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Annual Report

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    ISCM Luxembourg Section - Annual Report 2016

    The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music has published a series of CDs with symphonic music written by Luxembourg composers. The CDs produced with the “Orchestre Symphonique de Radio-Télé-Luxembourg”, and the “Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg” have long become part of Luxembourg's cultural heritage. Amongst the CDs published to date, the Anthology of Luxembourgish Music, comprising some 22 symphonic works by 16 Luxembourgish composers, makes up the most important part; in addition, there are CDs of chamber music and CDs devoted entirely to a single Luxembourgish composer. Since 2002 the Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music has realized a production of 12 CDs and 12 DVDs with its ensemble Luxembourg Sinfonietta (covering in all 84 premières) which constitutes another important part within the Editions LGNM.

    New releases by ISCM Luxembourg Section

    DVD – ISCM World Music Days 2000 Luxembourg
    This new DVD and the complete festival-programme as well as the documentation about the World Music Days 2000 are available on request.

    DVD – Spirit Garden by Toru Takemitsu (European first performance)
    The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music has published this DVD which contains “Summer Evening” for Symphony Orchestra by the Luxembourg composer Henri Pensis and “Spirit Garden” by Toru Takemitsu performed as part of the “Festival International Echternach”.
    Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
    Conductor: Marcel Wengler

    CD - Luxembourg Sinfonietta – Luxembourg Composers
    The CD is devoted to works by Luxembourg composers which have been performed by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta in a public concert: “4 Miniatures” for violin and piano by Jeannot Heinen, “Skizze” for violin and piano by René Hemmer, “Trio” for violin, cello and piano by Alfred Kowalsky, “Mélancolie” for cello and piano by Jules Krüger, “Trio No 2” by René Mertzig, “Interludio” for clarinet, cello and piano by Marcel Reuter and “Vortragsstück” for flute and piano by Victor Fenigstein, as well as the first-performances of the following ensemble-works: “Follow me” by Jacques Neuen, “Aestas” by Pierre Christen, “Tarjana-mudra” by Pierre Even and “Suite de danses” by Johny Fritz.
    Luxembourg Sinfonietta; Conductor: Marcel Wengler

    Scores and parts as well as the CDs and the DVDs are available from Editions LGNM - [email protected]

    ISCM General Assembly 2016
    The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music was represented at the “ISCM World New Music Days” in Tongyeong (South Korea) which took place from 29 March to 3 April 2016 and attended the General Assembly of the ISCM.

    February 2016, International Composers’ Summit Hong Kong
    The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music was a cooperating partner of the International Composition Competition “Chinese Music Without Bounds”. In order to encourage composers to write for Chinese orchestra an extension programme was organized during the “International Composer’ Summit”, in the form of an open invitation for new works. During the “Hong Kong Arts Festival 2016” the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra has organized this summit including concert performances and seminars.
    The following composers have held lectures: Hubert Yan (Hong Kong), Chen Ning-chi (Hong Kong), Guo Wenjing (Beijing), Lo Leung-fai (Taiwan), Law Wai-lun (Singapore), Dirk Brosse (Belgium), Robert Zollitsch (Germany), Gu Guanren (Shanghai), Ng Cheuk-yin ( Hong Kong), Xu Changjun (Tianjin), Zhu Xiaogu (Shanghai), Jiang Ying (Beijing), Lee Ying (Taiwan), Yii Kah-hoe (Malaysia), Fang Xiaomin (Guangdong), Christopher Pak (Hong Kong), Tsui Ying-fai (Hong Kong), Mui Kwong-chiu (Hong Kong), Chew Hee-chiat (Hong Kong).
    Marcel Wengler from Luxembourg holds the conference:
    „Special features and advice for the orchestration of Chinese Instruments
    My experience of composing for the Chinese Orchestra“ (Hong Kong City Concert Hall, live demonstrated by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra).

    June 2016, Fifth China-ASEAN Music Week
    The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music was invited by the GuangXi Arts University of Nanning to participate in the Festival “Fifth China-ASEAN Music Week” held from 7th to 13th June 2016.
    10th June 2016 - Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall
    Chinese & Foreign Singer Contemporary Works Concert
    “Cause . Effect” for Voice and Ensemble by Hwang-long Pan
    Soloist: Lin Yuqin Soprano
    Conductor: Marcel Wengler

    11th June 2016 - Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall
    “Three Songs Yuan Qu” by Gao Weijie for Pipa, Sanxian and String quartet
    Soloist: Xiao Ma, Counter Tenor
    Conductor: Marcel Wengler

    12th June 2016 – Guangxi Arts University Concert Hall
    Gxau Lijiang River Ensemble Concert
    Conductor: Marcel Wengler
    Works by the following composers: “The Ancient Village” by Dai Wei, “Breakdown” by Tyler Capp, “In the Depth of the Clouds” by Lu Pei, “The man and the whale” by Judy Bozone, “Kou Xian” by Yang Xiaozhong, “Dance of Cliff Painting” by Lv Junhui, “Turning Points” by Chung Seung Jae, “The ancient rain” by Chen Kunpeng, “Spirit of Chimes” by Zhou Long, “Pin Xiang” by Chen Musheng

    Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music ISCM Luxembourg Section
    LGNM B.P. 828 L-2018 Luxembourg e-mail: [email protected]



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