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Annual Report

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    In 2017 the Forum des Compositeurs celebrated its 15th anniversary, the 10th edition of the Festival LOOP as well as the 80th birthday of one of its honorary members, Pierre Bartholomée.
    But beyond those occasions, 2017 will be remembered as a turning point that will allow our association to develop and to be recognized for its worth and the outstanding qualities of the composers we represent.
    The Minister of Culture of the Wallonia Brussels Federation has decided, after receiving a substantial file relating our activities, to increase our yearly endowment from 37.000 € to 60.000€. By international standards this sum is certainly not impressive, specially if compared with some northern European countries, but it has allowed the Forum des Compositeurs to hire on a full time contract its only employee, and it will allow him to participate more regularly to important international meetings like the one of the ISCM’s World Music Days.

    In march 2017, thanks to an exceptional subsidy from the government, a new “responsive” website has been built. It will list not only the FdC members and their repertoire, but all the composers of the Brussels Wallonia Federation.

    Thanks to several journeys of the association’s Director and its President in Canada, Poland and Italy, important ties towards coproductions have been made with organizations of the like of the Fondazione Isabella Scelsi in Rome, the Composer’sVilla in Turin, the Ensemble Sepia in Poznan, the Ensemble Sargo in Switzerland and the contemporary music platform Le Vivier in Montreal.
    The Festival LOOP, the Forum’s most important event, will host concerts of several international ensembles featuring mixed programs of Belgian and international music. Those programs will be performed in the ensemble country of origin as well. With Quebec, the exchange will be particularly intense. Our Enseble in residence Ensemble Hopper, will be touring Quebec in 2019. Masterclasses will also be exchanged.
    In an effort to decentralize its activities from Brussels, the FdC has developed several activities in Wallonia, producing concerts in coproduction with the Namur Province, a residence in Wavre and an oratorio for orchestra, soloists and chorus composed by students of Michel Fourgon’s class at the Conservatoire de Liège. It was premiered in the Saint-Jacques Church in Liège by an amateur choir, students soloists and the professional Orchestra Convivium.
    The attendance at the Festival LOOP 2017 has raised substantially thanks to a more varied program and the arrival of new partners : we presented a new chamber opera by Denis Bosse at the Balsamine Theatre, two concerts at the IMEP Conservatoire in Namur and 15 events including concerts with video projections, a movie, a playful but scientific conference-show on the musician’s brain held by an famous actress and Jean-Luc Fafchamps at the Centre Culturel le Senghor.
    This diversity has been instrumental to attract a new public not particularly contemporary music friendly to the Festival. Last but not least, the final concert of the atelier led by pianist Laurence Mekhitarian introducing young students (aged 8 to 18) from Brussels’ music schools to contemporary Belgian music for piano has been an extraordinary success. (Link to the small report) This initiative will be extended to the music schools of Wallonia and made into a recurring event.
    Since 2017, the FdC has decided to take a young ensemble in residence. The Ensemble Fractales (5 musicians) has benefited for a whole year of our support to organize young composers masterclasses and has been prioritized in the several programs of our two festivals (Festival LOOP and Belgian Music Days) as well as receiving financial support for concerts abroad coproduced by the FdC.
    The FdC has been chosen by the Senghor Cultural Center as an even more privileged partner since 2017. Besides the organization of the LOOP Festival, the FdC will be programming every year a series of concerts and conferences throughout the year.



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