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Annual Report

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    Israel Section Report 2017

    • The purpose of the Israel Composers' League is to promote Israeli contemporary music, to improve the conditions of creativity and employment for composers who live in Israel, and to raise awareness of original musical works written in Israel.
    • The Israel Composers' League is the local section branch of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music), ECSA (European composer and song writers alliance) and the ACL (Asian Composers' League).

    • Last September we had new election. Members of the Board of Directors are: Dr Ayal Adler - Chairman, Dr John Bostock - Treasurer, and Amit Weiner - Secretary.

    • All our events and video recordings are listed in our Internet Blog and our new web site:

    • In February we hosted a saxophone workshop for students and composers. It was a kind of preparation to our "call for scores for Saxophone quartet"
    • The concert with the Tel Aviv Saxophone quartet was held on July. Works by Shai Cohen, Yair Klartag, Yuri Povolotzky and Gil Dori were performed.
    • On July we produced a fascinating Multimedia show-concert, combining solo works for violin, electronics, visual effects, speakers, improvisation and more. This concert was performed by Yael Barolsky- violin and Ronald Boerson- Viola, electronics, sound and multimedia. They performed works by Menachem Zur, Uri Brener, Ofer Pelz, Amos Elkana, Michael Barolsky.

    • Our Collaboration with ensembles and groups outside Israel continued with the Moscheles string Orchestra. They performed in Prague works by Ayal Adler, Boris Levenberg and Shai Cohen.
    • On September we cooperated with the pianist Hagay Yudan. A Piano and Cembalo Recital which presented works by: Ayal Adler, Sergiu Shapira, Jonathan Shenkar, Tsippi Fleisher, Haim Permount, Dina Smargonskaya, Yosef Tal.

    • Next will be our November concert with the wonderful group: The Israel Chamber

    • The Israel Composers' League is responsible for producing the Klon Foundation Prize, which is given to encourage young composers who are still in the process of studying. This year the selection was very difficult because the level of most submissions was very high. We decided to give the first prize to Udi Perelman and two second prizes for: Akad Israel and Dor Fisher.
    • The rest of the yearly budget will be dedicated to recordings of Israeli works with leading ensembles.

    Future projects planned on 2018:

    • A recital for Cello and Piano with Jonathan Gotlibovich- Cello and Amit Dolberg- Piano. They will play 3 works by Israeli composers and more By Beethoven and Schubert.
    • We are most pleased with our collaboration with the Austrian Composers section: OGZM:
    • Meitar Ensemble with the conductor Guy Feder will play an Austrian-Israeli concert in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.
    • and the Ensemble Zeitfluss with the conductor Edo Micic will play an Israeli-Austrian concert (another program) in Vienna and Gratz.

    • Ensemble Meitar is an Israeli chamber ensemble that was founded by pianist Amit Dolberg in 2004 with the purpose of performing Israeli contemporary music. Ensemble Meitar is the in house ensemble of the Israel Composers' League.

    • A concert with the Tel Aviv wind quintet is planned to be on February 2018.

    • As we believe in education the young generation to be curious and open to new contemporary music: our "Composers writing for the young" project will continue this year with the cooperation of the Israel Conservatory of Tel –Aviv. A festive concert- that will remark the 70th of Israel will be held on May 2018 with works that were written especially for young ensembles and soloists.
    • for the next year we are planning a recording project.

    • Our "Meet The Composer" project will continue in 2017-2018 season in the format of meetings between composition students and members chosen from the League and live performance. In the recent years, this series was presented successfully at the Universities of Tel Aviv and Haifa and Jerusalem.

    • The Israeli Music Days occurs yearly, and is dedicated to Israeli Art Music. The Festival occurs over a number of days, and in different locations throughout Israel. The festival sheds light on the variety of musical practice in Israel, and is open to the general public by free admission.. During the festival the Prime Minister's Award for Composers is awarded.

    • The Israel Composer's League publishes works through "Mali", which holds some 40,000 works. This year we began a digitalisation project by scanning old scores into a computer format.
    • This year one members of the League passed away: Shmuel Malkin that besides being a musician was a scientist in Weitzman Institute.

    Dr. Ayal Adler, chairperson



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