C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

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ASSOCIATION NEW MUSIC - International public organization, Ukrainian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM
President Karmella Tsepkolenko

Principal task of the ANM is thorough support all artists involved in the innovative trends of contemporary music and synthetic arts, stimulation of international cooperation. Number of members is 70 persons. 
With this aim in mind, and on behalf of its members, the ANM: 
- publishes reference books and brochures,
- is generally engaged in information and advertising activities, 
- promotes the creative work of contemporary musicians and composers,
- improves the professional skills of staff in cultural institutions and projects, 
- furthers contacts with colleagues and managers of the international music community, 
- assists in performing and recordings of music, produces CDs and CD-ROMs,
- organizes and participates in a variety of cultural events like festivals, competitions, discussion forums etc.

During the 11 years of its existence, the Association activities have been are multiple in form and covering a wide range of subjects. 
a) The main ANM achievement is the annual International Festival of Modern Art "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music", which is considered as one of the important musical events in Europe.
b) Another important branch of activities is the organization and realization of culture forums of various kinds: festivals, concerts, conferences, seminars, master-classes etc. 
c) The ANM collects and distributes information about contemporary art developments.
d) The creation of electronic databases, catalogues and encyclopedias on contemporary Ukrainian music as well as the production of CDs, CD ROMs, DVD ROMs of individual artists works have been important parts of the ANM activities so far.
e) Since the year 2000, the ANM is editing the English/Ukrainian Internet-journal "Musica Ukrainica" ( 
f) Other editing activities include the first time publication in Ukraine of the comprehensive reference book "Contemporary Composers of Ukraine", journals and numerous festival booklets.
e) On the level of international activities, the ANM not only represents Ukraine at international forums, but the Association, in cooperation with the Open Society Institute of the Network Program (Budapest) and the program APEXchanges at the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), has realized workshops, master-courses, trainings for managers and festivals organizers from many countries. 

In 2005 (April 22-24) 11th edition of the International Festival of Modern Art "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music"/2D2N was held successfully. This Festival, proceeding from the idea of free development of art, is aimed at the synthesis of various arts. 2D2N doesn't imitate any festival in the world by conception and implementation circumstances: it is extraordinary by the principles and unique by the form. Specificity of this Festival consists in that it unites new content with novel festival form, which it searches in the process of musical-theatrical action. 2D2N is featured by unusual screenplay and designing ideas. It is uninterrupted 48-hour action, two 12-hour musical days, starting on Friday afternoon, breaking on Saturday from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. then recurring and continuing until Sunday morning. Every Festival day is divided into nearly 12 musical hours, constituting the First Day, the First Night, the Second Day and the Second Night. Every musical hour is filled with a new performance, resembling a conventional concert or theatrical action combined with acts and installations of performing, visual, multimedia and synthetic arts. 

Festival 2005 was dedicated to the Orange Revolution. It was the Festival of great expectation of decisive changes for Ukraine and Ukrainian music community. However, it doesn't mean that musical ideology of the Festival has changed. All genres were presented including theatre, dance, visual arts, performances, installations; numerous works using live electronics and computers as well as video. 
The Programme included works by: Z. Almashi, Ch. Anthin, T. Aue, S. Azarova, O. Carmona, J. Clarke, B. Frolyak, J. Gomelskaya, H. Havrylets, R. Kalimoullin, D. Kitsenko, V. Larchikov, S. Luniov, Z. Martinaityte, Ch. Palestine, V. Poleva, V. Runchak, L. Samodaieva, O. Shchetinsky, A. Schlünz, F. Tamuro, A. Tomlionova, K. Tsepkolenko, L. Yurina, A. Zagaykevych and others. 

Works were performed by: duo Cadence, duo Matthias Arter / Markus Hochuli Meet Sylvia Nopper, contemporary music ensemble Frescos, trio Accro?he Note, trio AmalteaDuo-Duel, the group Choreography&Dance&Performance, Piano Quartet of Samara Philharmony, ensembleSenza Sforzando, Percussion Ensemble of Freiburg Music University, Carillon percussion ensemble of Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Music Academy, M. Falk (guitar), Yu. Konrad (bassoon), O. Perepelytsya junior (piano), R. Prosseda (piano), N. Shirokorad (piano), F. Vanhecke (soprano), S. Voltz (piano), B. Webb (trombone), B. Wulff (conductor), I. Yergiyev (accordion) , O. Yergiyeva (violin) and others.
Odessa Festival plays an important role in the integration of contemporary Ukrainian culture in European space. 2D2N attracts attention of public and wide range of specialists. A high-class professional performers and composers, artists and dancers, producers and managers come every year in Odessa to participate in this forum. Festival of modern art becomes a vital requirement for musicians and audience: the Festival hall (1000 seats) is always overcrowded. Organizers of the 2D2N constantly attract attention of young audience and create a platform to support gifted persons. 
Festival actions have been recorded by the National, regional and international broadcasting companies (Regional TV Channel "ART", National TV Channel "INTER", Dresden Radio and others). 

Important part of activities is creation of electronic databases, catalogues and encyclopedias on the contemporary art: collecting, processing and mass media spreading of information about New Music, innovative directions in contemporary art, creation of musical and score editions library etc. Musical recordings and information about composers and conductors, individual performers and groups are collected in the electronic database as well. ANM prepares and publishes booklets for festivals and different cultural events/actions. 
The best recordings from the 2D2N have been released in new DVD ROM dedicated to the activities of the Association New Music "Self-reflection at the turn of millennia" - Ukrainian/English multimedia database (texts, audio- visual information). A definite level of contemporary art for ten-year period has been reflected through the activity of the International public organization involved in the cultural process. It is an example of the fruitful international cooperation in the field of novel art. Release of DVD ROM was possible due to the grants from the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and International Renaissance Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine). 

Members of the ANM actively participate in various events to improve professional level as well as to stimulate international cooperation. 
The ANM renders consulting assistance for various cultural institutions from many countries. During its activities the ANM staff had chance to be proved that contemporary people have a great wish to be involved in contemporary art processes. 
Since in Ukraine as in a country rich in cultural institutions, a strong need is felt for professional arts management. The project intends to meet this need through establishing a cultural management training service, conceived to form the starting point for the gradual elaboration of similar training offers in the country at large as well as to link the university building with management practice. 
The general objective of the project is to provide the theoretical background and the practical know-how that professionals need in the management of arts institutions or projects as well as in qualified work in public departments of cultural affairs.
The practical and theoretical experience has inspired the ANM staff on the idea of modernization of cultural/art management in Ukraine. Thus, in 2003 ANM started the implementation of the large culture/art management training project supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine (Switzerland). While preparing this project, the ANM conducted a market study on the cultural management issues in the South Ukraine. The ANM idea on the creation of the working model for practical cultural management has been reflected in the Centre for Applied Cultural Management established in Odessa as independent organization (since October 2004). 
Activity of the ANM and holding of all above stated actions and events are realized owing to unique experience and long-term cooperation of Association with many institutions, namely: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Odessa Regional Administration and Odessa Municipal Council, Foundation for Arts Development Assistance (Kyiv, Ukraine), Charity Foundation Ciacan(Odessa, Ukraine), Pro Helvetia Foundation and Swiss Cultural Programme - Ukraine(Switzerland), Austrian Embassy, Austrian CulturForum Kyiv and KulturKontakt (Austria), British Council, Greek Culture Foundation and Greek Consulate in Odessa, Gaudeamus Foundation (the Netherlands), Goethe-Institut and Ernst von Siemens Foundation (Germany), French Cultural Centre in Ukraine and AFAA Association (France), Swedish Institute and others. 

Karmella Tsepkolenko
48 Bazarna Str, apt.1
65011, Odessa Ukraine
Tel/fax: (+380 - 482) 22 52 83
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