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2018_Music on Main, Vancouver 


Annual Report

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    Welcome to Music on Main, where our mandate is “Music that brings us together.” Since 2006, we’ve produced over 400 events, featuring more than 1,000 musicians and over 100 world premieres. In 2010, we launched our now-annual Modulus Festival, which “provides western Canada with one of the finest windows onto the post-classical scene” (Gramophone Magazine). In November 2017, we co-hosted ISCM World New Music Days 2017, the largest contemporary music festival in Canadian history. Need an escape from your to-do list? Want to connect with leading music makers and other music lovers? Get to know Music on Main.

    Music on Main presents top-flight musicians and classical, new, and genre-bending music in casual, but stimulating, environments. It’s where artists are encouraged to develop their practice through new presentation methods, new repertoire, and new ideas. It’s also where attendees can find community. Audience members are encouraged to have a glass of wine, meet their neighbours, and chat with artists and their new friends after the show.

    We have a reputation as storytellers for the post-classical age. We create innovative musical experiences by deepening artists’ and audiences’ relationships to music, to each other, and to themselves.  In doing so, Music on Main serves as a community curator, uniting larger and more diverse audiences through new musical experiences.

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    MUSIC ON MAIN, THE YEAR IN REVIEW – A STATISTICAL SNAPSHOT Number of public performances and events: 21 for MoM Season + 50 for ISCM2017 Total number of sold-out concerts: 10 for MoM Season + 12 for ISCM2017 Number of co-productions: 6 for MoM Season + 50 for ISCM2017 Number of works performed: 81 for MoM Season + 140 for ISCM2017 Number of new works premiered: 5 for MoM Season + 30 for ISCM2017 Number of works broadcast: 77 (63 YouTube, 13 Soundcloud, 1 Facebook) Number of publications: 48 programmes, 2 composer essays, 2 brochures, 1 ISCM2017 book Total number of attendees: 2,310 for MoM Season + 9,602 for ISCM2017Complimentary tickets distributed to community members: 387 for MoM Season Total number of staff and contractors: 15 for MoM Season + 35 for ISCM2017 Number of volunteers (including Board): 45 for MoM Season + 79 for ISCM2017 Total number of cumulative hours worked by volunteers: ~540 for MoM Season + 878 for ISCM2017 Facebook Followers: 1,772 Twitter Followers: 1,868 Instagram Followers: 995 HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2017/2018 Operational Growth and Expansion: Thanks to continued attention to our strategic plan, the past season saw our administrative team grow from four to five permanent FTE positions, supported by BC Living Wage commitments and health and dental benefits. Music on Main continues to receive stable funding from all three levels of government, and set a new institutional record in terms of private-sector fundraising for the fiscal year. This new benchmark was direct result of investments in staff in prior years, and allowed Music on Main to lengthen its institutional planning horizons, working towards continued long-term stability. ISCM World New Music Days 2017: From November 2–8, 2017, Music on Main, working in partnership with the Canadian League of Composers welcomed the world to Vancouver for what was the most expansive new music festival in Canadian history. This $1.4million festival attracted a roster of 135 composers from 50 countries. The festival also allowed Music on Main to collaborate with 23 Concert Partners, including the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and Turning Point Ensemble, to produce 50 events (12 of which were sold out) that featured more than 300 musicians and 140 new works, for an in-person and digital audience of over 9,000. Digital Storytelling Program: By sourcing expertise of industry consultants, marking targeted investments in specialized staffing, equipment and infrastructure, and striking relationships with additional funders over the past two years, Music on Main continues to provide musical adventures and community to audiences online, via social media and other web platforms, in addition to its work on the concert stage. Our efforts to create meaningful artistic community for audiences online has resulted in an audience of over 15,000 throughout the past year. Our videos have even received mentions in the Washington Post and the New York Times. Canadian and World Premieres: Music on Main was fortunate to premiere a number of works in the 2017/2018 season. We presented the world premiere of Nancy Tam’s Walking At Night By Myself; the North American premieres of Songs of Insurrection (Frederic Rzewski), telegrams (Michelle Lou), and FREIA (Karlheinz Stockhausen); and the Canadian premieres of Ten Thousand Birds (John Luther Adams), and Sonatra (Michael Gordon). Additionally, at ISCM2017 there were 30 world premieres, including Pressed for Time – a sitar concerto (Mohamed Assani & John Oliver), Sorrow and Its Beauty (Michael Finnissy), Concerto Corto (Jared Miller), Klavierklang (Hildegard Westerkamp), Klee Wyck Woman (Jennifer Butler), Eight or nine, six or seven (James Maxwell), and Evta (Ana Sokolovic). PARTNERSHIPS: Over the 2017/2018 season, we struck meaningful and lasting partnerships with the following organizations, among others: Canadian League of Composers, International Society for Contemporary Music, Microcosmos Quartet, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre, Western Front, Coastal Jazz & Blues Society, Suoni Per Il Popolo, NOW Society, Redshift Music Society, Instruments of Change, DOXA Documentary Film Festival, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Standing Wave Society, The Fox Cabaret, Vancouver International Bird Festival, and the 27th International Ornithological Congress.


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