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Annual Report

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    Annual Report 2019

    The Executive Committee of GCU– ISCM Greek Section, consists of: Joseph Papadatos - President, Iakovos Konitopoulos - General Secretary, Leontios Hadjileontiadis - A’ Vice President / ISCM Greek Section Responsible, Helena Skarkou - B’ Vice President, Maria Cristina Krithara - B’ Secretary, Leonidas Kanaris - Treasurer, Christos Anastassiou - Supervisor, Maria Dagalaki - Member, Spyros Mazis - Member.

    Since 1931, the Greek Composers’ Union has promoted the Greek musical creations. In the schedule of the 2019, the following activities were arranged:

    Since 1931, the Greek Composers’ Union has promoted the Greek musical creations and 2019 has been another year full of activities. Many concerts at various concert halls were organised, with a strong emphasis on contemporary composers, premiers and commissioned works, a workshop for young composers, and the 1rst International Composition Competition: “Nikos Skalkottas 2019”.

    1. Megaron, The Athens’ Concert Hall, continues the collaboration with the G.C.U. with three concerts

    Tuesday 12 - 2 - 2019
    The accordion in contemporary creation

    George Chadjimichelakis: Folkloric Acid VI (2018) for ensemble Kostas Tsougras:
    Cantus Firmus (2011) for accordion solo Christos Zerbinos: On the shadow of the world,
    with three notes (2018) for ensemble Sofia Gubaidulina: In Croce (1991) for bayan and
    cello Astor Piazzolla: Three Tangos for ensemble: a) Fuga y Mysterio, b) Oblivion, c) Adios
    Nonino (instrumentation : Iakovos Konitopoulos).
    Soloists: Panagiotis Andreoglou - bayan, Kostis Theos - cello.
    By the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Direction: Iakovos Konitopoulos.

    Saturday 11 - 5 - 2019
    Young Greek Composers’ Workshop

    Works by Effie Tembonera, Constantine Lykouriotis, Melina Vlachou, Jason
    Damarakis, Ioannis Maramathas, Michalis Goutis.
    By the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Direction: Iakovos Konitopoulos.

    Friday 29 - 11 - 2019
    Final stage of the International Composition Competition “Nikos Skalkottas 2019” in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra Euripides Bekos: ΝΕΟΤΤΙΑΝ, First Prize of the International Composition Competition “Nikos Skalkottas 2019” Nikos Skalkottas: Concerto for Double bass and Orchestra / Four movements from the Symphonic Suit no.2. Soloist: Michael Semsis - double bass Stefanos Tsialis conducts the Athens State Orchestra.

    2. The collaboration with the institutes of foreign languages in Athens, such as Goethe Institute resulted also a series of three concerts:

    Thursday 31 - 1 - 2019
    Choir Music at Praxis

    Theodore Antoniou: Ariston men Hydor / Best is water, on Pindar poetry Haris Kanakis: The
    Repentance of Theodossios the Great, 390 B.C. (Κyrie Eleisson) Maria Christina Krithara:
    “Carmen Seculare”, on Dionissios Solomos poetry (2017) Christoforos Tegermenjides:
    Unkown Soldier Michalis Andritsopoulos: Oblivion (2012) Nikos Panagiotakis: From the
    “Natural History” book Michalis Adamis: Praise Αlekos Aenian: Deserted Forests Yiannis
    Constantinides: Roumbalia, Garoufalia, Irini Iossif Valette: Take everything from me
    (the death of the poet).

    Thursday 28 - 2 - 2019
    Tonal shades

    Spyros Deliyannopoulos: Six preludes for solo piano (World Premiere) Demetris
    Dragatakis: Nostalgia, for solo piano Antigone Papamikropoulou: Three Songs (poems by
    the composer) Demetris Lialios: Drei Lieder von Friedrich Nietze George Doussis: Five
    Moments for solo piano Leonidas Kanaris: Three songs on Andreas Artemis’ poetry (World
    Premiere) Manos Hadjidakis: The C.N.S. Cycle.
    Soloists: Rosa Poulimenou, Anna Laari - mezzo soprano, Spyros Deliyannopoulos, Demetra
    Mantzouratou - piano.

    Thursday 28 - 3 - 2019
    Literature and music creators

    Theodore Antoniou: Who took my Love (from the movie The Girl from Mani) and some
    songs from «8 musical images» Pavlos Ventouras: 3 songs: At the change of Springtime,
    Camera, (poems by Leda Ventoura), Touches (poem by Miranda Ioannidou) Εvangelos
    Kokkoris: 3 songs from «Veil of oblivion» La piogga è il tuo vestito, La rosa Bianca, A quale
    strazio la mia vita adduce (poetry by Italian poets) George Koumentakis: The Murderess
    (fragment from the opera) Joseph Papadatos: Invocation op. 109 (Dante project No. 3) for
    four voices and piano Christos Samaras: 4 songs (poems by C.P. Cavafis): Walls, Candles,
    Thermopylae, Voices.
    Soloists: Rhea Voudouri / Μarialena Trikoglou - soprano, Stelios Ioannou - tenor, Spyros
    Sokos bass - barytone, Valerios Ismagilov, Pavlos Ventouras - piano.

    3. The collaboration with “Filippos Nakas” Conservatoire resulted also 3 concerts

    Monday 14 - 1 - 2019
    Women Composers of our Era
    Aspassia Nassopoulou: Ochto (2016) Constantia Gourzi: Aeolos Wind op. 41 (2010), six
    piano pieces (Hommage à Helmut Lachenmann, Hommage à György Kurtag, Hommage à Peter
    Raue, Hommage à Claudio Abbado, Hommage à Daniel Barenboim, Hommage à Dieter Rexroth)
    Maria Dourou: Mosaic Tiles, three piano pieces dedicated to Katerina Papazoglou (2018)
    Assymetric, Marble, Four-dimentional Athanassia Kondou: VI miniatures (2017) - Dedicated
    to Panagiotis Demopoulos Fani Kossona: Structural Instability (2007) Calliope Tsoupaki:
    Greek Dance (1990).
    Soloist: Caterina Papazoglou - piano.

    Thursday 14 - 3 - 2019
    Mystic Sequence

    Theodore Antoniou: Just six strings (2014) Thanassis Koumenderis: Two Monologues
    (2018) Costas Grigoreas: Nocturnes (2003) Charalambos Ekmektzoglou: Νοstalgia Thought,
    Nocturne Nikos Baloyannis: Μystique Sequence: (2019) Kyriakos Tzortzinakis: Sonatina
    Americana (1986) Savvas Tsiligiridis: Mojo Strings (2018) for guitar and tape Helena Skarkou:
    Ode (2018).
    Soloist: Nikos Baloyannis - guitar.

    Τuesday 16 - 4 - 2019
    88 keys converse with 4 strings
    Works for violin and piano by contemporary Greek composers

    Alkis Papadopoulos: Impulse (2017/18) Constantine Flerianos: In the moonlight (2018)
    Nikos Flerianos: 3 bagatelles (2018) Constantine Grigoriou: Landscapes no. 2 (2019)
    Christos Pouris: Does it Matter? (2018) Yiannis Drossitis: Fantasia (1992) Andreas Argyrou:
    Epode (2004).
    Soloists: Triandafyllos Loukas - violin, Dimitris Koukos - piano.

    4. A concert at the German Church
    Sunday 14 - 4 - 2019, 20.30

    Νikolaos Mantzaros: Two Fugues - transcription from mixed choir (World Premiere)
    Αlexander Grec: Caprice - transcription from piano Chrysanthos Mouzakitis: Sunset and
    Quest - transcription from piano (World Premiere) Costas Agouridis: God's Hymn (World
    Premiere) Spyros Mazis: Missa (World Premiere) Pavlos Ventouras: a. Syr (2016) b. Die
    Glocken der deutschen Kirche in Athen (2017) c. Litany at Aegean Sea (2015, World Premiere).
    Soloists: Christos Paraskevopoulos, Pavlos Ventouras - Organ.

    5. A concert at Benakis’ Museum
    Wednesday 5 - 6 - 2019

    “Yiannis A. Papaioannou” Composition Competition Awards. The Athens’ Philarmonia Orchestra performed the awarded pieces of the Pan- Hellenic Composition Competition and oeuvres by Y. A. Papaioannou

    6. Besides the organization of these concert series, three concerts took place under the auspices of the Greek Composers’ Union

    Filippos Nakas Conservatoire
    Wednesday 27 - 11 - 2019
    Α tribute to G. A. Papaioannou 30 years since his passing
    Songs of the Lake for voice and music ensemble (poems by M. Malakassis) (1950),
    Corsair Dances Piano Suite (1950), Pegasus for flute (1984), Serenade for cello and
    piano (1937), Two Preludes (from the 24 Preludes for solo piano) nο.1 Lento - Νight in
    the Countryside, nο.2 Andante - Morning at the Seashore (1928 - 1939).
    Maira Milolidaki - soprano, Nikos Nikopoulos, Constantina Ventouri-Roussou - flute,
    Triantafillos Maroungas - clarinet, Alexandra Papastefanou, Constantina Polychronopoulou,
    Costas Chardas - piano, Nelly Economidou - violin, Marina Stalimerou - viola, Myrto Gouziou,
    Eve Papathanassiou - cello.
    Alexis Agrafiotis, Evangelos Kokkoris, Iakovos Konitopoulos, Alexandra Papastefanou
    and Costas Chardas prefaced the concert.
    Direction: Alexis Agrafiotis.

    Athens’ Conservatoire, “Aris Garoufalis” Auditorium
    Saturday 7 - 12 - 2019
    “Mediterranean Miniature Sketches”
    The pianist Erato Alakiozidou gave a concert presenting miniatures for piano,
    by the following composers:
    Aspasia Nassopoulou: Olinda (Hidden City-2012) Ellie Zacharopoulou: Aurora
    Phlippos Tsalachouris: Topia op.66 nο.1 George Hatzimichelakis: Miniatures Valse
    no.2 Evangelia Kateli: Αround a so(u) Constantine Stoyiannidis: Light Blue Sara
    Carvahlo: Haiku from the sea George Couroupos: From Three Times the Love: 13/8 with
    Love Μaria Christina Krithara: Mediterranean Caterina Venturelli: Scia Rıccardo
    Vaglını: Capriccio sopra L’ homme arme George Papoutsis: From Three Thracian Dances
    no. I Anastassis Philippakopoulos: Piano Piece Benet Casablancas: 3 Haikus
    (secunda collection 2013) George N. Giannopoulos: Chorale - Prelude No. 1 in C Major
    from Twenty - Four Chorale Preludes Constantine Caravassilis: Between the silence
    Lazarus Tsavdaridis: Of the Shadow Costas Parissiadis: Five Steps to Godspeed / 4.
    Rebirth (Prelude to Godspeed) Panagiotis Theodossiou: Aegean Sea - Prelude for piano
    Solo Stathis Gyftakis: The little boy and the cook named Josephin... Minas
    Borboudakis: Allegorie Menelaos Pistikos: People in the Sun Christos Dovas: Sea
    Breeze Vassilis Kitsos: Of Every Breath Calliope Tsoupaki: Lasting Sounds of a Deep

    Filippos Nakas Conservatoire
    Wednesday 18 - 12 - 2019

    Α tribute to D. Dragatakis, 18 years after his passing
    Three Speeches, for solo flute (1973), In Samos for flute and piano (1998), Berceuse
    for or violin and piano (1942 - 1949), Etude I, Etude II for solo piano (1981).
    Soloists: Nikos Nikopoulos - flute, Nelly Economidou - violin, Leto Thomou, Lorenda
    Ramou - piano.
    Short speeches by Magdalene Kalopana (who also presented Dragatakis’s Catalogue),
    Iakovos Konitopoulos, Valia Koronidi - Dragataki, Evangelos Kokkoris, Caty Romanou and
    Thomas Tamvakos will preface the concert.
    In collaboration with the Friends of D. Dragatakis Society and Thomas Tamvakos’s Archive
    of Greek Classical Composers.

  • Please describe your organization's research activities over the past year: 
    The research activities were focused on digitization of the Greek Composers archive initiative with collaboration with the Athens Megaron Library. This is an ongoing effort and new research proposals are anticipated within the next year.


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