C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC)
International Society for Contemporary Music - Italian Section
Social year 2007-2008 - Schedule of the activities

28th edition of the contemporary music Festival

In the last October has had place in Rome the 28th edition of the contemporary music Festival "Nuovi Spazi Musicali" (member of ECPNM) organized by the composer Ada Gentile. The Festival has been articulated in 5 concerts dedicated to so many countries: Spain, Italy, Poland, Usa
and Denmark . The concerts have been held by 3 excellent pianists (Ananda Sukarlan, from Spain, Raffaele D'Aniello from Italy and Andrew Russo from Usa) and by 2 wonderful quartets (the "Corona Guitar Quartet" from Denmark and "The Silesian String Quartet" from Poland). The performers have played in prestigious venues like Palazzo Falconieri (built by Borromini), Palazzo Blumensthil and Villa Aurelia where are situated, respectively, the seats of the Hungarian Academy, of the Polish Insitute of Culture and of American Academy. The opening concert has been an "Homage to Gyorgy Ligeti", the great Hungarian composer dead two years ago. The pianist Ananda Sukarlan has plaied 2 pieces by Ligeti together with other pieces written for the occasion by Spanish and Italian composers. In the second concert the italian pianist Raffaele D'Aniello has proposed works by italian composers well known like Giacinto Scelsi, Francesco Pennisi and Ivan Fedele together with pieces by Lorenzo Ferrero, Massimo Gianfreda, Luciano Bellini and two world premieres by Rossano Pinelli and by the hungarian female composer Zsofia Tàller. Andrew Russo, indeed, the American pianist, has played, with a terrific dexterity, works by American composers (Derek Bermel, David Lang, Evan Ziporyn, Ken Ueno and Andrew Norman) and two world premieres by Giampiero Bernardini and the young Marco Momi (recently awarded at "Gaudeamus Competition"). The "Corona Guitar Quartet", in its first appearance in Rome, has plaied with a great success, works by two danish composers (Wayne Siegel and John Frandsen), three italians (Ada Gentile, Franco Sbacco and Luca Vanneschi) and a delicious arrangement for 4 guitars from the famous piece "Hungarian Folksongs" by Bèla Bàrtok. The "Silesian String Quartet" has closed in the best way the Festival with a wonderful concert with works by Witold Lutoslawski, Tadeusz Wielecki and two world premieres by the Italian composers Gilberto Bosco and Mario Berlinguer. The goal of this Festival (founded in 1978 by Ada Gentile) is the divulgation and promotion of the contemporary music and so the entrance was free and a lot of people has been present at every concert. To the listeners has been offered a large and various view of the musical production of today with more then 40 works (12 of them have been commissioned for the occasion) from different countries written by composers of all tendencies and schools.

The Artistic Director

Albino Civic Library, Friday April 13th, 2007, 8:30 p.m.
Composing today: a lecture by Davide Anzaghi, assisted by Pieralberto Cattaneo, with live/reproduced music, including pieces by members of SIMC. Authors may choose to apply with recordings or with live performances. In the latter case, it will be their care to provide the performers. A piano is not available. Interested SIMC members are requested to promptly send either recordings or material for the live performance. Choice will follow adherence with the main topic of the lecture.
The evening of April 13th will be dedicated to the meeting on contemporary music, and may be articulated as follows: 20:30 p.m., introducing the season (ca. 15 - 20 minutes). Lecture on the subject >Composing today<, with musical excerpts (about 1h). Last 30 minutes are reserved to audience questions. 22:30 p.m., closing. Dinner will be offered by the City Managers.

Ovada (August 2007); Vacciago d'Orta 
(Saturday, September 15th, 2007, 16:00 p.m., Fondazione Calderara); other events are being defined.
POESIA CHIAMA MUSICA - (Poetry calls for music)
Starting with the publishing online of poems sent by their authors, Novurgia and SIMC are beginning to organize and subsequently will realize a series of events involving poets and composers. The events will take place in different places, under definition. Among those already scheduled are Ovada (August 2007; date under definition) and Vacciago d'Orta (Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2007).
Poems by members of Novurgìa (available on:, section: POESIA CHIAMA MUSICA) will be read alternatively with the performance of short musical intermezzi, expressly composed by members of SIMC and Novurgia. Such pieces, non exceeding ca. 2 minutes, are to be addressed to a single instrument, freely chosen among the following: FluteClarinetViolin,Cello. The four, in an ensemble, will open and close the event.
Since the poems and the intermezzi are so closely thought for each other, there's the possibility that they may be performed simultaneously. This is to be ascertained along with the sound engineers.
A CD is going to be released (third of the incoming series), on which poems and music are, anyway, to be presented and recorded separately.
Plan of the event:
City of Ameno, Fondazione Calderara, Regione Piemonte,
in collaboration with Novurgìa (contemporary art and art music)
and Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC)

Poesia chiama Musica - (Poetry calls for Music)
Saturday, September 15th, 2007, 16 p.m.
Spazio verde of the Calderara Fundation, Vacciago di Ameno (Lake Orta)
Readings of unpublished poetry alternate with Musical Intermezzi
for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello in first performance.
Acting voice: Maria Pilar Perez Aspa
Poems of the following authors (not all of them) will be read:
Claudia Azzola, Mario Benedetti, Donatella Bisutti, Milo De Angelis, Mariella De Santis, Gabriella Fantato, Peter Genito, Tomaso Kemeny, Marica Larocchi, Giancarlo Majorino, Carlo Molinaro, Antonio Riccardi, Fausta Squatriti, Francesca Tini Brunozzi, Guido Michelone, Patrizia Buratto, Veronica Vismara.
The Intermezzi Musicali (in first performance) will be written by the following composers (not all of them):
Davide Anzaghi, Emanuela Ballio, Massimo Bertola, Sonia Bo, Umberto Bombardelli, Mauro Bortolotti, Pieralberto Cattaneo, Giuseppe Colardo, Giampaolo Coral, Gianvincenzo Cresta, Fulvio Delli Pizzi, Massimo Di Gesu, Fabrizio Fanticini, Ada Gentile, Antonio Giacometti, Marco Lombardi, Mirco Marchelli, Pippo Molino, Mauro Montalbetti, Ennio Morricone, Franco Oppo, Paolo Rimordi, Umberto Rotondi, Aurelio Samorì, Bruno Zanolini.

Alessandria Spring 2007
Ensemble Of The Conservatory Of Music, Alessandria
The Headmaster of the Conservatory, M° Federico Ermirio (member of SIMC), gives the following precisations:
>In the course of the Academic Year 2006-2007 the Ensemble for Contemporary Music will be rebuilt using students (in annual/bi-annual turns) along with helping Teachers. After a period of study, the Ensemble will be - presumably - active by May/June 2007. Chamber scores by our members are nonetheless already welcome, in order to assemble a reservoir to feed the repertoire of the Ensemble<.

Within the end of 2007 (date under definition):

A Concert with the most relevant pieces by our members is to be created directly by SIMC, susceptible to be repeated. The selection will be made by the Leading Committee, who will abstain to present their own music.
Participation of sister Arts is not to be excluded. Performers will be chosen primarily among SIMC associates.

Festival Incontemporanea, Ovada
Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC) in collaboration with International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM)
Create an International Composing Competition, dedicated to Chamber Musical Theatre (Minimusicdrama)

Temporary regulation:
- The theme for the year 2008 will be: Intermezzo Giocoso Contemporaneo (Contemporary Playful Intermezzo)
- The piece length should not exceed 15 minutes
- The text, chosen by the Composer, should adhere to the Competition theme. Only accepted languages are French, English, Italian, Spanish, German. The libretto has to be accompanied by an English translation.
- Vocal parts are to be written either for Soprano, Baritone or both.
- The instruments are the following:
Flute (also Piccolo in G, 1 player)
Clarinet (also Eb clarinet and bass clarinet, 1 player)
Piano and/or electronic keyboard (1 player)
Percussion: Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, TamTam, Gong, suspended cymbals, Bass Drum, Flexaton, Crotals, Snare Drum, 3 toms, Triangle and other instruments of reasonable size.
The scores, clearly readable, will be sent in 5 copies within December 2007 to the following address: 
Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC)
via Dominichino 12, 20149 MILANO

Further information may be obtained by the following e-mail address: and consulting the site, 

- A recording of the vocal score is requested.
- Works by composers of any age and nationality may be sent.
- Scores are to be anonymous and signed with a motto. The same motto will be on a sealed envelope, containing full name, c.v. and a picture of the composer. All envelopes relative to works not selected will not be opened.
- Each national section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) may send three (3) works of their choice.
- Works may be sent directly by composers and publishers.
- Each author may send only one (1) work.
- A jury, chosen by SIMC in conjunction with ISCM, will select 3 works that will have public performance. On the same occasion First, Second and Third Prize will be assigned.
- The 3 winning works will be performed within 2008 in one of the Historical Castles in the territory of Ovada.
- It is the right of the organizing panel to perform the selected works in concert form (without staging).
- Applying to the Competition requests the payment of € 75,00 (seventy-five), via bank payment or check. Check are addressed to: Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC) via Dominichino 12, 20149 MILANO. Bank payment are to be made to: Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC); Banco Desio, via Previati 72, 20149 Milano.
c/c 000000329700; CIN: P; ABI: 03440; CAB: 01601.
- The Jury, which may include musicians from different nations, will select 3 works for performance and will give First, Second and Third prize following the performance, at the end of the show.
- The Prizes are the following:
- The Jury's decisions are final.

The involvement of the powerful ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) will be much more impressive if we are going to consider it the partner of the Competition and not only a mere tool for the diffusion of the Competition Announcement. In order to do that, it seemed proper to limit the participation to members of the ISCM chain. Since it is a matter of more than 50 national sections (each one with several members) the participation would be sure. What's more, the SIMC proposal for a competition limited to all national sections of the ISCM could grant us much more contractual weight within the ISCM and, maybe, an econmical involvement of the ISCM itself, partially relieving Ovada of some financial burdens, such as trips and fees for the commissioners invited by ISCM. Setting the Competition in 2008 then becomes a mandatory choice, in order to fulfill the complex international requirements.

Within the end of year 2008
The lyrics, shown on the Novurgìa site, section Poesia chiama Musica), may be set to music in the following forms:
- songs for piano and voice (with percussion as an optional);
- songs for voice and percussion;
- melologues for acting voice and piano (with or without a singer) (with optional percussion);
- melologues for acting voice and percussion (with or without a singer);
The list of the available percussions is: Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Tamtam, Gong, Cymbals, Bass-drum, Flexaton, Crotals, Snare drum, 3 Toms, Triangles and other instruments of reasonable size.
Lyrics presently available on the site are composed by:
Claudia Azzola
Donatella Bisutti
Mariella De Santis
Gabriella Fantato
Peter Genito
Tomaso Kemeny
Marica Larocchi
Giancarlo Majorino
Carlo Molinaro
Fausta Squatriti
Francesca Tini Brunozzi
Veronica Vismara
Other poets may be added during 2007.
The publication of the lyrics is limited to the Novurgìa's 2006 and/or 2007 members. It is up to the artistic Direction not to publish all of the lyrics sent. Composers to be selected for performance in the course of the show must be members of Novurgìa or SIMC since 2006 or 2007. Information about how to apply can be read in the section ISCRIZIONI on the homepage of Novurgìa site.


We are striving to promote and spread all recent music, and the one of our associates, with no prejudice as to poetics chosen. Our thanks go the Members who are working to enrich our activities.
I am at anybody's disposal for any kind of information, and give my affectionate regards

Davide Anzaghi

Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (SIMC)
International Society for Contemporary Music - Italian Section
Il Presidente: Davide Anzaghi
Via Domenichino 12, 20149 Milano - 
tel. e fax: +39 02 468157; cell.: +39 335 8112 174 





Content posted to the ISCM website reflects the viewpoint of individual submitters; its appearance herein does not imply official endorsement by the ISCM, its Executive Committee, or the Delegates to its General Assembly.