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ISCM-Romanian Section Annual Report 2006 - 2007


Throughout 2006 and 2007 the Romanian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music - a representative organization for Romanian music acting within the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists - has continued its work of promoting contemporary music values in Romania and abroad.
The most important event organized by the Romanian Section was the "MERIDIAN- Zilele SNR-SIMC" International Festival, whose second edition took place in Bucharest between 9 and 13 December 2006. This international musical event has been organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture, the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists and the ISCM-Romanian Section, alongside the "George Enescu" National Museum Bucharest and the Romanian Association of Women in Arts - ARFA. Media coverage was provided by Radio Romania Muzical "George Enescu", TvRM, Actualitatea Muzicala, "Contemporary Music-Romanian Newsletter" (an English language newsletter published by the ISCM-Romanian Section and the Centre for Information on Contemporary Music), cIMeC and The Brazilian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Florida International University have been among the sponsors for the Festival's second instalment, themed "Cardinal Points", which has aimed to achieve a necessary openness towards today's music world, in order to connect ideas from and facilitate communication between Romanian and overseas composers. In attendance were Velislav Zaimov, president of the Bulgarian Composers' Union and of the Bulgarian Section of ISCM, Harry Crowl, president of the ISCM-Brazilian Section, Orlando Jacinto Garcia representing the United States, Leontios Hadjileontiadis from Greece, representing the ISCM-Greek Section, Cristian Marina, representing the ISCM-Swedish Section, as well as internationally well-known contemporary soloists and performers: Satoko Inoue from Japan - piano, the Sofia Trio from Bulgaria made up of Rossen Idealov - clarinet, Georgita Boyadjieva - cello, Dragomir Yossifov - piano. Conferences were organized on the theme of contemporary music in their respective countries by Velislav Zaimov, Harry Crowl, Orlando Jacinto Garcia and Leontios Hadjileontiadis, while also contributing with their premieres to the Festival's events. Romania contributed its share of ensembles and artists from the contemporary music and dance scene to the Festival's list of events, with the likes of Violoncellissimo, Traiect, Archaeus, Inter-Art, devotioModerna, Florilegium, Marin Cazacu or Liliana Iorgulescu. The Festival's second edition also included an electronic music concert as well as a book and CD launch with Valentina Sandu-Dediu and Petre Codreanu as hosts. 
The Romanian Section of ISCM has also been involved, as an organizer, with the Contemporary Music Week, well-known international new music Festival, which took place between May 23 and 30 in Bucharest under the aegis of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists, the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society and ArCuB - The Centre for Cultural Projects of Bucharest Municipality.
A new issue of the "Contemporary Music-Romanian Newsletter" has been edited and published by the Romanian Section in this relevant period, reflecting the Romanian music scene in the aesthetic and stylistic context of the international music scene.

German city Stuttgart played host in July 2006 to the ISCM World New Music Days Festival. The international jury of the ISCM has not, unfortunately, selected any of the works submitted by the Romanian Section for this edition of the Festival. Romanian contemporary music has been, however, represented through the Sogni tra suoni - Korean Interferences (for special duo, tape & video performance), by Mihaela Stanculescu-Vosganian, a Romanian Section member as well as the president of the ARFA, an associate member of the ISCM.
The same situation having repeated itself at the 2007 ISCM -ACL World Music Days Festival in Hong Kong - that is, none of the works submitted by the Romanian Section having been selected to feature on the Festival's programme, with the only Romanian work acknowledged being Carmen Maria Carneci's "-embER(die Stille,ich)" work, submitted through ARFA. As a sign of protest against the organizers' treatment towards the Romanian Section - an active and significant member of ISCM - , the Romanian Section's Executive Committee has voted that voluntary contribution to the Member Support Fund - a fund administered by the ISCM - be ceased.
On Monday, June 4, Sofia hosted, in its Filip Kutev auditorium, a Romanian chamber music concert organized by the Bulgarian Composers' Union with the Romanian Section of ISCM. The concert programme included works by Tiberiu Olah, Doina Rotaru, Theodor Grigoriu, George Balint, Stefan Niculescu and Maia Ciobanu. Attending, following the president of the Bulgarian Composers' Union's invitation, were composers Sorin Lerescu, president of the Romanian Section, Doina Rotaru, member of ISCM-Romanian Section Executive Committee and Maia Ciobanu, a former president of the Romanian Section.
The General Assembly of the ISCM-Romanian Section was held in Bucharest, on 6 June 2007. The Assembly voted Sorin Lerescu's re-election as Romanian Section president. The Executive Committee also saw re-elections for the following composers: Dan Dediu, Doina Rotaru, Carmen Maria Carneci and George Balint. 
The ISCM-Romanian Section has concluded an agreement, in 2007, with the ARFA aimed at increasing the number of works to feature at the 2008 ISCM World Music Days Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, by Romanian composers, members of the two organizations. 
The Romanian Section of ISCM has also strengthened its ranks through the following composers who have joined it: Diana Rotaru, Elena Apostol, Diana Iulia Simon, Adrian Borza, Cristian Bence-Muk, Ciprian Pop, Serban Marcu, Ionica Pop, alongside musicologists Constantin Secara, Stefan Angi and Pavel Puscas. 
The ISCM-Romanian Section's future activities include organizing between 9 and 14 December the third edition of the "MERIDIAN- Zilele SNR-SIMC" International Festival in Bucharest. We are also persevering in our effort to obtain funding for releasing the Romanian Music Today (vol.2)double CD. The Romanian Section is also considering hosting at our Headquarters contemporary music soirées and is now preparing a new issue of its own "Contemporary Music-Romanian Newsletter".

Sorin Lerescu, President




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