C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



ISCM Sections' Report 2005

ISCM's Austrian section: "IGNM Oesterreich"

Austrian Section; The 2005 status:

Beside of the Viennese Headquarter-Section there are four sections in other regional states of the nation: Carinthia, Upper-Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol.

A Lower-Austria Section will start in October 2005, Styria and Burgenland to follow 2006.

General Assembly January 2005: Same successful board: Maria Skodak, Prof. Dr. Hans Landesmann, Stefan David Hummel, Mag. Johannes Kretz, Hannes Heher, Thomas Heinisch, Monika Fuchs. Katharina Klement, Austrias wellknown "musical General-Runner", famous for her works � Classics, Electronics, Multimedias, improvised music - joined the board. More new ideas, more new efforts. Future Board meetings periodically in the provinces outside of Vienna to improve communication and to further the process earlier of strengthening the sections in Carinthia, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol as well as helping them become more independent.

Austria is known to enjoy a tremendous rich musical life which includes many performances of all kinds of contemporary music. The recent wave of composers, students and musicians coming from the eastern countries has brought many excellent performers and composers, residing in Austria for a while, a year or for ever. One of the main tasks of the Austrian section: To gather these people interested in the changing world of New Music, to promote discussions, to offer a creative exchange within the different styles of our days music culture. The results of this task turned out to be more successful from year to year.

During the six months since the last WMDs the number of members, concerts and events increased, our society represents today already more than three hundred Austrian native and resident members from other countries. Since last November 36 concerts with all in all 59 �First Performances� had been staged.

Cooperations with the five music-universities, the conservatories, music-schools and Radio-Stations, the Jeunesses Musicales, other musical institutions continued and increased as well.

Some of the 2004/2005 Activities:

Without going into any analyses trying to formulate the existence of trends or aesthetic standpoints in the Austrian musical landscape, the following aspects will give an idea about the activities of the Austrian Section. The board still chooses the yearly program and the works to be performed as premières. Principle: No account is taken of cultural policy or personal considerations.

Following the (classic) saxophone-competition of 2000, the 2001- orchestra-, 2002- organ-, 2003- electro-acoustics-competitions, started 2004 the International "Don Giovanni -Competition" to honour the Mozart-Year 2006, to compete the forthcoming Mozart-Overflow:



Composers shall create new works out of one of the well known melodies in "Don Giovanni". A certain sense of humour is not expected, but not unwelcome. Deadline for entries: March 31st, 2005.

2004: November, Vienna:

Seventh night of the �First Performances � Series: "ensemble reconsil Vienna" - the specialized group of musicians interpreting �Premières��of national and international composers only -: Works from Alia Kesselmann,

Georg Friedrich Haas, Alexandra Karastoyanova-Hermentin, Edison Denisov,

Alexander Raskatow, Roland Freisitzer;

November, Salzburg:

"Innovative Music 2004";

Ten performances in and around of Salzburg

"Mozarteum Orchestra", "Camerata academica", choirs, soloists;

November, Salzburg:

"The 2nd Night of the Salzburg Composers",

An eight hours performance, featuring the works of twenty two composers, among them 15 premières, performed by "oenm- Austrian Ensemble of New Music", "Stadler-Quartet" and a number of famous soloists

November, Carinthia (Klagenfurt, Villach and Spittal):

The yearly regional Four Days-Festival: �EXPAN - open borders�:

"Neues Ensemble", Ensemble "VOX NOVA", "Ensemble Kreativ" ;

Works from fifteen young composers, born or living in and around the southern regions of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy;

November and December, Vienna:

Two more 2004-concerts of "ensemble reconsil Vienna",:

Alya Mammadova, Faradj Karajev, Friedrich Keil,

Klaus Johns, Zaur Fakhradow, Thomas Heinisch, Martin Rhomberg,

Jana Andreevska, Alexander Wagendristel, Pande Shanov,

Alexander Stanskovski, Soni Petrovski;

November and December, Vienna:

Two performances "Klangprojektionen" ��Projections of Sounds�

at the Vienna Music-University; featuring works of students and their teachers;


2005, Vienna:

January to December: Another series: "ElectronicProtocol";

Designed again for young composers with no limits with regards to style or performance;

January, Villach and Spittal Carinthia):

�Akzente�: Four Concerts with "Ensemble Kreativ", conducted by Bruno Strobl;


Linz, January to May:

"Begegnungen"- Events at the "Bergtheater";

featuring works of the local Upper-Austrian composers,

among them twelve premières, performed by "neues ensemble linz"

and local soloists;


Vienna, February to December:

Another eight concerts of "ensemble reconsil Vienna",

for the most part as premières: Ali Ali-Zadeh, Michael Finnissy, Roland Freisitzer, Morgan Hayes, Thomas Heinisch, Juliana Hodkinson, Anders Hultquist, Klaus Johns, Peter Koeszeghi, Stefan Pohlit, Gerald Resch, Andrew Toovey, Alexander Wagendristel, Toshio Hosokawa, Toro Takemitsu, Yumi Saki, Martin Romberg, Wladimir Pantschev, Simeon Pironkoff jr., Maxim Seloujanov, Fritz Keil, Norbert Sterk, Johannes Kern, Rudolf Hinterdorfer, Wilfried Satke, Klaus Johns, Beat Furrer, Florian Gessler, Gerd Kühr, Bernhard Lang, Pascal Dusalpin, Eric Tanguy, Marcel Reuter a.o.;

March 15th, City of Hall (Tyrol):

The 2005-opening Night of the IGNM-Tyrol-Season:

Schönberg, Webern, Haubenstock-Ramatii, Zimmermann;

April, Linz:

�musica incognita � festival of the unknown in art�, recitals and ensemble concerts: Cage, Brown, Denisssov, Gubaidulina, Kagel, Stockhausen, Valdambrini, Zender and others;

May, Vienna

"Experience and Adventure" � Second Edition:

Concerts, workshops, multimedia performances, electronics, sound-tracks; Avantgarde, World Music", orchestras, ensembles, crossovers;

September: Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria:

"Downstream the river Drau" from Italy to Slovenia;

Concerts and events along the river-banks, local composers, local works;

September, Vienna:

"The White Night-Project of New Musics",

An eight-hours event staged in the courts and halls of Viennas Music-University, new Orchestra- and Chamber orchestra works;

November 18 to 20, Salzburg:

A three-Days- "IGNM-Musikfest Salzburg",

as the main event of Austrian IGNM-Sections� 2005- activities, performance-Highlight of new musics, sponsered by "Siemens-Foundation", Austrian Government, Country and City of Salzburg, Austrian and Bavarian Television and Radio stations, the performing rights society and its sub-organisation ske, the Salzburg tourist-board, numerous other donators: 3 orchestras, 8 chamber-groups, 12 concerts, 4 workshops, an �electronic-bar�, Round Tables, 32 composers with their 32 premières from Austria and the neighbour-countries, several �Mozarteum-Students-Specials�, exhibitions and more and more. The audiences will have an occasion to approach contemporary music newest proposals and aspects.

Visitors and Listeners from everywhere are welcome:

Ask for Infos: , .


2005 scheduled: Eighty IGNM-concerts plus twenty-eight co-productions - Festivals of Bregenz, Linz, Vienna, �wien modern�, Radio-stations, Music-Universities, Jeunesses Musicales etc. -, performances of contemporary works from about hundred seventy resident- and another seventy international composers.





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