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ANNUAL REPORT Aug. 2004 � Feb. 2005

Since my last Report (Aug. 04) things went better, but even in the previous period there were some events I missed to list in it:

During January-February there was a multi-medial exhibition Heliophony � Cosmic Visions in the working room of Josip Slavenski (a mini museum) which is situated right by MIC. The event was on the occasion of 50th anniversary of composer�s death.

This exhibition moved to Paris in May (in the Cultural Center of SCG) and there were two concerts with Slavenski�s works.

On Feb. 12, 2004. Ivana Stefanovic had the "Author�s Concert" with several chamber works � two of them premiered.

In July 2, 04 there was the "Author�s Concert" od Dimitrije Golemovic, with Divine Liturgy and Hiram�s Testament on the program.

In |Sept. 16.-19. there was a series of concerts and lectures under the title "Composer in the 1st person" in which compositions by V. Kulenovic, M. Raickovic, I. Popovic, I Brkljacic and J. Velickovic were performed as well as works by Luis Andrissen, Hilijus van Berhajk and Bernhard Lang; the latter four � Velickovic, Andrissen, Berhajk and Lang gave lectures with discussion.

In Oct. 3.-16. at BEMUS (Belgrade Music Festival) � at the opening, the new chamber opera "Zora D." by Isidora Zebeljan was performed twice, then "The Wave" for piano & orchestra by Vuk Kulenovic, dramatic oratorio "Uprising against Dakhias" (new version) by Rajko Maksimovic, "Poem" for piano & orchestra by Vasilije Mokranjac were performed; also a number of chamber works were on the BEMUS program, by: E. Josif, D. Despic, V. Trajkovic, S. Savic, M. Milojevic, M. Mihajlovic, V. Mokranjac and A. Grgin.

Soon after BEMUS, by the end of Oct. The 13th International Tribune of Composers took place (instead of in May). At the opening the winner of the MOKRANJAC AWARD was announced. It was Isidora Zebeljan for her opera "Zora D.", which was previously performed several times in Amsterdam and Vienna. Among works by Serbian composers there were: "When the Curtain 7 Times Lifts up" by Ivan Brkljacic, "The Snake Who Ate Elephant" by Irena Popovic, and a series of chamber works by: I. Brkljacic, S. Gajic, Maja Lucic, T. Stipancic, B. Popovic.

And aside of festivals, on regular concerts, many chamber, solo or choral compositions by our composers were performed: A. Vujic, D. Despic, M. Mihajlovic, M. Raickovic, A. Grgin, Z. Eric, S. Hofman. T. Milosevic, I. Stefanovic, V. Mokranjac, S. Bozic, D. Radic, K. Babic, S. Rajicic, J. Bosnjak,V. Tosic, M. Tajcevic, A. Obradovic, K. Babic, M. Zivkovic. Here I would particularly point out "Six scenes � commentaries" by Zoran Eric, originally scored for 3 violins & strings and now it was a version for 3 vns & full orchestra.

In all these performances took part excellent musicians (solo or chamber groups) as well as three high class string orchestras (13-15 players) � Dusan Skovran, Saint George Strings and Royal Saint George Strings, then several amateur choruses and finally Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra of RTV Serbia.

From 10th to 12th of December I attended The 5TH GENERAL MEETING OF THE BALKAN INFORMATION NETWORK which took place in Tirana, Albania. One of the achievements is The Anthology of Piano Music of the Balkan Composers as well as the biggest Data Bank on the Balkan Music (music addresses, curriculums of the musicians, music events etc.). The book The composers of our region � has been planned for the 2005.

From 14. to 16. Dec. there was a symposium about Life and Work of Vasilije Mokranjac as well as a concert of piano works on the occasion of 20th anniversary of composers death.

Rajko Maksimovic




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