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Annual Report

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  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    The Executive Committee of GCU– ISCM Greek Section, consists of: Joseph Papadatos - President, Iakovos Konitopoulos - General Secretary, Leontios Hadjileontiadis - A’ Vice President / ISCM Greek Section Responsible, Helena Skarkou - B’ Vice President, Maria Cristina Krithara - B’ Secretary, Leonidas Kanaris - Treasurer, Christos Anastassiou - Supervisor, Maria Dagalaki - Member, Spyros Mazis - Member.

    Since 1931, the Greek Composers’ Union has promoted the Greek musical creations; clearly the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the live activities of GCU from March 15, 2020. In the schedule of the 2020, the following activities were arranged:


    Filippos Nakas Conservatoire
    Tuesday 28 - 1 - 2020, 20.30
    Mystique Sequence

    Theodore Antoniou: Just six strings (2014) Costas Grigoreas: Nocturnes 1. Notturno Affettuoso 2. Notturno Appassionato (2003) Charalambos Ekmektzoglou: Nostalgia, Thought, Songs without Words, Nocturne Thanassis Koumenteris: Two Monologues (2018) Nikos Baloyiannis: Mystique Sequence (2019) Savvas Tsiligiridis: Mojo Strings (2018) Helena Skarkou: Ode (2019).
    Soloist: Nikos Baloyannis - guitar.


    Athens Concert Hall
    Monday 10 - 2 - 2020, 20.30
    Theodore Antoniou, 85 years since his birth

    Octet for music ensemble (1986) Three Likes for solo clarinet (1973), East - West for music ensemble and tape (1993) Frogs stage music for narrator, choir and music ensemble (1990).
    With the Rosarte Children - Youth Choir under the direction of Rosie Mastrosavva.
    Soloist: Yiannis Samprovalakis - clarinet, Telemachos Krevaikas - narrator.
    By the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Direction: Iakovos Konitopoulos.

    Filippos Nakas Conservatoire
    Tuesday 25 - 2 - 2020, 20.30
    Straight 299
    William Antoniou: Right in 7 (2008) Elias Nicolaides: Becoming (2019) Paris Paraschopoulos: Extraits de "Suite Amphipolis" (2014) Menelaos Pistikos: Vagues (2018) Christos Samaras: Elmione (2018) George Daravelis Cantilene Noir (part from the Sonate Autrefois for violin op. 3 (1999) Savvas Tsiligiridis : PS (2018).
    Soloists: HERMES DUO: George Lygerides - saxophone, Eutychia Veniota - piano.

    March (scheduled but postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic)

    Filippos Nakas Conservatoire
    Tuesday 31 - 3 - 2020, 20.30
    Four plus eighty - eight

    Nikos Skalkottas: Little Serenade Vassilis Gotsis: Face? (1997) Orpheus Demis: Suite (2017) Spyros Deligiannopoulos: Paradise Lost (2019) Orestes Ζafiropoulos: 7 Variations upon a theme by Theodore Antoniou (2010) Leonidas Kanaris: Suite (2019) Iakovos Konitopoulos: Les Illuminations de la Beauté (2006) Arvo Pärt: Fratres (1997).
    Σολίστ: Orestes Zafiropoulos, Christoforos Mirosnikov - cello, Panagiotis Giannakakis, Natalia Mirosnikova - piano.

    May (scheduled but postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic)

    Athens Concert Hall
    Saturday 9 - 5 - 2020, 20.30

    Young Greek composers’ Workshop
    Works by George Vavoulas, Andreas Papakostas - Smiris, Menelaos Pistikos, Charis Gatzoflias, Apostolis Koutsoyiannis.
    With the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Direction: Iakovos Konitopoulos

    Competitions, Conferences, Meetings, Workshops 2020

    First Pan-Hellenic Composition Competition in commemoration of the Greek Composers’ Union Honorary President, Theodore Antoniou. The dead line of the Competition was the 31st of March. The Competition will be held every three years.

    Song Composition Competition in collaboration with the Greek National Opera.

    Two forums were organized into 2020: the first in spring, under the title “Greek Composers’ Union, challenges and perspectives” (scheduled but postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic). The second which is scheduled for the next autumn, will explore educational issues.

    A conference will be organized on the occasion of 50 years since the passing of the composer Jani Christou (scheduled but postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic).

  • Please describe your organization's research activities over the past year: 
    The research activities were focused on digitization of the Greek Composers archive initiative with collaboration with the Athens Megaron Library. This is an ongoing effort and new research proposals are anticipated within the next year.


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