C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



2004 was an important year of change for the Canadian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, as it marked the development toward greater promotion and dissemination of Canadian composers and their selected works. For the first time, the section produced a complimentary 2-CD set of all selected works, and has been distributing it to ISCM sections, composers, concert presenters, ensembles, and interested listeners within Canada and internationally, with the intention of facilitating performances of the pieces and opportunities for composers associated with the ISCM. The first CD in the set (of acoustic concert pieces), is for promotional purposes only. For the second CD in the set (of electroacoustic pieces), we were able to secure more extensive permissions for use of the recordings � these works are also available for broadcast. Response to the ISCM Canadian Section promotional CD has been overwhelmingly positive, and we decided that the section will continue to produce 500 CD�s each year. Although only a few of the selected pieces will receive live performance at the ISCM World Music Days, a promotional CD enables us to promote all of the selected works, ongoing. Those wishing to obtain a copy of the 2004 promotional CD, or the upcoming 2005 disk should contact the ISCM Canadian Section through the Canadian League of Composers <>.

In addition to the promotional CD, the Canadian Section is in the final stages of preparing a website, designed to represent activities and selected works from current and previous years. Festival reports, photographs, and soundclips will be available. Selected composers from previous years should send a recording of their piece to the CLC office, as well as any photos of previous ISCM festivals, so that the archive can be more comprehensive. As well as the usual reports in the CLC newsletter and emailed updates from time to time, the Canadian Section further extended its activities and involvement in the organization by volunteering to produce a written report on the 2003 ISCM World Music Days in Slovenia. That lengthy report appeared in the World New Music Magazine, published by MusikTexte <> in Köln. Currently, the Canadian Section is also preparing a report on the 2004 World New Music Days that took place in Switzerland this past November. As a contributor to an international sub-committee, the Canadian Section will also be involved in determining the direction and mode of distribution for forthcoming ISCM written materials, with the goal of providing more thorough exposure of the World Music Days, the ISCM, and the composers and music associated with it.

World New Music Days 2004

In early November, as delegate of the Canadian Section, I traveled to Switzerland to embark upon the whirlwind journey that was the World New Music Days 2004, subtitled Trans_it. With boxes of CD�s in hand, I met up with the many international delegates in attendance, and we took our places in the Klang-Zug. The Klang-Zug was the ISCM�s train, which had been secured exclusively for our travel throughout the country. Over nine days, we darted across the country, through long circuitous tunnels in mountainous regions, beside quiet lakes, and into Switzerland�s major cultural centres. Starting in Lucerne, we ventured to Lugano, Basel, Bern, Geneva, La Chaux de Fonds, Winterthur, Laussane, Arrau, Biel, and Zurich, with many other stops along the way. En route, we were met by guest Canadian composers Melissa Hui and David Berezan, who made the voyage to be involved in rehearsals and performances of their music. Christian Calon also had a work performed, but was unfortunately not able to attend. Each composer received a strong performance of their work, and Melissa and David accompanied the group to several subsequent destinations. Readers will note that in Switzerland, an unprecedented three Canadian works that were forwarded by the Section were selected by the international jury for performance. Usually, one can hope for the performance of only one of the selected works, but in this instance, we were pleased to have three quality Canadian works presented at the festival. Also present at the World New Music Days was International Executive member Keith Hamel, who, at the final assembly meeting in Zurich, was elected by the ISCM member sections to the position of Vice-President of the ISCM. Congratulations to Keith, and thanks to each of the selected composers for their contributions to the festival. Inclusive of a grueling travel schedule, the World New Music Days 2004 in Switzerland was one of the most ambitious in recent history.

Canadian Section activities for 2005

I am happy to report that three Canadian works have also been selected for performance at the 2005 World Music Days/ Music Biennale in Zagreb, Croatia. They are: Let dits de victoire, by Patrick Saint-Denis, D'un Château l'autre, by Eric Morin, and Masques et Parades, by Stèphane Roy. In mid-April, I will travel to Zagreb in order to attend the General Assembly and host the guest Canadian composers.


By way of the recently-introduced new selection process, the following works will represent Canada at the ISCM throughout 2005 and be available on our upcoming promotional CD:

Allison Cameron - Somatic Refrain, for Bass Clarinet

-Association of Canadian Women Composers selection

Stephane Roy - Masques et parades

-Canadian Electroacoustic Community

Eric Morin - D'un Château l'autre, for String Quartet and Piano

-The Canadian League of Composers selects the 2003 Jules Leger Prize winning work

Patrick Saint-Denis - Les dits de victoire, for String octet

-First Prize work in the Chamber Music Category of the SOCAN Competition for Young Composers

Analia Llugdar - Inflexions, for 16 instruments

-Grand Prize winning work from the 2003 SRC/CBC Young Composers Competition

T. Patrick Carrabré - Inuit Games, for Orchestra with Throat Singers

-CBC Radio Two submission to the 2003 International Rostrum of Composers:

VISBY International Centre for Composers

At the General Assembly in Switzerland, Ramon Anthin of the Visby International Centre for Composers <> announced that the organization is generously providing 2 residencies for composers during 2005, as part of the ISCM/VICC Composers in Residency Program 2005. The Canadian Section pursued this opportunity and is pleased to announce that selected composer Patrick Saint-Denis will spend one month in Göthland in September, courtesy of the VICC and the ISCM. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by the collaborating organizations, and wish Patrick a fruitful creative time during his residency, and beyond.


Paul Steenhuisen

President, ISCM Canadian Section





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