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2020_Music Centre Slovakia 


Annual Report

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  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 


    Music Centre Slovakia is a center of documentation, promotion, and publishing with nationwide activity, whose mission is to promote Slovak music by organizing concerts with the music of Slovak composers, to publish scores and books on music, to document musical life in Slovakia, and to promote Slovak musical culture at home and abroad.

    New publications:
    - Viliam Kořínek: Methodology of Violin Playing
    - Jana Laslavíková: Municipal Theatre in Pressburg at the End of the 19th Century
    - Jozef Sixta: Jozef Sixta: Portrait of the Composer
    - Richard H. Hoppin: Medieval Music + Anthology of Medieval Music (2nd edition)
    - Musical Life magazine

    - Martin Adámek: Unity
    - Das romantische Lied aus Pressburg
    - Ilja Zeljenka: 24 preludes for piano
    - Miska Hauser: Works for Violin and Piano

    - Complete Works of Ján Levoslav Bella: Slovak National Songs, Slovak Four-voice Choirs, Consecration of the Flag, Fantasy on the Motifs of the Rákoczy March, Complete works B:4 Overture to Opera Hermania in Venus's Cave
    - Štefan Németh-Šamorínsky: Seven Slovak Folk Songs, Songs for voice and piano I., Songs for voice and piano II.
    - Ján Kadavý: Little Singer
    - Štefan Fajnor: Cymbalo and violin – Song for voice and piano
    - Dezider Lauko: Slovak Dances for four hands piano
    - Christmas Songs and Carols by Slovak Composers
    - Ladislav Stanček: Songs for voice and piano I., Songs for voice and piano II.
    - Carl Czerny: Erster Lehrmeister
    - Jozef Demjan – Boris Lenko – Marta Urdová – Ihor Vlakh: The Method for Accordion (3rd edition)
    - Musica Sacra Edition:
    Ján Levoslav Bella – Starosloviensky otčenáš, op. 3; To deň!; Modlitba sv. Cyrila na sotnách, Op. 15
    Ján Levoslav Bella – Missa brevis (version for solo voices and version for choir)
    Ján Levoslav Bella – Missa Virorum polyphoniae adaptata, Op. 6
    Eugen Suchoň – Slovak One Voice Mass
    Pavol Krška – Missa brevis
    Štefan Németh-Šamorínsky – Missa brevis No. 4, Missae breves (version for soli, version for choir)
    Ladislav Stanček – Missa brevis Op. 12 (version for solo voices, version for choir)
    Ľudovít Rajter – Mass

    Main Projects and Activities of Local Relevance:
    - Sunday Matinées in the City Gallery of Bratislava, Mirbach Palace – weekly chamber concerts, including performances of works by many Slovak composers
 (some concerts were canceled due to the pandemic)
    - Concerts for schools
 (some concerts were canceled due to the pandemic)
    - Young Talents' Forum – educational project for young artists, the contribution of their participation in international competitions or masterclasses

    - Concerts at the Slovak Institutes in Europe

    Main Projects and Activities of International or European Relevance:
    - Slovak Youth Orchestra 2020
    : Activities of the Slovak Youth Orchestra (SYO) had been deeply influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the projects were postponed and the others had to be adjusted to the current situation and possibilities
    : May 2020 – co-operation with Opera of the Slovak National Theatre – Opera Studio, Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas – production postponed to 2021
: July 2020 – instead of the originally planned orchestral project with concerts in Slovakia and Romania took place international courses of chamber music in Bratislava, with 50 young musicians led by lecturers – leading Slovak musicians and from abroad conductor Benjamin Bayl; repertoire consisted of composers from various periods (Beethoven, Haydn/Salomon, Mozart, Glinka, Shostakovich, Slovak composers of 20th century, etc.)
    : August 2020 – co-operation with the international Viva Musica! festival – "side by side" participation of 10 SYO members in the profile concert of Slovak composer Ľubica Čekovská
: December 2020 – a project of the SYO wind section with conductor Benjamin Bayl and repertoire consisting of wind harmonies (Raff, Mozart) – this project had to be canceled in the course, due to new COVID-19 restrictions in Slovakia, as well as the occurrence of corona positive musicians on the second day – we decided to organize the project again in 2021
    - International festival Days of Early Music (canceled due to the pandemic, postponed to 2021)
    - Allegretto Žilina – Central European Music Festival (canceled due to the pandemic, postponed to 2021)
    - Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský International Singing Competition: event preparation
    - International Festival Pro musica nostra: is an international music festival that takes place every year in various cities in Slovakia. Fans of classical music can listen to musical performances of dozens of leading Slovak and foreign artists. The aim of the festival which takes place in selected historical monuments of individual regions is the presentation of the classical music at a top interpretation level and the mediation of a unique visual experience from the atmosphere of historical monuments. The Pro musica nostra festival returns musical life to places where the audience regularly searched for it in the past.
    : Pro musica nostra on the road I (26. – 30. 08. 2020) - 5 concerts in various Slovak cities
    : Pro musica nostra Nitriensi - 3 concerts in Nitra region

    Music Centre Slovakia is a member of the following international non-government organizations:

    - IAMIC (The International Association of Music Information Centres)
    - ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music)

    - IAML (The International Association of Music Libraries)

    - EFFE (Europe For Festivals, Festivals For Europe)
- EFNYO (European Federation of National Youth Orchestras) – Slovak Youth Orchestra



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