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Annual Report

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  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    The Executive Committee of GCU - ISCM Greek Section, consists of:
    Theodore Antoniou - President, Iakovos Konitopoulos - General Secretary, Joseph Papadatos - A’ Vice President, Leontios Hadjileontiadis - B’ Vice President / ISCM Greek Section Responsible, Fani Kossona - B’ Secretary, Maria Cristina Krithara - Publicity / Promotion, Konstantine Flerianos - Treasurer, Helena Skarkou - Electronic and Technical Support, Stathis Gyftakis - Supervisor.

    Since 1931, the Greek Composers’ Union has promoted the Greek musical creations and during the last years, has expanded considerably its activities.
    During 2016, there has been a great activity:
    14 concerts at various concert halls, with a strong emphasis on contemporary composers, premieres and commissioned works, a workshop for young composers, a Pan-Hellenic Competition for young composers and the edition of 6 volumes of the GCU magazine, “music POLYTONOn”.

    1. Megaron, The Athens’ Concert Hall, continues the collaboration with the G.C.U. At February, there has been a concert under the general title “Music Plus” with works by Gunther Schuller, Anestis Logothetis, John Cage, Leontios Hatzileontiadis, Steve Reich and Janni Christou.
    At May, young composers from all over Greece presented their work during the Young Greek Composers Workshop. The young composers who introduced themselves were Nikolaia Krassaki, Petros Livadas, Dimitris Makris, Panos Panakos, Vassilios Panoussis and Orestes Papaioannou.
    All the concerts in the Athens’ Concert Hall, were performed by the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music, under the direction of Theodore Antoniou.

    The collaboration with the institutes of foreign languages in Athens, such as Goethe Institute and Hellenic American College, resulted also a series of concerts.

    2. At the first concert at the Goethe Institute -“Greece and Germany” - were presented works by Constantine Flerianos, Alkis Papadopoulos, Yiannis Drositis, Dimitris Dragatakis, Paul Juon, Hanns Eisler and Paul Hindemith. The works were performed by the Woodwind Quintet «Aeolos» Ensemble (Vangelis Stathoulopoulos - flute, Yiannis Tselikas - oboe, Angelos Politis - clarinet, George Faroungias - basoon, Spyros Kakos - horn).
    At the second concert, the guitarist Nikos Balogiannis performed a recital dedicated to the Academicien and President of the G.C.U., Theodore Antoniou, presenting characteristic pieces written for classic guitar, from 1977 till today. The well-known pianist, pedagogue and director of «Musical Horizons» Conservatory, Kostis Gaitanos, prefaced the concert.
    Two more concerts took place at the Goethe Institute during spring 2016:
    The first was dedicated to Gunther Schuller performed by the Woodwind Quintet «Aeolos» Ensemble, «L’ Anima» String Quartet (Stella Tsani - 1rst violin, Eugenia-Brounilda Mallo - 2nd violin, Elias Sdoukos - viola, Lefki Kolovou - cello) and the soloists Margarita Syngeniotou - metzo soprano and Vicky Stylianou - piano. Theodore Antoniou and Minas Alexiades prefaced the concert.
    At the second concert under the title “PianOrizons” the «PIANORIZONS» Ensemble (Dimitris Anastopoulos, Vivian Apostolou, Elina Gavriilidou, Nikos Gallos, Christos Gionas - Kondos, Helen Davou, Dimitra Manjouratou, Panagiota Pilafa, Elina Savvidou, Dina Savvidou, Myro Solomou, Helen Choleva and Sevasti Chryssochou) performed works by Theodore Antoniou, Joseph Papadatos, George Chatzimichelakis, Stefanos Gazouleas Nikolas Tzortzis and Stamatis Athanasoulas.
    The narrator was Vassilis Vassikechagioglou.

    3. There has been also the collaboration with the Hellenic American College.
    The first concert of this period, was dedicated to the famous composer and song-writer Manos Hadjidakis, with works by Theodore Antoniou, George Couroupos, Iakovos Konitopoulos, Spyros Deligiannopoulos, Alexandra Papastefanou and Leonidas Kanaris. The soloists of the concert were Spyros Deligiannopoulos / Alexandra Papastefanou / Petros Bouras / Titos Gouvelis - piano, Artemis Bogri / Daphne Panourgia / Maira Milolidaki - singers, George Mouloudakis / Michalis Kondaxakis - guitar, George Arnis - double bass and «L’ Anima» String Quartet. Theodore Antoniou and George Couroupos prefaced the concert.
    At the second concert the composer and pianist Apostolos Darlas performed works by Franz Liszt, Leontios Hatzileontiadis, Joseph Papadatos, Apostolos Darlas, George Zervos, and Karlheinz Stockhausen.
    During May a concert was organized to present the Hellenic American University’s Young Creators, with works by William Antoniou, Charalambos Risvas, Constantina Polychronopoulou, Manos Markantonis, Stathis Kambylis and Andreas Tselikas, with the participation of Michalis Psyrras - barytone, Charalambos Risvas / Apostolos Darlas / Dimitris Marinos - piano, Dimitris Margaritis - violin, Helen Vlachou & Marina Tsapekou - performers and Lefki Kolovou - violoncello.
    The last concert at the Hellenic American College, was presented by two guitarists: Vassilis Kanellopoulos and Charis Kambylis. The works were by Dimitris Nanos, Costas Grigoreas, Dimitris Katharopoulos, Costas Tsilides, Nikos Piperis, Michalis Archontides and Iakovos Kolanian.

    4. Another collaboration of the G.C.U. was with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory. During 2016 five more concerts have been taken place, under the general title “Greek Soloists of the 21rst century”.
    At the first concert Titos Gouvelis - piano, Melina Makri - flute, Apostolos Paraskevas - guitar and «L’ Anima» String Quartet, performed pieces by Apostolos Paraskevas.
    At the second concert there have been performed works by Stathis Gyftakis, Fukushima Kajuo, Brian Ferneyhough, Luciano Berio, Fani Kosona, Peteris Vasks Bruno Maderna and Carl Vine, with the collaboration of the Conservatory of Kalamata and the students of the Conservatory: Lydia Aisenbach, Loucas Lymberopoulos - flute, Christina Matsatsini-Yfandi - marimba, Yiannis Symko - piano.
    The third concert was dedicated to the Editorial Staff of the G.C.U. magazine POLYTONOn, with works by Constantine Lygnos, Maria Christina Krithara, Helena Skarkou, Constantine Flerianos, Georgia Kalodiki, Leonidas Kanaris, Nikos Panagiotakis, Stathis Gyftakis and Nikos Roditis, with Myrto Korkokiou / Maria Theofili - flute, Maria Moschidou / Helen Stoyianni / Yiannis Symko - piano, Panagiotis Andreoglou - bayan, Socrates Stathoulopoulos - violin and Helena Skarkou - guitare, electronics, synths, video.
    The next concert was given by the “Contemporary Guitar duo” (Yiannis Petridis and Alexandra Christodimou) with works by George Chatzimichelakis, Dimitris Minakakis, Theodore Antoniou, William Antoniou, Vassilis Tenidis and Kyriakos Tzortzinakis.
    Finally, Αnastasia Miliori - violin, Angelica Papanikolaou - piano and Dora Thomopoulou - narration, performed works by Lera Auerbach, Germaine Tailleferre, Sofia Gubaidulina, Susanne Erding Swiridoff, Maria Christina Krithara and Fani Kosona.
    There was also a concert at the German Evangelical Church of Athens, under the auspicies of the G.C.U. The soloists Natalia Geraki - flute and Volker Hoeh - guitar, performed works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Theodore Antoniou, Georgia Kalodiki, Fani Kosona and Dimitris Fambas.

    5. Besides the organization of these concert series, the Union organized also this year the “Dimitris Dragatakis” Pan - Hellenic composition competition.

    6. Since 2003, the G.C.U. has its own magazine “music POLYTONOn”, a bimonthly publication whose main aim is to promote and disseminate Greek and international contemporary music to the wider public. The magazine also serves as an information and communication channel between the Greek musical community and mostly contemporary artists. The magazine is organized and run by G.C.U. members with Maria Christina Krithara being the director from 2013, since December 2016.



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