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Annual Report

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    ISCM World New Music Days 2017

    In 2017 the ISCM Canadian Section (part of the Canadian League of Composers) presented the ISCM World New Music Days 2017 festival, after 9 years of organization and preparation, with co-host

    Presentation Partner Music on Main. The team of Canadian Section President Jim Hiscott, Administrative Director Morna Edmondson, and Artistic Director David Pay of Music on Main, along with an excellent and hard-working staff from WNMD, CLC and Music on Main, produced and stewarded 30 concerts (including two performances of some), 10 other events (talks, panels, soundwalks), four ISCM General Assemblies (10 ½ hours of meetings), and created many opportunities for networking between Canadian and International composers, musicians, presenters, stakeholders, ISCM delegates, and audience-members. Marketing was very effective, and there were many sold-out concerts. Audiences listened intently to every piece.

    From the Canadian Section, thanks to all our staff and volunteers, and especially to David Pay as Artistic Director and Morna Edmondson as Administrative Director.

    CLC's initial Task Force (2011-2013) and later Advisory Committee (2013-present) supported us at many stages of the Festival, including Call for Works and budget decisions. Thanks very much to all AC members, and also to the Canadian League of Composers Council and the Music on Main Board. And a huge thanks to our many volunteers, guiding and taking care of delegates, composers, performers and audience members.

    We felt the Festival was a great success. It was a very intense and diverse week, with many excellent performances from our Concert Partners and WNMD artists, including world premieres and many new works heard in Canada for the first time. We worked closely with our many Concert Partners from Vancouver, Victoria, and across Canada – orchestras, chamber ensembles large and small, choirs, soloists, electro-acoustic performers, ensembles with Asian instruments, improvisation ensembles, and installation artists -- to select pieces from the Call for Works and produce so many concerts during seven days. ISCM delegates expressed the opinion that this was a very well-organized event. There was much good feedback about the concerts, the performances, and the inclusion of women composers at an unprecedented level.

    In ISCM 2017 we followed a policy of gender equity in the selection of works and programming of the Festival; it produced strong results, and many composers, especially women, said that the great number of women composers taking bows on stage gave them a whole new feeling about their role in the new music world.

    During this final year leading up to the Festival, there was continued work with public agencies and private sponsors to build the budget to present this huge project. We were very thankful for generous funding from all levels of government in Canada - National, Provincial and City governments, as well as Foundations and private sponsors. We were also very grateful to the ISCM Executive Committee for a Members' Support Fund award to help with the significant accommodation expenses in our budget. In addition, we held two Individual Fundraising Campaigns, and many people across Canada and around the world contributed.

    As part of the 89 works by 90 creators from ISCM Members and Individuals that were performed, four of the Canadian Section's Official Submissions were chosen by musicians for performance, as well as two Official Submissions from our partner Music on Main. Also many Canadian composers were represented in choices by our Concert Partners. We feel the Festival has made a lasting impact on the Canadian new music scene.

    We were honoured to make the successful nomination of R. Murray Schafer as Canada's first Honorary Member of the ISCM. We were also very happy that James O'Callaghan received the ISCM Young Composer Award, the first Canadian to do so.

    We made two Live Streams of concerts for our Viewing Events-- the Choral Concert “New Vistas” and the double concert of ECM+ and Turning Point Ensemble. They were heard live across the Canada in special “Viewing Events” which we organized; and online around the world. They'll both be available as podcasts for at least a year. We also produced a documentary on the Festival, and 19 concert-segment recordings which are now available on Youtube for a year's duration. PBS’s WFMT in Chicago broadcast two episodes of performances and interviews from the Festival. There were also CBC Radio Music recordings, to be broadcast in March of 2018.

    ISCM2018 in Beijing (BMMF)

    We held our jury for the 2018 Call for Works in December of 2017, and selected six works for our Official Submission:

    Alexina Louie: A Curious Passerby at Fu's Funeral (orchestra)

    Linda Bouchard: Réfraction (string orchestra)

    Katerina Gimon: Fire (youth mixed choir)

    Jimmie Leblanc: … and the Flesh was made Word (chamber ensemble)

    Gordon Williamson: Unhinged (orchestra)

    Gordon Fitzell: Elea (piano trio)

    We look forward to the Festival. We have heard that Gordon Williamson's work Unhinged will be performed in Beijing.

    The ISCM Canadian Section:

    Jim Hiscott, President

    Rodney Sharman, Vice-President

    Administrator: Kathryn Knowles (Canadian League of Composers)



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