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Annual Report

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  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    The Hong Kong Composers’ Guild has organised the following projects in the last 12 months from 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018, details of which are reported according to the following categories:

    Public Performance
    The 2 concerts of Musicarama 2017: Integrated Dissonance were successfully held on 13 October 2017 and 30 January 2018 at the Theatre of Hong Kong City Hall and Lee Hysan Concert Hall at CUHK respectively. The 2nd concert at CUHK was rescheduled due to the typhoon in mid October 2017. The 1st concert was a choral concert, featuring the Hong Kong Children’s Choir in the first half and other vocal performers and artists after the intermission. The audiences enjoyed the outstanding performances by the 2 groups of young and energetic performers under the baton of Albert Lim and Vivian Suen. The 2nd concert featured local Chinese ensemble music. The conductor Ho Man-chuen led the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble in performing 8 works written by Hong Kong composers.

    Presented by the Guild and collaborated in association with RTHK R4, the Match Making Concert 2018 – Emerging Composers x Emerging Performers was held on 6 April 2018 at RTHK Studio One. We were excited to have witnessed an enthusiastic full house with the fresh collaboration of the two groups of rising stars at the concert, in which works written by Hong Kong emerging composers were performed by homegrown young musicians.

    On 25 April 2018, we staged the sixth time the SOUND-IMAGination project, with a new subtitle Hong Kong Culture. We continued to explore the dialogue between music and videos. Twelve videos with theme of Hong Kong Culture were presented along with twelve newly composed works by local composers. We have invited the Dawning Quartet to perform works written between 3 to 4 minutes. We received encouraging responses from the audience again.

    The Guild has collaborated with Tai Kwun in organising two outdoor performances at their Prison Yard and Laundry Steps on 14 & 20 May 2018 respectively. The performances were held before the official launch of Tai Kwun, thus there were still some construction works nearby and fewer audiences attended as they are not fully opened to the public by that time. Chan Ming-chi, Anthony Cheng, Cheng Ching-nam and Kam Shing-hei have their multimedia works showcased in this project. The outdoor concerts were nice launch tests for the performers, organiser, the technical personnel as well as the venue partner - Tai Kwun was newly operated.

    The concert Asian Tradition and Asian Contemporary: Japan-Hong Kong Exchange Concert was held on 31 May 2018 at the Theatre of Hong Kong City Hall. Under the baton of Angus Lee, six works written by Hong Kong and Japanese composers were performed by Patrick Yim (violin), Felix Ungar (viola), Winca Chan (cello), Sham Kin-yu (dizi/xiao), Wang Nianzu (da di) and Kwok Ka-ying (yangqin). The same programme was performed by Japanese performers earlier on 9 March in Taito City, Tokyo and was well received. We are pleased that the 3 Japanese composers came to witness their works being performed in Hong Kong.

    We have 2 major annual events: (1) GalaMusica – Schools Creative Works 2018 (project title being changed from Schools Creative Music Showcase) – a competition for multimedia composition and performance by primary and secondary school teams, and (2) New Generation Concert – competition for student composers in territory institutions. The first project was collaborative organised with EDB, we send a jury panel to different schools in late November to early December 2017 to select the best pieces for the final concert, and having another 2 jury panels for the final showcase sessions held on 2 February 2018 at Shatin Town Hall Auditorium. The second project was collaborated with RTHK Radio 4. The final competition was held in RTHK Studio One on 7 June 2018, performed 8 finalists works live by the Hong Kong Wind Kamerata. They also premiered a commissioned work by the First-Prize winner of last year’s New Generation Concert.

    Collaborating with the Education Bureau, the Guild organised a workshop entitled “Instrumental Writing Lecture Demonstration 2017” held on 1 December 2017 at the Theatre of Sheung Wan Civic Centre. This workshop aims to educate both primary and secondary schools teachers and students, young composers and the public the development of music composition of Chinese and Western instruments. There were morning and afternoon sessions of the whole-day workshop. Joshua Chan focused on introducing piano/piano and violin (duet) writing, while another speaker Chan Ming-chi introduced Chinese instruments writing in the afternoon. The performers who demonstrated different music excerpts are Kitty Cheung (violin), Evelyn Chang (piano), Chan Pik-sum (erhu), Mavis Lam (pipa), Kenneth Sham (dizi), Pang Hong-tai (sheng), and Chiu Tan-ching (guzheng). The lectures were well attended by schools teachers and students who had positive responses.

    International Exchange
    Annually, the Guild participated in 3 major overseas events of international exchange: ACL, ISCM and IRC. We participated in an international exchange festival in the 35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival held in Tokyo, Japan from 2-3 November 2017. Six compositions by Hong Kong composers were featured. With the travel grant sponsored by CASH Music Fund, 6 Hong Kong composers attended this festival. The international networking of these events was very fruitful. The 2017 ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World Music Days Festival was held in Vancouver from 2-8 November 2017. The 2018 ISCM was then held in Beijing from 19-26 May 2018. Guild member Vincent Luk attended the Vancouver festival and had his work featured. Austin Yip’s music work was selected in Beijing festival. Mui Kwong-chiu (Hong Kong Chief Delegate) attended the series of ISCM General Assembly sessions as well as the concerts at both festivals. The Guild Council also appointed Chris Hung as the Hong Kong Representative to attend the 65th International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) held in Budapest from 14-19 May 2018. Four HK composers’ pieces (Chan Nga-man’s In June, Lee Kar-tai’s Prelude to the Quick Collage Sketches of Rain, Tsui Mei-ling’s Four Seasons and Stephen Yip’s Realm of the Immortals) were presented in the Rostrum. Chris Hung had also selected many interesting overseas pieces for subsequent broadcast in RTHK Radio 4. In all these festivals, we were also able to identify and meet some of the best overseas ensembles and composers, and prepare for new initiatives of future collaborative projects.

    The Guild generally achieves the targets in all the musical activities/projects. We continue to work for virtuosic composition, music education, to build up its audience and to cultivate musical creation in Hong Kong. With such aims and missions, the Guild spearheads at good quality musical creativity and also at reaching wider audience and a more direct and practical approach in music education. “Instrumental Writing Lecture Demonstration 2017” was launched with EDB. We aim at annually launch such lectures, thanks to the CASH support, to focus on specific composition issues – last year at the problem solving in a) piano/string music composition and b) small Chinese instrumental writing utilizing dizi, erhu, pipa, guzheng and sheng in school, while this Winter at choral writing. The selected excerpts plus the good explanation with live demonstration in the last lecture was enthusiastically well received. It proved to be fruitful and useful for both the school music teachers and the students. The coming collaboration concert proposed next February with CU Chung Chi College, also with the support of RTHK Radio 4 for a delay-broadcast of the Chapel concert, marks another new collaboration to extend contemporary music into CU College and its community.

    Meanwhile, the Guild not only aims at new music creation, but also extends to a wider music concept and vocabulary - contemporary music into Hong Kong at large. A wider collaboration with other art forces - namely dance groups, video production and theatre arts etc. - to submerge into a more in-depth practical development of music creativity and social function in Hong Kong society and culture in this digital era was in place. With such visions, the Guild works closely and taps integrates contemporary music with other theatre art forces/venue partner/sector and explores new performance formats. The collaboration with Tai Kwun as a venue/working partner (dated back two years ago in its embryonic construction stage since its launch) marks a first step. Featuring Hong Kong CCDC in “Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival: Hong Kong Delights” integrates contemporary music with contemporary dance. The incorporation of video/images in SOUND-IMAGination provides platforms to the composers to involve contemporary music with visuals and theatre arts. The emphasis on symposiums in coming festivals aims at more efficient social education of contemporary music into Hong Kong culture.



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