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Annual Report

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    Annual report ISCM Swedish Section

    The ISCM Swedish section's board consisted in 2016 of:

    George Kentros, Chairman
    Ylva Q. Arkvik, Vice Chairman
    Mattias Sköld, secretary
    Eva Sidén
    Magnus Bunnskog
    Erika Förare (alternate)
    Johan Ramström (alternate)

    Other actors:

    Per Korsfeldt, treasurer
    Malin Bång, Tommy Zwedberg (convener), Nomination Committee.
    Per Hedlund, auditor
    Ylva Lund Bergner, Deputy Auditor

    The Board met five times during the year.
    Members' meetings were organized twice: the annual meeting on 24 May and the autumn meeting on 14 December (see below)

    During the year, Leo Correia de Valier and Nathalie Fougeras were elected as new members of the Swedish section ISCM.

    The contribution from the National Cultural Council was SEK 56,000 for 2016.

    Jury Work

    The selection for this year's Call for Works for WNMD Canada took place in October this year. The jury met and sent its proposals to the international competition on November 15th. The jury consisted of Johannes Thorell, Molly Kien and Fredric Gran with Sten Melin adjunct from VICC. The works chosen to be forwarded were:

    Swedish section:
    Madeleine Isaksson: Isär, for ensemble
    Malin Bång: Irimi (II), for ensemble
    Leo Correia de Verdier: Stitches, for sewing machine
    Ylva Lund Bergner: Sigh, o Tilia! For string quartet
    Jens Hedman / Eva Sidén: Wu Xing: Water (surround version), EAM
    Ansgar Dear: In the Steps of Sapmi, for driving

    Per Egland: Wooden Glass, for percussion quartet
    Rei Munakata: Pleats, for string quartet
    Jesper Nordin Scar, for the orchestra
    Thommy Wahlström: Invention 14, EAM
    Kjell Perder: Libera me, for choir
    Patric Simmerud: WO, for marimba

    ISCM World Music Days South Korea 2016

    This year WMD took place between 29/3 and 3/4 Tongyeoung, South Korea. Chairman George Kentros was the section's representative on site. The festival had a strong economy, not least in the sumptuous new concert venues built to honor the great musician Isang Yun from the region. Sweden had two works performed during the festival, "O freunde, let others speak" for orchestra by Henrik Strindberg; and Henrik Denerin's flute piece "Fluchtlinjen". Both received very good performances; When the festival could not find a flutist capable of performing Denerin's piece, they flew into a Japanese flutist who had already performed the work, which was a sign of howell organized the festival was. The American composer and journalist Frank Oteri wrote a very comprehensive and entertaining view of ISCM 2017 (where he, among other things, compares new music with figures in the Harry Potter books) here: -new-music /.

    From the Swedish side, the long promised meeting between composers and delegates was held in collaboration with English Sound and Music and Susanna Eastburn. The Swedish and British sections joined together to fund a mingling event where those whose works are performed during the festival meet with each other and delegates who work during the festival. Such a meet had never been officially arranged before and was highly appreciated, with several delegates saying that it was one of the most important things he had ever taken part in apart from the concerts during his years at the ISCM. A rather simple initiative between two sections, a little planning and a couple of thousand kronor was all that was needed to create permanent contacts, and it was decided that this sort of meeting should be held during the coming WMDs, either with or without Swedish involvement.

    The Swedish delegate, chairman of the Swedish section George Kentros, also participated as a jury member of the ISCM Young Composer Award, where a composer under 35 receives a commission to be performed during the next festival. This year the winner was the Korean Yejune Synn with the work "Zoetrope". Participation in the jury made it possible for the chairman to attend all the concerts where a younger composer was on the program, which led to a large number of new works that reached his ears. And overall, it felt like the ISCM has rejuvenated slightly in recent years.


    A cooperation decided in 2015 was an exchange between Egypt and a number of Northern European countries, which in 2016 resulted in Hanna Hartman traveling to Egypt in April to work with Egyptian traditional musicians and write a work to them on their instruments. We hope for continued similar partnerships with Egypt and other countries as a result of our annual participation in WMD.

    The magazine Nutida Musik (Contemporary Music)

    The Swedish section is the owner of the magazine Nutida Musik (Contemporary Music). The editor of the journal had been Andreas Engström for 10 years, who left the post as chief editor in 2016. Instead, Magnus Bunnskog and Susanne Skog began working on the magazine, and released several issues during the year, at a pace such that Contemporary Music will in 2017 end up catching up to its promised release rate, which had been dragging for several years. In addition, they received support to publish an box set edition that reflects the first 60 years of the history of the magazine, which is expected to be released in spring 2018. As usual, we offer all members of the ISCM who are not members of the FST a subscription to the newspaper (members of FST already get it sent to their mailbox). The magazine still has strong support from the Arts Council, a clear sign that the magazine's status is stable.

    Annual meeting

    The annual meeting took place on May 20th at Stimhuset in Stockholm. Newly elected members and members of the board are found at the top of the story.

    Autumn Meeting

    The traditional autumn meeting for the members was held on December 6 at EMS in Stockholm. The autumn meeting handled new member applications and included talks and reports on the year's activities and ISCM arrangements. Then plans were discussed to make events associated with the release of the associated book project in conjunction with 60 years of Contemporary Music.


    After a number of hacker attacks in 2015, we renovated the website during the year. It feels functional, and we hope to make improvements as we get suggestions from members. Otherwise, we will continue with information about international composer competitions et al. The ISCM Swedish section also has a Facebook page to keep members (and other interested parties) informed in a more informal and quick way about what's going on in Sweden and internationally.

    At the keyboard

    George Kentros, Chairman
    Swedish section ISCM



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