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ANNUAL REPORT - Feb. 2005 - June 2006

During the period Feb. 2005 - June 2006 we had many performances of our contemporary composers - more than 40 premieres and 20 premieres of students' compositions.
Some of the events should be particularly pointed out:

Dusan Radic (1929) had a whole-evening concert of his works (March, 2005), performed by Choir and Orchestra of RTV Serbia, conducted by David Porcelijn.

Dejan Despic (1930), on the occasion of his 75. anniversary had three whole-evening concerts of his works: 
- His three vocal cycles dedicated to Aleksandra Ivanovic, performed by Katarina Jovanovic and Iva Mrvos (in June 2005); also the promotion of a CD with the recordings by Aleksandra Ivanovic herself;
- The concert of St. George Strings with two premieres - Diptych for C.a. and strings and Es ist genug for two cellos and strings;
- Concert of RTV Serbia Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Mladen Jagust, with his earlier works.

Milan Mihajlovic (1946) had also whole-evening concert of his works (April 2005), performed by Belgrade Philharmonic, conducted by Bojan Sudjic.

A young composer Ivan Brkljacic (1977) who was awarded (Composers' Association's)Mokranjac Award for 2004 for his work "When the Curtain Raises Seven Times..." - had a whole-evening concert of his (chamber) works in April 2006.

Aleksandra Vrebalov, 
at NOMUS festival in Novi Sad (April 2005) had a premiere of her orchestral work Orbite.

Every year in June, a festival of sacred music "Choirs amidst Frescoes" has been organized with plenty of Serbian (mostly classic, but also some new) choral music. In 2005, The 11th Festival was dedicated to Vojislav Ilic (+1995) - the founder of the festival.

During festival BEMUS (Oct. 2005) Vlastimir Trajkovic (1948) had a premiere of Five songs by Stefan Malarme, for soprano and chamber orchestra (ordered by BEMUS), for which he got later a prestigious "City of Belgrade Award 2005".

By the end of October 2005, we had The XIV International Review of Composers, with works up to three years old, including some premieres of chamber works.

In the same time on the concert of RTV Serbia Symphonic Orchestra Konstantin Babic (1927)had a premiere of I am a Little Postman and Ivan Jevtic premiere of Resounding Whiteness of Belgrade.
Few day ago, in June 2006. Konstantin Babic had a whole-evening concert of his works, based on chamber string orchestra + two singers (Soprano and Mezzo-soprano) and a Clarinet. Conducted by young Djordje Stankovic. 

In November 2005, on the occasion of 50-aniversary of Josip Slavenski's death, (he was a distinguished member of ISCM) there was an international symposium dedicated to him with a concert of his works.

In April 2006 Camerata Serbica (the orchestra of the Faculty of Music) gave a concert in Berlin Philharmonic Hall, performing Bagatele by Milan Mihajlovic and Oberon by Zoran Eric; (also Bach and Mozart).

The jury of Serbian ISCM section selected 6 works (in June 2005) for the ISCM World New Music Festival 2006. but - sorry to say - none of them was accepted for the Festival.

In Belgrade, 24. June, 2006
Rajko Maksimovic





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