C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



After clearing the debt left by the former board of the ISCM Austria in the year 2008, we were able to programme more activities that could be acknowledged by both the media and public. Besides that, we continued our efforts to intensify networking with other organisations within Austria in order to reach a better situation for contemporary music: with ÖKB (Composers' Society); "sos-musikland" (various organisations including composers and representatives of the music business); ÖMR (Austrian Council of Music); "Forum Musik" (platform of various music organisations); "music austria" (MICA). 

The most important goal was reached in collaboration with other organisations, who joined together to form the platform "sos-musikland". Our aim was to increase broadcast time of contemporary music by Austrian composers on Austrian Radio ORF. The ORF agreed to raise the amount of Austrian music played to 35 %. In the special case of contemporary 'serious' music, I had special negotiations with Christian Scheib (ORF), in partnership with Klaus Ager (president of Austrian Composers Society), because the situation of contemporary music by Austrian composers had become very dire on Ö1 during the last ten years: the broadcast time of their music was reduced from 9700 min/year in 1998 to 4100 min/year in 2008. Now a "dialogue organ" will be installed (with people form the ORF and sos-musikland) to control and evaluate this process of raising the time broadcast. 

In Austria we have some strong regional sections of the IGNM: Salzburg, Upper Austria, and Carinthia. Each year in these regions, we have projects and concerts mainly with pieces by our Austrian members, played by ensembles such as "Neues Ensemble Linz", "Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik", "Ensemble Kreativ", "MusikFabrikSüd" and many musicians who are very interested in playing contemporary music. Many of these concerts had been recorded and broadcasted by Austrian Radio ORF. All these events had been organized by regional chairmen of the IGNM Austria. 

In Vienna we had several projects organized by the members of my team. One ongoing project since 2008 is "Musik im Diskurs" (music in discourse) organized by Irene Suchy. A short programme of about 3 pieces usually performed on "Radio Kultur Cafe", after which the works are discussed by specialists (musicologists, conducters, performers, composers…). These special concerts are recorded by the ORF. Last year we had such concerts with the "Kairos Quartett", Vokalensemble Graz and a concert with music by Elliot Carter. Irene Suchy is also organizing "Jugend gibt junge Musik" (youth gives young music) in collaboration with an art gallery and with music schools in Vienna. Here, young people from music schools perform a wide range of contemporary pieces in unusual surroundings with the aim to make young musicians enthusiastic about contemporary music and to gain a new audience. 

One important project was the competition for audio and video advertising spots, "Wind um neue Musik" (wind around new music), organized by Manon Liu Winter and Hannes Raffaseder. 22 audio- and 22 video-spots were submitted. The winners were awarded their prizes in December 2009. On our homepage you can find the links to hear or see these advertising spots.Now we have to find possibilities to show or transmit them as much as possible: at concerts and other events of contemporary music, on ORF Radio and TV and other private TV-stations. 

Johannes Kretz began to organize a series of electronic concerts with special programmes:
o "artificial intelligence - Elektronik ‚denkt" (artificial intelligence - electronics 'think')
o "improvisation - nicht notierbare Musik mit Elektronik" (improvisation - unwritable music
with electronics)
o "spatialisation - Elektronik als Raumprojektion" (spatialisation - electronics for sound
projection in space)
He is continuing to programme such concerts. 

At the General Assembly in Vilnius in 2008 we made the proposal together with the Slovakian section of the ISCM (presented by Olga Smetanova) to jointly host the ISCM festival in Bratislava and Vienna in 2013. We held several meetings with our friends in Bratislava and Vienna to check the possibilities and to prepare a presentation. We (Ivan Siller, the new president of the Slovakian section, and myself) presented our project in Sydney, where the General Assembly decided that the ISCM-festival 2013 should be held in Slovakia and Austria. So now we have our work cut out organizing this festival.

Bruno Strobl, president of the ISCM Section Austria




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