C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



Visby International Centre for Composers � established 1999 by its members (the Society of Swedish Composers, the County Administration of Gotland, the Municipality of Gotland and Gotland School of Music Composition/Folkuniversitetet) and officially inaugurated by the Swedish Minister for Culture in March 31, 2001 � is a working and meeting place for composers from all over the world. It promotes contemporary music through concerts, conferences, seminars and joint projects, and it makes a fruitful resource for schools of Music Composition and other institutions and centres in the field of art.

VICC became a part of the ISCM family throughout the World Music Days in Yokohama in October, 2001 and is the only specialized centre of its kind within the ISCM.

VICC Members & Boards

The members of VICC appoint six members to the Board of Representatives (the Society of Swedish Composers two, the County Administration one, the Municipality of Gotland one and Gotland School of Music Composition/Folkuniversitetet two) and nominate the members of the Bord of the Centre. The Board of the Centre is composed of four members and deputies as well as VICC�s executive director.

New members can be appointed by the Board of Representatives if proposed by the Board of the Centre.


VICC is financed mainly by the Gotland Municipality and the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs. Financial support is also given by the Structural funds of the EU, the Foundation for Future Culture, the Royal Music Academy, the Swedish Concert Institute, the Swedish Institute, the Nordic Music Committee and the Society of Swedish Composers.


ISCM/VICC Composers in Residency Program

During the visit of the ExCom to Visby in May 2004 the ISCM/VICC Composers in Residency Program 2005 was initiated, and later agreed upon by the General Assembly during the ISCM WMD 2004 in Switzerland:

VICC offers 6 residencies, including free use of studios and living quarters during 1 month (for 2005: in April and September). Due to the availability of facilities, the offer will be structured as such that for each month one composer would be working for electro-acoustic music and two composers for notational music. VICC will accept the six composers as selected by the ISCM without going through its normal selection panel for such residency, and will coordinate with the ISCM on the exact months of residency every year. International travel and food has to be covered by applicants themselves. There is also a possibility to ask for support from the ISCM (max 250 Euro). Applications can only be made by/through ISCM Sections and Associate Members.


VICC offers a limited number of bursaries meant to cover travel and living expenses, as a rule for four weeks stay. Application forms can be downloaded directly from the VICC homepage

The premises

The Centre comprises two buildings: the former Custom House � now called the "Composers� Hall" � and, across the street, the former house attached to the County Governor�s messenger � now rebuilt to a guest-house for visiting composers. Both buildings are situated in the harbour of

the medieval town of Visby, nearby the Baltic Art Center and the Gotland University College, with a magnificent view of the sea.

The "Composers� Hall" houses two tenants, besides VICC also the Gotland School of Music Composition, established 1995.

Studio ALPHA, the Electro-Acoustic Music Studio, with its Side-studio, and the Grand Piano Studio are located on the ground floor. And on the second floor, two Notation Studios (computer and piano equipped), a kitchenette, a Reading/TV-room and VICC�s administration (Executive Director and Studio Manager).

The VICC guest-house, the Carlqvist Villa, has four private bedrooms, one common kitchen (well-equipped and intended for self-catering) and two bathrooms/shower-rooms with washing possibilities (washing-machine, tumbler dryer). The adjacent garden plot is a part of the next-door neighbours, the County Governor�s garden.

Activities hitherto (- December 2004)

Number of: Guests, visitors (and others involved in VICC activities): more than 500, from upwards 30 Countries; Composers in Residence (awarded residencies): more than 100; "Guest days" at the Carlqvist Villa: almost 2500; Seminars & Meet-the-Composer gatherings : more than 30.

Major conferences: Conditions for Creative Artists in Europe; EU Presidency Conference in Visby; Nordic Composers� Council Grand Meeting; Ars Baltica Conditions for Cultural Co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region; SWAP: ISCM WMD 2009, Visby�Växjö�Göteborg.

Concerts/ involved Ensembles/Musicians i.e. � Examples: Kent Olofsson; Ensemble SON; The Neophilian Association; Trio Obscura; KammarensembleN; "Soundwaves" (Annual festival / Gotland School of Music Composition); e-muzika and Jauna Muzika (Annual festivals in Lithuania, in co-oporation with organizors in Lithuania, the Swedish Concert Institute and the GotlandsMusiken); Gotland Wind Quintet; Jörgen Pettersson; Gotland Music Academy; Gotland Chamber Music Festival; CoMA Festival: Art Music for the Future; The Hide Group Concerts; Kalvfestivalen; Duo Violoncellissimo (from Ukraine); Magnus Andersson; (ISCM WMD).

New launched organization

The Swedish Art music Promotors � SWAP (three Swedish regional centres for Contemporary Music: VICC � Visby International Centre for Composers, CoMA � Contemporary Music and Artists and OPEN � Open Progressive Environment for New music in West Sweden), elaborates the concept of New Music Development by moulding into it three different perspectives:

- Composer's view

- Musician's view

- Society's view,

is an artistic and experimental platform for national and international collaborations, devoted to New Music Development, and promotes an artistic exploration of different kinds of borders that may separate and confine the development of contemporary music.

SWAP aim to break new way for impulses and interaction, to inspire creativity and new thinking regarding contemporary music and its function in our time.

SWAP runs for the ISCM World Music Days 2009 in Visby � Växjö - Göteborg!

Ramon Anthin

Executive Director




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