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2006_Soc. Venezolana de Musica Contemporánea 


Sociedad Venezolana de Música Contemporánea SVMC
1. General Situation: 
Contemporary music composition is not part of the agenda in a country which supports a very expensive and successful program of symphonic youth orchestras. The international media impact of this movement has been solely achieved by conducting and performing accomplishments, and the works of Venezuelan composers rarely make up the programs of this huge performing body of over 150 youth orchestras and 21 professional orchestras. 
Organizations of new music composition and performance, including the SVMC, have found it very difficult to attract fundings from the government's cultural ministry, since the overall national budget for music is swallowed by the youth orchestras. In the other hand, government involvement in cultural activities are exclusively directed towards unilateral political and ideological propaganda. In a country priviliged by enormous oil exporting revenues which is also financing other countries' economic problems as part of its regional political strategy, it is contrasting for the SVMC to survive purely on private donnations dedicated mostly to pay the ISCM membership fees. 
Nevertheless, a strategy (and lobbying) has been set out by the SVMC to attain the participation of composers in the nation's wealthy music activities from which they have continually been left out. This includes the legal framework to require from music orchestras, ensambles and associations to incorporate in their state-financed budget a percentage for music creation in the way of commissions, composers in residency, performances and cd productions of Venezuelan composers. The SVMC believes that there is a mistakenly large gap between the fundings dedicated to orchestral performance and the almost non-existent moneys to music creation. 
The SVMC carried out in August, 2007, the elections for its directive council. The new president for the period 2007-2009 is Maestro Icli Zitella, violinist of the National Filarmonic Symphonic Orchestra, Caracas. It is important to note that for the first time in 32 years, all the members of the new elected SVMC directive council belong to a generation next to the founding members of the SVMC. They are Marianela Arocha, Vice-President, José Baroni, General Secretary, Agapito Galán and Gabriel Peraza, Vocals.
The information of the SVMC has been updated in its website (, which was constructed in a similar graphic style to the ISCM website. It includes a directory of Venezuelan living composers, in which an effort has been made to provide the bios and lists of works of the eldest living composers.
2. Relation of the Section towards the ISCM: 
The Venezuelan National Section promoted the establishment of the ISCM Latin American Regional Group with the national sections of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. A joint CD project is underway, with support from the ISCM Members' Fund. This is the first time that such a group has been created within the ISCM organization. 
The Venezuelan National Section has been particular active within the ISCM General Assembly as part of the Entries Focus group, to bring a solution to the selection proceedures concerning members' official submissions to the WMD Festivals.
A founding member of the SVMC, Emilio Mendoza, has been part of the ISCM Presidential Council since 2004 for two consecutive periods. He is the third member of the SVMC who has taken part in the Executive Committee of the ISCM.
3. National and international activities of the Section: 
A series of concerts were coordinated in conjunction with the Caracas Municipal Symphonic Orchestra and the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, with a program of all Venezuelan contemporary music. A concert was also staged within the Festival Latinoamericano de Música in Caracas. 
A series of lectures of Venezuelan composers were organized in conjunction with the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, in the way of a "Meet the Composer" type of lecture by the composers themselves.
With the intention of offering a platform for discussion and planning concerning composers' needs, the SVMC innitiated and took part in the First Venezuelan Music Composition Congress, with in the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, on June 2007.
4. Activities in co-operation with other Sections: 
Contac has been made with organizers of contemporary music in Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia in order to attract them to join the ISCM family.

Emilio Mendoza




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