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Annual Report

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    Mokranjac Award bestowed to laurete Srdjan Hofman for composition Through Boxes of Sound) for violin, clarinet, and piano. The award is given for the best work premiered during the previous year.

    The best Serbian competitor of the 46th International Jeunesses Musicales Competition got scores of composer Josip Slavenski.

    Support for the 2016 festival Around the Globe Piano Music Festival 2015 (London) from the Composers' Associations of Serbia was of great importance to the Festival , as it influenced the advancing programme of Serbian contemporary piano music and music by other composers from Balkan states. Special prizes sponsored by Composers' Associations of Serbia have much inspired the festival's winners to play new pieces from Anthology of Serbian Piano Music as well as enjoy Serbian ethnic styles from given CDs

    The collaboration between the Composers’ Association of Serbia, the Music Action Centre, and Radio Belgrade 2 and 3 under the auspices of the project Novi muzički prostori (New Musical Spaces) enabled the organisation of 10 musicological forums dedicated to works by Serbian composers.
    Each Forum had a special import and atmosphere, offering an insight into a work of music, a unique statement of a performer, and a segment of a composer’s poetics as well as personality, always maintaining a high level of dialogue with the panellists. Each Forum may be considered anthological and together, they will eventually form a precious treasure.

    25th International Review of Composers (October 5 - 10th 2016)

    For 25th International Review of Composers we had 500 applications; 54 compositions performed in eight concerts.
    Review of Composers was focused on works where the clarinet, trumpet, piano, guitar, or the double bass are treated as solo and virtuosic instruments. In addition to the selected pieces, which are performed solo, with electronics or orchestral accompaniment and represent the most recent creative endeavours, programme also comprised works written for these instruments during the latter half of the 20th century that have become an important part of the repertory but have not or have only seldom been performed in Serbia. These pieces reminded us of the new type of virtuosity ushered in by the 20th century and new ways of treating instruments, which helped shape contemporary compositional practices.
    Virtuoso solo works demand a special degree of engagement and commitment from performers, so they were presented by experienced soloists as well as young interpreters who have only begun to explore contemporary music. They performed Luciano Berio’s Sequenza X for trumpet, Iannis Xenakis’s Theraps for solo double bass, the first movement of Leo Brouwer’s Guitar Sonata, Petar Ozgijan’s Za Mimu (For Mima) for solo clarinet, and Douze notations for piano, an early work by Pierre Boulez, an artist whose activities marked the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century and who passed away this year.
    A concert dedicated to organ music featured, in addition to pieces from selection, works by Philip Glass, György Ligeti, Arvo Pärt, and Sofia Gubaidulina, as well as Josip Slavenski’s Sonata religiosa for violin and piano, to mark what would be the 120th birthday of this important Yugoslav composer.
    Beside solo works, Festival 2016 also presented a series of chamber works, as well as works for string orchestra, interpreted by the Construction Site New Music Ensemble and St. George Strings, conducted by Rade Pejčić and Ivan Marković.
    The Festival’s programme also envisions musicological presentations on solo pieces performed in two concerts, on 6 and 7 October.
    The Meitar Ensemble from Tel Aviv, performed in our country for the first time, were presented themselves with a programme comprising works by Israeli and Serbian composers.



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