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Annual Report

  • Year: 
  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    While under the influence of covid-19, Japan Society for Contemporary Music held a musical festival, “Gen-on Music of Our Time 2020”, same as the previous year
    It consisted of 4 concerts and 2 competitions, see 1-4 below for details.
    Furthermore, as part of <Performer + Composer Collaboration Series>, we held 2 concerts and 1 lecture, see 5 below for details.
    The number of audiences at the venue was limited due to covid-19, we have webcast on the all concerts.
    We had also planned other performances and lectures, but due to covid-19, we had to postpone them.

    “Gen-on Music of Our Time 2020”.
    1. Concerts of JSCM Members 26th, 27th Nov. / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall
    # <Forum Concert 1& 2>
    14 works were performed with a variety of composition, from solo works to wind quartet, which were full of the composer's individuality.

    2. The Pegasus Concert Series
    The Pegasus Concert series is a project to support performers who are actively performing contemporary music repertoires. We invited public for the proposal of the concert that musician oneself plan. The concert program is limited to works composed after 1945, and more than half must be by Japanese composer.
    In 2020, 2 projects were selected from 18 applications. When selecting a project, we put in focus the performers' performance skills and expression, planning concept and programming creativity, richness of originality, and unity as a concert.
    #1 MATSUDAIRA Takashi, tenor <A voice travels alone...> 7th Dec. / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall

    #2 HONJOH Hidejiro, shamisen <Correspondence between solo and quartet that sawari provokes> 8th Dec. / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall

    3. The competition - The 37th JSCM Award for Composers 4th Dec. / Tokyo Operacity Recital Hall
    Theme : Tradition and Creation
    the winner / the audience prize: NEGISHI Kohsuke “Swaying Motions of a Faint Illusion” (2020, premiere)
    Other final selections: KONNO Takao “Two reflections” (2020, premiere), YAMADA Daiki “Plasma” (2020, premiere), MUROMOTO Takuo “Tokara Evoke” (2020, premiere), OKAMOTO Shinsuke “Barcarolle from Inland Sea” (2020, premiere)
    Jury: HISATOME Tomoyuki (chief), TOKUNAGA Takashi, MATSUDAIRA Yori-Aki

    4. The competition - The 14th JSCM Competition for Contemporary Music Players “KYOGAKU XIV” 13-14th Nov. and 13th Dec. / Keyaki Hall (Tokyo)
    the winner: TANIGUCHI Chisato [piano]
    2nd prize: YAMAGUCHI Mei [percussion]
    3rd prize: KANBARA Sodai [piano]
    Judges' Special Prize: Duo TOPOS [piano (four hands)]
    Other Selected finalists: NAKAYAM Miki [percussion], SAITO Rina [marimba]
    Jury: KITAZUME Michio (chief), SARUYA Toshiro, SHIBATA Kai, NAKAGAWA Toshio, YOSHIHARA Sumire
    Participants: 55
    Finalists: 13

    5. Performer + Composer Collaboration Series
    This series consists of a lecture on playing techniques and musical instruments by the performers, a call for works, and a concert.
    # OISI Masanori, Saxophone Recital 2nd Oct. 2020 / Tokyo Concerts Lab.
    # SATO Yoji Contrabass Recital 12th Feb. 2021 / Toyonaka Performing Arts Center, Multifunctional room
    # YAMAKI Masateru Trombone Lecture 31st Mar. 2021 / Osaka College of Music, MUSIC

    6. The collaboration project with Ensemble Recherche
    In 2019, Ensemble Recherche would like to find Japanese composers who are younger generation and have great talent. We have invited applications from composers who are under 30 years old and selected 4 young composers (Akira ITO, Takahiro KURODA, Izumi MAEKAWA, Wataru MUKAI ).
    Their pieces were to be performed at a concert in Freiburg in the spring of 2020. But due to social conditions, it was released as a video concert “Spotted in Japan” in May 2020.

    7. Publications
    We had prepared an e-magazine, “ NEW COMPOSER Vol. 15.
    It will be published in 2021.

  • Please describe your organization's research activities over the past year: 
    We are creating databases for Japanese composers and their works mainly since 1945.


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