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Annual Report

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    The annual report of the ASSOCIATION NEW MUSIC - international public organization, Ukrainian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music / ISCM
    Period: November 2016 - July 2017
    President Karmella Tsepkolenko
    Number of members is 70 persons.

    General Situation:
    The principal task of the ANM is thoroughly supporting all artists involved in the innovative trends of contemporary music and synthetic arts as well as promoting the international cooperation. The concept of New music may not be limited by stylistic or ideological bounds. The ANM achieves its aims through the organizing and holding various artistic and cultural events and actions (festivals, conferences, master-classes etc.), realizing audio- and audio-visual recordings, producing CDs, publishing scores and other production (electronic and hard copies). The ANM activity is various and multiple. It is engaged in information and advertising activities, provides gratis management, favours creative work and improvement of professional skills, furthers contacts with colleagues and managers of international musical community, assists in performance and recordings of music, participation in festivals and competitions, exchange information and music works.

    Contacts with other Sections. Activities in co-operation with other Sections
    National and international activities:
    TWO DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS OF NEW MUSIC – 23th edition, Odessa, Ukraine, April 22-24, 2017.
    It is one of the most large and informative festivals for New music and performing art in Ukraine. A specific feature of the Festival is 48-hour-non-stop action (more exactly two 12-hour sessions) on the 3rd weekend of April plus the Festival-Prelude before the festival. Music performances are theatralised and combined with sound, video, movie, and multimedia actions and installations. The Festival promotes all trends of avant-garde, modern and post-modern music, including live-electronics, taped and/or computer music. The yearly event is attiring nearly 200 musicians, composers, musicologists, and managers from Ukraine and all over the world. The aim is to demonstrate the new trends of New music to the Ukrainian auditory (nearly 2000-3000 spectators) as well as to promote the integration of Ukrainian music to the worldwide music scene.
    The 23th International Festival of Modern Art “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” included works by composers:
    F. Allahverdi (AZ), Z. Almashi (UA), M. Carro (ES), O. Chornyi (UA), M. Chyrzynski (PL), A. Gronau
    (P L), M. Golden (IL), G. Hochman (IL), M. Kaul (DE), M. Khshanovsky (UA), A. Koshelev (UA),
    G. Koshinski US), O. Kozarenko (UA), V. Kyianytsia (UA), D. Lang (DE), A. Malinich (UA);
    K. Maydenberg-Todorova (UA),
    A. Merkchel’ (UA), K. Palacheva (UA), S. Pilyutikov (UA), A. Rovner (RU/US), V. Runchak (UA),
    J. Rüffert (DE), L. Samodayeva (UA), M. Shavel (UA), O. Shchetynsky (UA), M. Shved (UA), S. S. Smith (US), L. Sydorenko (UA), P. Thoegersen (US), A. Tichoplav (UA), A. Tomlionova (UA), K. Tsepkolenko (UA), I. Volante (IT), K. Voroniuk (UA), A. Voytenko (UA), A. Zagaykevych (UA) and others.

    D. Castro (EC) percussion, D. Chorba (UA) flute, K. Eurich (CH) soprano, I. Hlushjenko (UA) clarinet, N. Kachur-Nevska (UA) soprano, Y. Kusyak (UA) bassoon, U. Langheinrich (DE) video, O. Murachko (UA) oboe, L. Moskalenko (UA) piano, M. Perepelytsia (UA) piano, J. Reinhard (US) bassoon, L. Shutko (UA) violin, ISAKAR DUO (IT): I. Stabio saxophone & C. L. Sambataro piano; INNOVATION DUO (CH): A. Savytska & Ja. Dzialak violins; O. Pavlova (UA) piano, M. Skrypa (UA) violin and others.

    SOLO MUSICA EXEMPLARY CHILDREN’S CHOIR of SCHOOL TEACHING PRACTICE ODESSA NATIONAL A. V. NEZHDANOVA MUSIC ACADEMY (UA): artistic director and conductor Ye. Bondar (UA); STUDENTS CHOIR of ODESSA NATIONAL A.V. NEZHDANOVA MUSIC ACADEMY (UA): artistic director and chief conductor G. Liosnov, conductor H. Shpak (UA); ORIANA YOUTH FEMALE CHOIR (UA): artistic director and conductor H. Shpak (UA); KOLLEKTIV TOTEM: L. Collin (FR) concept/percussion, K. Zhang (AS) saxophone/percussion,N. Khasenova (RU) flute/percussion; KONTRA-TRIO (CH): M. Bischof contrabass querflute, Th. K.J. Mejer contrabass saxophone, L. Bachman tuba; THE HARMONIES of the WORLD STRING QUARTET (UA): N. Lytvynova violin, L. Piskun violin, I. Komarova viola, S. Scholz cello; artistic director; ENSEMBLE SENZA SFORZANDO (UA): M. Kostina flute, V. Gitin clarinet, D. Zhyvotyns’ky trombone, K. Mys’ voice, A. Sharamenko guitar, D. Castro percussion, P. Chaika, K. Melnychenko, Y. Talko violin, Y. Dovbysh cello, M. Shakhov double-bass, O. Perepelytsia piano, conductor, artistic director; PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE OF FREIBURG MUSIC UNIVERSITY (DE): M. Droll, A. Aixa; PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE OF LÜBECK MUSIC UNIVERSITY (DE): V. Seedorf, F. Stapelfeldt, S. Lee, artistic director B. Wulff and others.
    Artistic Director: Karmella Tsepkolenko.
    President: Bernhard Wulff.
    Managing Director: Oleksandr Perepelytsya.

    Participation ANM in the projects:
    Visiting the 30th International Festival named after A.Ya. Kos-Anatolsky

    CONCERT of the Ensemble “Senza Sforzando” Kolomyya (UKRAINE), December 03, 2016
    Included works by composers:
    Derungas Urban (CH), Ricardo Monteras (EC), Boris Alvorado (CL), Vytautas Cermanavicius (LT), Elvin Curran (US), Karmella Tsepkolenko (UA), Allachverdi Firudin (AZ).

    Participation ANM (Karmella Tsepkolenko and Oleksandr Perepelytsia) in the international conference "Vasyl Slipak and the Ukrainian diaspora: unfulfilled scenario"– Lviv, 30/06/2017 – 02/07/2017. Report and video presentation from the first festival TWO DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS OF NEW MUSIC in which Vasily Slipak took part (Vasily Slipak was first a counter-tenor, then a bass-baritone, a soloist of the Parisian opera, who went to the war zone and defended Ukraine with a weapon in his hands. He was killed by a sniper last year. Posthumously awarded the highest award of Ukraine - Hero of Ukraine).

    Participation ANM in the organization the festivals and another actions:
    CONCERT of the 14 Ukrainian women composers – Vina del Mar, Chile, May 26, 2016
    Included works by: Ukrainian composers Anna Leonova, Anna Stoyanova, Anna Kopeyka, Anna Korsun, Anna Arkushyna, Karmella Tsepkolenko, Ludmila Yurina, Anastasiia Denysova, Lena Sierova, Julia Gomelskaya, Katerina Voronyuk, Grabina Marie, Bogdana Chepeliuk, Victoria Poleva. Concert organizer Chile composer Boris Alvarado.

    On April 21 - 23, 2018, the 24th International Festival of Modern Art “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” will be held by the ANM in Odessa, Ukraine.



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