C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Gysin, Beat 




Beat Gysin (* 1968) studied piano, chemistry,composition (T. Kessler, H.Kyburz) and music theory (R. Moser, D. Müller-Siemens) in Basel. The composer comes from a musical family and since his youth, he has written more than fifty (partly awarded) works for various ensembles, from solo - to orchestral works.
Highlight performances were by the Arditti Quartet, the Basel Madrigal singers and the many performances by the Ensembles Windspiel and umsn `jip.
A particular interest of Beat Gysin – in addition to classic composing is -the phenomena of acoustic space. Unusual list of the instruments and multi-channel-tape-compositions in his works create surprising acoustic space structures, which embed the music in itself and reinforces a "Euclidean", three-dimensional listening challenge, for example in the perception game, "Behind a Glass Wall" or in the chamber opera "Marie Glass ".
Beat Gysin executed and executes in selected locations musical theatre, dealing with the interaction between the scenery of the location and musical content, such as the underwater opera "Scamander" or the acoustic-space-piece "water reservoir".
As another result of his longstanding preoccupation with the theme "Music and Space" Beat Gysin has developed and co-developed two series of music spaces, "Adyton" and "Modula", which are variable and changes directly to the music, respectively can move and are portable because of their lightweight construction.
Lectures at various colleges, work on the board in the Schweizerischen Tonkünstlerverein and the Biennale ZeitRäume Basel for music and architecture rounds of his work.



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