C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

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ARFA was set up in April 2001 by the composer Mihaela Vosganian, the choreographer Liliana Iorgulescu and the visual artist Marilena Preda Sanc.

Although until 2001 there was no intention in Romania of creating any association of women, especially in the musical domain, because of the international tendency of multimedia or mixed performances, beginning with 2000, has appeared the challenging idea of a unique Association of Women bringing together artists from different arias: composers, performers, musicologists but also critics, visual artist, actresses, choreographers or dancers.

ARFA - is a professional organization that promotes the Romanian artistic creation within the contemporary artistic context. Among its main objectives are:

� Producing, organization, circulation of information about artistic events with trans-disciplinary and multi-media specific.

� Achieving cultural programs and projects in cooperation with other organizations or artistic personalities from Romania and abroad.

� Facilitating, organizing and promoting the support of contemporary creation, by specific cultural forms: concerts, shows, exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, workshops, debates, publications, etc.

� Proposing to participate in achieving a complex image of Romanian genuine artistic creation of women, for a better implementation in the cultural world context.

� Encouraging and supporting the young female artistic creation.

� Ensuring a coherent strategy and good cultural policies, ARFA wants to establish connections of collaboration with central and local authorities from the cultural domain.

During 2001, ARFA became a Member of the International Honour Committee of the Foundation DONNE IN MUSICA, in 2002 became an UNESCU CLUB and in March 2003 became an Affiliate of International Alliance of Women in Music. Because of its special activities in promoting Contemporary Music, ARFA has been selected, in October 2003, as ISCM Associate Member.

In the last two years, ARFA has obtained an important recognition in the Romanian institutional cultural frame. In 2003 it was for the first time that the main festival of contemporary music in Romania, International New music week, was directed by two women composers, both members of ARFA, Mihaela Vosganian as Artistic Director and Irinel Anghel as Assistant Director. That special 13th Edition of International New music week has paid a particular attention to the outstanding, non-conventional music approaches, in order to create a bold and significant profile to this annual event. That Edition has been accomplished in 2004 by the release of its own CD, a unique appearance in the history of this festival, featuring 4 orchestral premieres with soloists, written by Romanian male and female composers.

From the very beginning, one of the main meanings of ARFA's existence was to promote professional, artistic creation in different domains, such as composition, musicology, choreography, musical interpretation, visual arts, art critics etc. Thus, ARFA's singularity derives from both its main purpose - to draw genuine public recognition for creating personalities in Romania - and to coordinate trans-disciplinary and multi-artistic events.

After three years of existence one can already talk about a contemporary art season under FORUM - ART generic or about the promotion of a Contemporary Music and Dance Group, named INTER - ART, involved in different events in Romania or abroad.

The Contemporary Art Season - FORUM - ART - is a unique project released by ARFA involving music, dance, poetry, theatre or visual arts. This project has attracted the cooperation of the major Cultural Institutions from Bucharsest, such as the Bucharest Town Hall, The Romanian Composers� and Musicologists� Union, ISCM - Romanian Section, the Romanian Broadcasting Society, the ARCUB Cultural Center, the Romanian Athenaeum. FORUM - ART series has media partners as Romanian Musical Channel, Romanian Television, or different Reviews (Top Business Review, Actualitatea Muzicala, Muzica Review etc).

Each edition of FORUM - ART consists of a series of six performances, one every month, featuring well-known Romanian ensembles whose guests are choreographers, visual artists, dancers or actors. During its three accomplished editions and its ongoing 4th edition, FORUM - ART presented over 140 works, mostly belonging to Romanian Composers, but also belonging to young composers/students or foreign composers.

ARFA is also promoting its own specific international group - INTER - ART Contemporary Music and Dance Group, whose productions blend original music with choreography, or video, featuring artistic personalities from Romania or from abroad. Besides its founders and actual members (Mihaela Vosganian, Liliana Iorgulescu, Barrie Webb, Emil Sein, Irinel Anghel, Andrei Kivu) INTER- ART Group has collaborated with special guests such as the Finish violinist Juhani Palola, the French saxophonist Daniel Kientzy, the Japanese Koto player Nanae and Japanese shakuhachi player Kifu Mitsuhashi, the Dutch percussionists Marcel Andrissen, Martin Ansink, Fedor Teunisse from Percussion Group The Hague and the German Saxophonist Nicolas Simion. During last years INTER- ART present over 20 representations on many stages from Romania or abroad, touring in Switzerland (2002), Italy (2003), France (2003), Greece (2004).

The February 2005, INTER- ART had the opportunity to release its first unique DVD in Romania, produced by ARFA with the support of Ministry of Culture, featuring moments from its different performances or tours. The release of the DVD was followed by an extraordinary performance of INTER- ART, at the Odeon Theater of Bucharest.

There are also other projects organized by ARFA in cooperation with Romanian Union of Composers and with the Romanian ISCM Section such as: Flute recital of Ionut Stefanescu (May 2004), concerts dedicated to young composers (February 2004, January 2005).

One of the most important projects in 2003 was the production of a first and unique CD of this kind in Romania, featuring Romanian Women Composers of different generations. This CD, the first publication of an open series in cooperation with Romanian Union of Composers, was made possible with the support of the Pro Helvetia Foundation. The program on this CD is a direct outcome of the collaboration with the Pro-Contemporania Ensemble - and the sculpture exhibition of Alina Enache.

ARFA has continued the support of Contemporary Arts Productions, also in different art fields as theatre and dance, being involved in 2004 in the international ART DIGITAL ERA project under the European Commission program "Culture 2000". As a partner, beside the Italian lieder Provincia di Ancona and the other partner theatre Verein of Munich, ARFA has presented in Bucharest several performances of the ADE competition winners - groups from Florence and London - integrated in several programs of workshops seminars and live representations.

The beginning of October 2004 ARFA organized the Dutch Music Events in Bucharest, in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy, Gaudeamus Foundation, the Romanian Philharmonic and the ARCUB Hall. This event has comprised programs of the Percussion Group The Hague and of Inter-Art Group, promoting mostly Dutch Contemporary Music, but also some Romanian works.

The end of October 2004, ARFA has released its first festival called Multi Sonic Fest, a first initiative of this kind in Romania. This festival has included 6 performances of Fusion-Music, filing the gape between contemporary music and jazz, combining traditional Asian and African instruments with electric sound sources, melting classic contemporary musical textures with world music grooves and improvising experiments of music and dance. The purpose of this festival was to create the opportunity for this new kind of music to be heard in Romania according to the latest international artistic trends which brings the urge of interaction between Romanian and foreign performers.





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