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Annual Report

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    Mokranjac Award bestowed to laurete Zoran Erić for composition List no.2. . The award is given for the best work premiered during the previous year.

    This year, Composers Association of Serbia establish awards:

    1. "Pavle Stefanović" for music critic and essay was awarded to musicologist Zorica Premate
    2. "Aleksandar Pavlović" for promotion of Serbian music was awarded to viola player Saša Mirković
    3. "Darko Kraljić" for popular music was awarded to composer Kornelije Kovač

    Support for the 2017 festival Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2015 (London) from the Composers' Associations of Serbia was of great importance to the Festival , as it influenced the advancing programme of Serbian contemporary piano music and music by other composers from Balkan states. Special prizes (CD's and scores) sponsored by Composers' Associations of Serbia have much inspired the festival's winners to play new pieces from Serbian composers.

    The collaboration between the Composers’ Association of Serbia, the Music Action Centre, and Radio Belgrade 2 and 3 under the auspices of the project Novi muzički prostori (New Musical Spaces) continuous and during the 2017. We organised 10 musicological forums dedicated to works by Serbian composers.
    Each Forum had a special import and atmosphere, offering an insight into a work of music, a unique statement of a performer, and a segment of a composer’s poetics as well as personality, always maintaining a high level of dialogue with the panellists. Each Forum may be considered anthological and together, they will eventually form a precious treasure.

    26th International Review of Composers October 5-10th 2017

    We received more than 400 submissions and over the next six days, 55 works was performed in ten concerts. In addition to the selected pieces, composed over the past three years, the programme also included several works by another four composers who are all active and internationally well-established, generationally close but poetically quite different, with clearly defined and individualistic views of contemporary music. These are works by British composer Paul Patterson, Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks, Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, and US composer Frederic Rzewski.

    A significant portion of the programme was dedicated to solo pieces that call for a special kind of commitment on the part of the performer as well as a special penchant for interpreting contemporary music. This kind of commitment allows that music keep evolving every day, taking new shapes and bringing novelties reflecting the moment of its emergence. Saša Mirković was performed solo viola works by Serbian composers, commissioned by him and inspired by Bach’s Cello Suites. Milana Zarić was presented works for harp and electronics, while bassist Slobodan Gerić was performed Bass Trip by Pēteris Vasks, one of those pieces that were originally deemed impossible to perform, but have, over the years, shed that distinction, due to improvements in performance technique. For the sake of enlarging the circle of performers interested in the interpretation of most recent achievements in contemporary art music and in order to entice the youngest generation of instrumentalists, Review was also feature Concertante Chamber Orchestra, which comprises students from the Faculty of Arts in Niš (Serbia). The programme also included the doctoral art project of pianist Nataša Penezić, which she was defended at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, featuring the Serbian première of Marriage by Frederic Rzewski, a work for a singing pianist, as well as Luciano Berio’s Piano Sonata, one of the most imaginative recent works written for the instrument.

    A series of chamber and vocal pieces was performed by Collegium Musicum Academic Choir led by Dragana Jovanović, Construction Site Contemporary Music Ensemble and Metamorphosis chamber ensemble, as well as a number of other prominent Serbian musicians. Some of the works featured in the programme was also presented on by musicologists.

    In the closing concert, the Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, under the leadership of Bojan Suđić, was presented works by the youngest generation of Serbian composers, in addition to those of their more established colleagues.

    Finally, the programme was also included a concert of the Choir of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, a gift to the Review of Composers, featuring works by Serbian authors, some of which were selected at the contemporary music competition organised last year by the Music Production of the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as a presentation of Udah – izdah: Mala antologija muzike za klavir (1914–2014) (Inhale – Exhale: A Little Anthology of Piano Music (1914–2014)) by the pianist Nada Kolundžija.



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