2002 Warsaw Autumn: Distress Sonata
2002 Donaueschingen Festival: Thorn Into The Flesh


- GENERATION Composition Competition 1999 (1st prize – Awakening. Five songs on a poems of Bohuslav Reynek for soprano and chamber ensemble)
- Leos Janacek Fund Prize 1999
- GENERATION Composition Competition 2000 (2nd prize – Descent Into The Depth Of Silence for violin, violoncello and piano)
- INTERNATIONAL ROSTRUM OF COMPOSERS, 2000 Paris (recording of Ballo Nella Notte represented the Czech Radio)
- GENERATION Composition Competition 2001 (2nd prize – Ballo Nella Notte)
- The Prize of the Director of the OPERA Festival 2003 (Dementia Praecox)
- NUBERG Competition prize 2008 (Nocturne With Ray)
- Alfreda Radok prize - nomination 2009 (Exit 89 – incidental music)
- NUBERG Competition prize 2014 (The Lightning Speed Of The Past)
- The Theatre Critics´ Awards – nomination 2016 (Constellations I. Before I Say Yes)

Workshops and residencies

2014 Visegrad Creative Residency and Fellowship
... placement at Krzysztof Penderecki Center (PL)
2011 Where from? Where to? Myths – Nations – Identities
... workshop with Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt (DE)
2011 New Deal Opernpreis, workshop, Neuköllner Oper + Brano Mazuch, Berlin (DE)
2004 Lugar Comum – Barcarena, Club Portugues de Artes e Ideias
... creative residency with director Jiri Herman, Lisabon (PT)
2000 International Summercourse for New Music, Darmstadt (DE)
1997 – 2000 composition masterclass in Cesky Krumlov (CZ)




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