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ISCM Luxembourg Section - Annual Report 2005

The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music (LGNM), founded in 1983, is an independent organization Since its inception the LGNM is member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). In addition to that the society is member of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) and member of the European Conference of Promoters of New Music (ECPNM). The LGNM - located in the centre of Luxembourg-city - is today not only an important platform for its composer members but also for the many instrumentalists forming part of the Luxembourg Sinfonietta. This association endeavours to deepen knowledge about Luxembourg composers world-wide and also perform new works beyond the frontiers.
In order to further establish Luxembourg as a European centre for musical innovation, the Luxembourg Sinfonietta has organized its own annual International Composition Prize since 2001. For this event, composers from all over the world are invited to compose new works for the Luxembourg Sinfonietta and every year, 150 composers from more than 40 countries take part. The number of works which have been specially composed for the Luxembourg Sinfonietta is in excess of 600.

The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music held the closing concert of the fourth International Competition Prize on Saturday the 16th April 2005. The Luxembourg Sinfonietta, under its conductor Marcel Wengler, gave the first performances of all five works which the international jury had nominated for this final round. The compositions were by Maiko Nakao (Japan), Lorenc Xhuvani (Albania), Frank Zabel (Germany), Cristina Pascual (Spain) and Ezequiel Menalled (Argentina). 

The Spanish composer Cristina Pascual won the first prize in the "International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2005". With her work Magnetism Cristina Pascual won over the international jury in the face of competition from four other candidates.
Cristina Pascual was born in Barcelone, Spain, in 1971. She studied architecture at the "Universidad Simon Bolivar" in Caracas. Her formal composition and orchestration studies began in Madrid in 2001 at the "Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid" under Anton Garcia Abril, Zulema de la Cruz, Manuel Seco de Arpe and Alfonso Romero. At the same time she worked on acoustics and building restoration. She has studied under Volker Stenzl, Frank Fernandez, Reinhard Febel and Darlen Blake. In July 2003 she was invited by the "Teatro Real de Madrid" to take part in the Pierrot Lunaire workshop with Isabel Mundry, Daniel Barenboim and Peter Musbach. She is currently completing her fourth year of composition studies in Karlsruhe, Germany, under the composer Wolfgang Rihm, on an Erasmus scholarship.
The second prize was awarded to the Argentinian composer Ezequiel Menalled, who had written a work entitled "�and everything was death around�" for the Luxembourg Sinfonietta. Ezequiel Menalled was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 1980. From 1996 until 1999 he studied at the Centre of Advanced Studies in Contemporary Music (CEAMC). In 2000 and 2001 he took private lessons in composition with Santiago Santero. Since September 2002 Ezequiel Menalled has been studying composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, with Clarence Barlow, Gilius van Bergeijk and Diderik Wagenaar. In 2000, the Arditti String Quartet selected and performed his composition "First diurnal for string quartet" in the competition organised in Buenos Aires by the above mentioned group and the CEAMC. 

The third prize was for the work naminoyo by the Japanese composer Maiko Nakao and for the work Chant De La Lave by the German composer Frank Zabel. 
Maiko Nakao was born in Okinawa, Japan in 1981. She started her musical training by playing the piano at the age of four years. After graduating from high school in Okinawa in 2000, she decided to go to the United States. While attending Salt Lake Community College, she took music theory classes and participated in the college choir. In 2002, she obtained admission to the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she studied composition with Karen Tanaka, orchestration with Jeremy Haladyna and electronic music with Curtis Roads. In June 2004, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor's degree in music composition. Currently Maiko Nakao is persuing a master's degree in music compostion at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and has thus far studied with Dr. Paul Rudy.

Frank Zabel was born on 14 October 1968 in Meinerzhagen/Germany. In his teens he received various national youth prizes in composition and took lessions in composition with Prof. Theo Brandmüller and Prof. Martin Christoph Redel. Since 1990 Frank Zabel studied at the Hochschule für Musik in Köln with Prof. Pi-hsien Chen (piano), Prof. Friedrich Jaecker and Prof. Roland Löbner (musical theory). Since 2001, he has been a professor at the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule in Düsseldorf. His compositions have been played at various festivals in Europe, the USA and Japan. 
A Special Prize was awarded by the audience to the Spanish composer Cristina Pascual.
The International Jury consisting of Klaus Arp (Germany), François Bousch (France), Jean-Luc Darbellay (Switzerland), Toshiro Saruya (Japan) and Marcel Wengler (Luxembourg) had selected the five works for the final round. 163 composers from 44 countries participated in the competition, the countries being: Albania (2), Argentina (7), Armenia (1), Australia (2), Austria (4), Azerbaijan (1), Belgium (3), Bolivia (1), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Brazil (4), Bulgaria (4), Canada (3), Chile (1), China (1), Croatia (1), Cyprus (1), Czech Republic (2), Denmark (2), Finland (3), France (9), Germany (16), Great Britain (14), Greece (8), Hungary (2), Israel (1), Italy (21), Japan (14), Korea (2), Lithuania (1), Malta (1), Mexico (1), the Netherlands (1), Norway (1), Poland (1), Portugal (1), Republic of Belarus (1), Romania (2), Russia (1), Spain (6), Sweden (2), Taiwan (1), Turkey (1), Ukraine (2) and the USA (9).

The Luxembourg Sinfonietta, the leading ensemble for contemporary music in Luxembourg, wasfounded in 1999. Ever since that time, it has endeavoured to make contemporary music accessible to a wider public. Numerous invitations to international festivals underscore the significance of this ensemble, which has all the celebrated contemporary composers in its repertoire. 
In this context the LGNM has invited in February 2005 the Spanish conductor Juan José Olives who presented works by Jesús Rueda, José Luis Turina, Manuel de Falla et Victor Rebullida with the Luxembourg Sinfonietta. The cycle "Musique d'aujourd'hui" at the new Philharmonie Luxembourg was inaugurated by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta in October with an entrancing "dances for the ears" ranging from Johann Hermann Schein's astonishing Renaissance Suites to première performances by the Luxembourg composers Pierre Even, Jacques Neuen, Roland Wiltgen and Luc Rollinger. In November 2005 the Luxembourg Sinfonietta, Marcel Wengler conducting, was invited to perform the opening concert of the festival "open systems" in Bochum / Germany with world-premières by Georg Graewe (Germany), Boudewijn Buckinx (Belgium) and Anthony Fiumara (The Netherlands). The closing concert of the festival "Musique Spectrale" was given by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta and Roula Safar (mezzo-soprano) in the end of November featuring works by Maurice Ravel, Michael Levinas and Gérard Grisey.

As part of the annual festival "Classics of the 20th century" the LGNM has organized in the end of the year 2005 a symphony concert given by the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Pierre-André Valade conducting. With the support of our partner IBM the following works were programmed: Le Crépuscule des dieux and Tristan et Isolde (Prélude et Mort d'Isolde) by Richard Wagner, Le Cyprès blanc, concerto for orchestra and viola (Soloist: Gérard Caussé) by Hugues Dufourt, Quatre Poème pour orchestre by the Luxembourg composer René Mertzig as well asGondwana for orchestra by Tristan Murail. 

Music from Luxembourg was performed in November 2005 at the "Pan Music Festival" in South Korea by the Trio Haan - specialized in contemporary music performances - and guest musicians. The Korean première of the compositions from Luxembourg took place at the Seoul Arts Center with works by Walter Civitareale (Trio for violin, clarinet and piano), Roland Wiltgen (Wormholes), Marcel Wengler (Suonare a tre) and Jeannot Heinen (Trio op. 155).

At the "Centre Culturel Neumünster" in Luxembourg-City Francesco Tristano Schlimé presented a recital dedicated to the entire work for piano by Luciano Berio (1925-2003).

The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music has published a series of CDs with symphonic music written by Luxembourg composers. The CDs produced with the Orchestre Symphonique de Radio-Télé- Luxembourg, later to become the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, have long become part of Luxembourg's cultural heritage. Amongst the CDs published to date, the Anthology of Luxembourgish Music, comprising some 22 symphonic works by 16 Luxembourgish composers, makes up the most important part; in addition, there are CDs of chamber music and CDs devoted entirely to a single Luxembourgish composer. Moreover the Editions-LGNM has published 4 CDs with its ensemble Luxembourg Sinfonietta. The new CD "Panorama de Musique Contemporaine" - released in June 2005 - contains works by the following Luxembourg composers: Norbert Hoffmann, Jos Kinzé, René Hemmer, Jeannot Heinen, Johny Fritz, Marcel Wengler, Alexander Mullenbach, Walter Civitareale, Claude Lenners, Marco Kraus, Roland Wiltgen, Camille Kerger, Georges Lentz, Luc Rollinger, Marcel Ruter, and Luc Grethen. The CDs are available by e-mail:

In order to promote contemporary music of Luxembourg and to develop exchanges and cooperation with international groups or organisations the Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music was represented at the IAMIC Winter-Meeting in Nice and the MIDEM in Cannes in January 2005, at the ISCM World Music Days 2005 - Zagreb in April and at the IAMIC Annual Conference in New York, which took place in September 2005.

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