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Annual Report

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    The New Music Coop ex-com member, composer-musicologist Alper Maral organized an Electronic Music Festival at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul on December 17-18, 2015. The festival consisted of four long concerts with the first concert featuring works by Bulent Arel, Pierre Schaeffer, Ilhan Mimaroglu, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen; all very well-known figures in the history of electronic music. Shortly after, on March 11, 2016, Mr. Maral prepared a seminar entitled “İlhan Mimaroğlu Events: ‘ Wings of the Delirious Demon ’ and Other Electronic Works by Ilhan Mimaroglu where he lectured on Mimaroglu’s approach to electronic music and played hard-to-find old records (mostly LP’s) of his electronic music.

    Works by New Music Coop’s composer members Ahmet Yurur, Alper Maral, Onur Nurcan and Erman Ozdemir were performed by the Sweden-based Stockholm Saxophone Quartet as part of their “Iran - Turkey Concert” in the 1st Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival held between 22-28 April, 2016.

    New Music Coop Combo Ensemble executed two concerts in the 5th China-ASEAN Music Week 2016 held in Nanning-CHINA, one concert featuring Chinese, Turkish and American composers and the other concert including works by Turkish composer Ahmet Yurur. Members of the New Music Coop Combo Ensemble joined in the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra for the Opening Ceremony (Symphonic Orchestral Works Concert). In addition, Turkish pianist Atakan Sari and Turkish singer Ugur Okay, both members of the Coop’s Combo Ensemble, took part in various concerts in the festival.

    Onur Nurcan participated in the 30th International Izmir Festival with two newly-composed works for a hybrid ensemble that features both traditional Turkish and standard Western instruments. This concert of May 25, 2016 is titled “One-Stage” and gathered performers and composers from two conservatories with totally different curriculums; one conservatory focusing on Western Music and the other institution concentrating on Traditional Turkish Music.

    Mr. Nurcan, with a colleague, also wrote an entire chapter in a recently published book named “ILLUSION, Classical Music Journey of the [Turkish] Republic.” The book, as a whole, investigates, interrogates and evaluates the consequences of the music revolution and the “national music” policy of the Republic of Turkey from 1923 to present.

    The Coop’s Combo Ensemble gave a concert in collaboration with “Izmir Galatasaray-Graduate’s Association” in Ahmed Adnan Saygun Concert Hall (Izmir-Turkey) in September 5, 2016. The program consisted of various Turkish composers and contained scenes and fragments from Ahmet Yurur’s work-in-progress chamber opera “Gul Baba.”

    The New Music Coop was voted unanimously by the ISCM General Assembly in Tongyeong, South Korea to be the new official ISCM Turkey Section. Following that, the Coop has included ISCM-related duties and activities on its agenda in addition to its ACL-related duties and activities.

    ACL (Asian Composers League) Vietnam Composition Committee selected five pieces by Turkish composers for the 2016 Festival performance; these five pieces were selected out of six pieces sent by the Turkish jury. Selected Turkish composers are, namely, Amac Erdem, Tolga Zafer Ozdemir, Onur Nurcan, Ufuk Bicak and Onur Turkmen. Additionally, Erman Ozdemir’s piece “Music for Duo” was selected for Asia-Europe Festival.



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