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Annual Report

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    ISCM Canadian Section Vice-President Rodney Sharman succeeded Jim Hiscott as President in July, 2019.
    ISCM 2019 WNMDs in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia (Estonian Composers’ Union)
    ISCM Canadian Section President Jim Hiscott attended the 2019 World New Music Days in Talinn and Tartu, Estonia, May 2-10, 2019. Vice President Rodney Sharman attended May 2-8.
    Canadian works presented in Tallinn were:
    Gabriel Dharmoo: Futile Spells – Collegium Musicale
    Gordon Fitzell: Elia (individual submission) – Ensemble U
    Gilles Gobeil: Sous l’écorse des pierres (electroacoustic)
    Alice Ping-Yee Ho: Begin - Ellerhein Girl’s Choir
    Nicole Lizée: Tarantino Etudes (Music on Main) – Defunen Ensemble
    Suzuki Kotoka: Orizon (individual submission) – Defunen Ensemble
    Riho Esko Maimets: Butterly Dance (Estonian Composers’ Union) – Kadri-Ann Sumera and Talvi Hunt, pianos
    The Canadian Section created an online webpage of our six selected works:
    Gabriel Dharmoo: Futile Spells (mixed choir)
    Alice Ho: Begin (female choir)
    Jared Miller: Leviathan (sextet with electronics)
    Jason Noble: Kyrie Eleison - Miserere Mei (mixed choir)
    Bekah Simms: "Everything is...Distorted" (sextet with electronics)
    Roxanne Turcotte: Alibi des Voltigeurs (electroacoustic)
    The webpage contains recordings and composer information; durable cards with link information were distributed to delegates, performers and composers in Tallinn. Jim Hiscott made a detailed report on the WNMD in Tallinn/Tartu.
    SCM 2020 WNMD in Auckland and Christ Church, New Zealand (Asian Composer League)
    In response to the New Zealand Section’s International Call for Works, the ISCM Canadian jury chaired Rodney Sharman, co-ordinated and attended by Kathryn Knowles, and consisting of Gabriel Dharmoo (PQ), Bekah Simms, (ON) and Rita Ueda (BC), chose 6 pieces to be submitted to the ISCM Auckland/Christ Church, New Zealand:
    Linda Bouchard: Flocking for Orchestra (orchestra)
    Peter Hatch: Forest for the Trees (string quartet)
    Lesley Hinger: Bleary (piano trio)
    Terri Hron: Nesting (composer-performer)
    James O’Callaghan: Piano Reduction (piano plus)
    Andrew Staniland: Orion Constellation Theory (percussion plus)
    Two of the Canadian Section’s recommended works were selected for performance:
    Linda Bouchard: Flocking for Orchestra (orchestra)
    Andrew Staniland: Orion Constellation Theory (percussion plus)
    In addition, NZ WNMD selected one of Music on Main, Vancouver’s recommended works:
    Aaron Graham: Manifesto (percussion and fixed media)
    Also two Canadian works from individual submissions:
    Rodney Sharman: Gratitude (viola and piano)
    Roxanne Turcotte: Alibi des voltigeurs (electroacoustic)
    N.B.: The ISCM Canadian Section is committed to equity and supports gender parity in its submissions to ISCM WNMD calls for works.

  • Please describe your organization's research activities over the past year: 
    The ISCM Canadian Section is investigating ways to use the Canadian Section’s ISCM Legacy Fund to address our relationship to First Nations composers and music. The ISCM WNMD in 2017 in Vancouver took place during Canada’s sesquicentennial year, designated a year of Truth and Reconciliation in serious consideration of our colonial past and present.


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