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Annual Report

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    Activity Report, ISCM Swedish Section 2017

    The ISCM Swedish Division's Board of Directors has been in 2017:

    George Kentros, Chairman
    Ylva Q. Arkvik, Vice Chairman
    Mattias Sköld, secretary
    Eva Sidén
    Magnus Bunnskog
    Erika Driver (alternate)
    Magdalena Meitzner (alternate)

    Other features:

    Per Korsfeldt, treasurer
    Malin Bång (convening party), Åsa Stjerna, Linn Persson, Nomination Committee.
    Per Hedlund, auditor
    Kjell Perder, Deputy Auditor

    The Board has met five times during the year.
    Members' meetings have been organized twice: the annual meeting on 29 May and the autumn meeting on 30 November. (See below)

    During the year Susanne Skog has been selected as a new member of the Swedish section ISCM.

    The contribution from the National Cultural Council was unchanged at 56,000 SEK for 2017.

    Jury Work

    The jury work for this year's Call for Works for WNMD China took place on December 1 this year. The jury met and sent its proposals in time for the international recruitment on 31 December. The jury consisted of Mattias Sköld, Magdalena Meitzner and Catarina Palmaer with Sten Melin Adjunct from VICC. The works chosen to be forwarded were:

    Swedish section:
    Traum of Magnus Bunnskog (Opera) Bulletproof by Albert Schnelzer, Orchestra A Ride Into the Wood by Anders Emilsson, Orchestra Trafficking by André Chini, Sinfonietta Dialogues by Ansgar Beste, Soloviolin One Pen by Henrik Strindberg, Octett
    Gotland section (VICC):
    A Princess's tale of Benjamin Staern, Opera
    Four on Five by Christian Marina, Kvintett
    Simulacrum by Henrik Denerin, Orchestra
    Star Ocean of Katarina Leyman, Orchestra
    Escape by Martin Svensson, Flute Solo
    It took me a long time ... by Sune Mattias Emanuelsson, EAM

    ISCM World Music Days Canada 2016

    This year, WMD took place between 2-8 November in Vancouver, Canada. President George Kentros was the section's representative in place. The festival was built on a model similar to that of Sweden during its last hosting in 2009, with many actors from all over the country's cultural sectors, both institutional and free, who together contributed different parts of the festival's content. The works were chosen by a number of Canadian ensembles and musicians who then prepared their concerts in the context of their usual activities. Sweden was hugely well-represented during this year's ISCM, with five works played during the festival. Music by Kjell Perder, Fredrik Gran, Per Egland, Leo Correia de Verdier and Madeleine Isaksson were performed, and since the ensembles themselves chose neither, several of the composers have already received other offers on performances in Canada. A very successful networking and nice launch of Swedish composers in other words.

    From the Swedish side, a meeting was again held between composers and delegates in collaboration with the British section and their head Susanna Eastburn. The Swedish and British sections joined together to fund this mingled event, where those whose works were performed during the festival met with each other and the delegates as a scheduled part of the festival. Just like last year, the experiment was much appreciated and several delegates offered their help both in content and financially in organizing meetings in the coming years.

    The Swedish delegate George Kentros also participated in the General Assembly, where a more modern appearance of the society can begin to be flet, with questions about gender equality and power as an obvious part of discussions. Overall, it seems that the ISCM has rejuvenated slightly in recent years, and its development seems to go in a good direction.

    The magazine Nutida Musik

    The Swedish section is the head of the magazine Nutida Musik. Magnus Bunnskog and Susanne Skog are the editors of the magazine, and the magazine has reached its promised release rate, which had been dragging for several years. This is of course very pleasing and will yield results both in relevant reviews and regular publishing. The editorial board also plans an edition that reflects the first 60 years of the history of the magazine, which is expected to expire in 2018. As usual, all members of the ISCM invite a subscription to the magazine. The magazine still has strong support from the Culture Council, a clear sign that the magazine's status is stable.

    Annual meeting

    The annual meeting took place on 29 May at EMS in Stockholm. Newly elected members, officers and board members are found at the top of the story.


    The traditional autumn meeting for the members was held November 30th at EMS in Stockholm. The autumn meeting handled new member applications and included talks and reports on the year's activities and ISCM arrangements.


    The website feels functional even if it is used primarily for different Calls for Works, and we hope to make changes as we get suggestions from members. Otherwise, we will continue to provide information about international composer competitions. The ISCM Swedish section also has a Facebook page to keep members informed in a more informal and fast-paced way.



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