C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Davidsen, Heðin Ziska 




Resume – Musician, sound artist and music teacher
I am an improvisational rock guitarist with a keen interest and curiosity towards experimentation. Lately been involved in incorporating computer programming into the guitar signal, focusing on live sampling/manipulation and incorporating this in an improvisational manner. Electronics, experimentation, modular synths and everyday sounds are an ever growing part of my music making these days.
Active projects and bands, Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet, Yggdrasil, Tjant, Marius Ziska, Heiðrik to name a few.

Music related work
2019 Currently working on a commission for a musical piece for the newly opened music school in Tórshavn together with Dánjal á Neystabø.
2019 Mini residency and performance with Resterne af Rigsfællesksabet at Summartónar. This is the first leg of a four stage project, where we will be in Greenland in October 2019 and Iceland during the winter 2019/20. Denmark is in the planning stages still.
2019 Performed at Dark Music Days in Reykjavík February 1st with Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet.
2018 Invited to have a performance and lecture at Synthposium in Russia. Performance and lecture deal with the topic noise and signal / meaningless and meaning and the juncture of the two.
2017 Commisioned by LISA (Listafólkasamband Føroya) to make a sound installation for culutral days in Sunda Kommuna
2017 Invited to participate in the Ólavsøkuframsýningin in the Faroe Islands with sound art
2017 Performed with Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet at RAFLOST festival Iceland.
2016 I made music and sound installation for a sculputre by Sámal Blak exhibited in the Nordic house in the Faroe Islands
2016 My piece “Lomb” Performed by Trio Ovis at Summrtónar festival.
2016 Release of my third Tjant album, titled Røtur og Trø.
2014 My piece “Hvad med en salme” performed by New Jungle Orchestra at Summartónar festival in Faroe Islands.
2013 My piece “Nerasuf TV LF” for recording, trombone, classical guitar and percussion performed at Summertónar festival in Faroe Islands 
2013 An arrangement of “Grindavísan” for string orchestra and traditional Faroese chain dance perfomed at the Nordic House on the Faroe Islands by pupils and dance organisations
2011 A bigband piece of mine – Niðhøgg – performed at the ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) festival in Zagreb, Croatia.
2010 The composition “Bil-verk” for snare drum and two cars is performed in Tórshavn at the Summartónar Festival
2009 Barr-In, an istallation of 23 channels recorded in a bar in Tórshavn and played back on 23 speakers put up at the Nordic Music Days in Oslo
2008 My piece “Connie the Suite Bitch” for string quartet, electronics, el-guitar, bass and drums performed at the Summartónar festival in Faroe Islands
2006 Composed the EAM piece “Kom og nikka sjón” in Visby in collaboration with NOMUS. Performed on Dark Music Days 2007.
2006 - Member of the composers union board in Faroe Islands, Felagið Føroysk Tónaskøld.
2002 - Teacher at the Faroe Islands Music School. Teaching guitar, improvisation, band practice, as well as composing and arranging music for pupils and bands. Last 5 years been involved with the schools bigband where I've composed and arranged music.
2016 – 2018 Completed Master of Music at the New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP) at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.
2013 Advanced course in Sibelius notation
1999 – 2001 Det Alternative Rytmiske Konservatorium (D.A.R.K)
1998 – 1999 k.u.b.a band practice and guitar course
1993 – 1996 High School
Additionally received private lessons from various teachers.
With own band and compositions
2016 – Tjant – Røtur og Trø – TUTL HJF447
2006 – Tjant – A Beam Of Light – TUTL HJF147
2002 – Tjant – Tjant – TUTL HJF97
1998 – Í Eb-inum – In the Eb – TUTL HJF47

In addition to this I am featured on recordings by ethno jazz group Yggdrasil, indie pop band Marius Ziska, folk band Enekk. I’m also featured as sound designer on albums by Kári Sverrisson & Bender Spónir, Yggdrasil, Carl Jóhan Jensen and Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen.
In 2014 Yggdrasil performed The Four Towers – A ballet by Kristian Blak. My role: guitarist, sound design, live sampling and small acting part. The musicians were also involved in the production as the instructor, Sámal Blak, wanted the ballet to be performed, as jazz/improvisational musicians would perform a musical piece.

Since 1996 I have performed in caves here in the Faroe Islands. Depending on the weather, the audience and/or the musicians are on land or in small boats. These concerts are heavyli influenced by nature. The weather element and the ocean and cliffs are very dominant in this experience and make their mark on the performance. The CD releases Klæmint and part of Anybody Home were recorded in one of the caves, Klæmintsgjógv.




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