C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface




2005-2006 REPORT 

Alicia Terzian's Violin concerto was performed on October 5th 2005 at the Taipei Grand Concert Hall (Taiwan) by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia conducted by Mak Ka Lok with the argentine-italian violinist Rafael Gintoli as soloist. 

In November 2005 Alicia Terzian participated as a Jury at the International Violin Competition (Valparaiso, Chile). 

Alicia Terzian's Violin concerto performed by Rafael Gintoli in October in Taipei, was broadcast by the Taiwan Television Network on January 21st. 2006 to a 2 million people audience. 

Alicia Terzian was the President of the Jury of the International Contemporary Piano Competition held in Orleans (France) on January 29th-February 7th 2006. 

In February 14th - 25th 2006, the Grupo Encuentros (Marta Blanco, Claudio Espector, Sergio Polizzi, Carlos Nozzi, Fabio Mazzitelli, Eduardo Idhidoype) under Alicia Terzian's conducting realized successfully their 30th international tournée of concerts, celebrating on this occasion their 300th concert in tournée, with programmes dedicated to the universal contemporary music as well as to the Argentinian and Latin American; 3 Spanish composers were premiered in Granade, Seville , Barcelona including an special programme dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges and the music of Buenos Aires. 

The Grupo Encuentros 30th International Tournée continued in Berne (Switerland) in the recently inaugurated Zentrum Paul Klee , which contains over 10.000 artworks by the famous Swiss painter. The Grupo Encuentros played invited as Foreign Ensemble in residence, giving many concerts before an enthusiastic audience which crowded the magnificent concert hall. 

On March 27th 2006 Alicia Tezian participated in the programme Disques en lise, (2 hs and 30 min of duration) produced by Radio Suisse Romande and dedicated to Karl Wolfgang Korngold, which is transmitted alive as well as by Internet. It was retransmitted on April 1st at 2.30pm. 

On March 30th 2006 Alicia Terzian recorded a programme for France Musique (Radio France) dedicated to comment on her musical works and activities which included an interview and audition of her works. 

On May 3th at 7pm, the Grupo Encuentros will give a concert at the National Library of Buenos Aires city invited by the Szterenfeld Foundation. 

In the second half of May 2006, and specially invited by the Faculty of Music of the University of Cuenca (Ecuador), Alicia Terzian will give a Seminar dedicated to the analysis of many of her works and to introduce the works written by Argentine and Latin American composers in the frame of the Master of Composition..At the end of it, relevant professors of the University will give a concert thoroughly dedicated to many of her soloist and chamber works. 

In June 2006 , Alicia Terzian will participate at the International Rostrum of Composers which will take place in Radio France, Paris, organized by the IMC - Unesco. 

Next July 2006 , Alicia Terzian will participate in the New Music Days Festivals in Stuttgart, Germany. 

On August 18th Rafael Gíntoli will perform Alicia Terzian's Violin concerto with the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Cuyo, Mendoza conducted by Mtro. D. Handler. 

The 38th International Festival Encuentros 2006 will take place on August 21st- 31st 2006 in Buenos Aires. The activities will include 14 chamber concerts devoted to the anniversaries of composer Alberto Ginastera , poets Jorge Luis Borges and Federico García Lorca . The Festival programme includes 2 Symphonic Concerts with the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pedro Ignacio Calderón, and violinist Tiffany Wu, singer Marta Blanco and pianist Dora de Marinis as soloists which will take place at the Auditorio de Belgrano 

The concerts of the 38th International Festival Encuentros 2006 will take place at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law, at the Consejo Público de Abogados of the Capital city, the Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas, the Alianza Francesa; the following foreign soloist and chamber groups will participate: Duo Winston Choi-Minghuan Xu (Canada-China), Alexandra Aubert (France), Ensemble Bartok (Chile), Ensemble Diapason (Spain) and the Argentinians Valentín Surif, Claudio Espector, Ana Stampalia, María Isabel Siewers, Marta Blanco, Grupo Encuentros and soloists. 

Within the frame of the 38th International Festival Encuentros 2006 there will be a concert dedicated to young talented tango musicians at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law. Prof. Oscar del Priore will comment on the concert. 

Together with the La Scala de San Telmo, the Encuentros Foundation has scheduled the First National Piano Competition on August 31st- September 3rd, which will be fully devoted to Alberto Ginastera's piano music for the celebration his 90th anniversary. The President of the Jury will be Valentín Surif, and will be integrated by Ana Stampalia, Claudio Espector and musical critic Eduardo Giorello. 

Following with the MUSIFILMS series which started in 2005 in association with the Auditorium of the Museum of Louvre and Classifilms under the direction of Chistian Labrande, the 38th International Festival Encuentros 2006 will present another serie of awarded documentaries devoted the the XXth century music in première. 

Terzian's orchestral work Canto a mí misma (Song for myself) has been schedled by the National Symphony Orchestra for the concerts season 2006 in October 6th. It will be under Mtro. Emir Saul conducting. 

In the first half of November 2006, violinist Rafael Gintoli has been invited to perform Alicia Terzian's Violin concerto in Mexico with the Symphony Orchestra of Morelia conducted by the Italian Stefano Mazzoleni. 

Starting on November 20th, 2006, and specially invited, the Grupo Encuentros will realize their 31st international tournée by many European countries. 


As a producer of contemporary music at the RADIO CULTURA MUSICAL FM 100.3 in Argentina every Thursday from May 2006 on ,at 11pm, I want to let you know the transmitions of the IRC 2005 . 
The Encuentros Foundation organize from 1979 on the Argentine Tribune of Composers ( with auspices and delegates of the Argentine Music Council(CAMU) asw well as other argentine composers associations and institutes ) to select the works to be presented at the annual IRC organized by the IMC. 
br>From 2006 on, the Argentine Music Council will present at the annual IRC the works selected at our annual Argentine Composers Tribune. 

As allways, I will be in charge of the radio transmitions as a contemporary music producer , now by the Radio Cultura Musical FM 100.3,Argentina . 

Contemporary Music Producer at the Radio : ALICIA TERZIAN 

Luke Bedford - U K - Rode with darkness - May4th,2006,11pm 
Martins Vilums - Latvia - Le temps scintille - May 4h,2006,11pm 
Peter Butans - Latvia - There flowers a never... - May 11th,2006 ,11 pm 
Frederic Durieux - France - Traverses 2&3 - May 11th,2006,11pm 
Jesper Nordin - Sweden - Double concerto - May 18th 2006,11pm 
Clemens Gadenstatter Austria - Danse mimetique - May 25th 2006,11pm 
Raminta Serksnythe - Lithuania - Vortex - May 25th 2006,11pm 
Maja Ratkje - Norway - Concerto for voice - June 1st 2006,11pm 
Jesus Rueda - Spain - String Quartet N�3 - June 8th 2006,11pm 
Diana Rotaru - Romania - Shakti - June 15th 2006,11pm 
Alejandra Odgers - Mexico - Icnopuicatl - June 15th 2006,11pm




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