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Annual Report

  • Year: 
  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    1. In 2016 the ISCM Canadian Section (CS) (hosted by the Canadian League of Composers) (CLC) continued its work with Presentation Partner, Music on Main, to host the ISCM World New Music Days in Vancouver in November 2-8 2017 (Presented by the ISCM, the ISCM Canadian Section, the Canadian League of Composers, and Music on Main).   The team of Artistic Director David Pay and Administrative Director Morna Edmondson, and Canadian Section President Jim Hiscott pursued fundraising and grant applications from public and private sector, as well as individual fundraising, to develop the budget necessary to present this major Festival.  Also developing the Festival Schedule and plans to disseminate selected concerts across Canada.   We also worked with the CLC National Council, with presidents Brian Harman and Christopher Reiche and General Manager Elisha Denburg, and the CLC Advisory Committee to make decisions and support WNMD staff.  WNMD staff also increased during this period, as we've added persons associated with the Call for Works, Communication/Marketing, and Production.

    A major project over the year was to develop the International Call for Works, in English and French, for ISCM2017.  CLC (through its Call for Works Committee of Keith Hamel, Rodney Sharman and chair Jim Hiscott) and Music on Main (Artistic Director David Pay and MoM staff) both participated in this extensive and detailed work. In collaboration with the many Vancouver and Canadian Concert Partners who were presenting the concerts in ISCM World New Music Days 2017.  The International Call for Works was launched officially on August 16, with deadline November 15.

    The CLC/Canadian Section also launched its own Call for Works for Canadian composers on August 19th, with deadline October 7th.  The Canadian Section Call drew 131 submissions.  Our jury of composers Gayle Young, Melissa Hui and Canadian Section Vice-President Rodney Sharman, chaired by Jim Hiscott as Section President, and aided by CLC GM Elisha Denburg, selected six works to submit to the International competition:

    Luke Nickel- Kyrie (SATB Choir)
    Sonia Paço-Rocchia- Helix (Installation)
    Remy Siu- foxconn frequency (no.2) (Solo Piano/Keyboard and Electronics)
    Linda C. Smith - Orient Point (String Orchestra)
    Kotoka Suzuki – In Praise of Shadows (Three Paper Players & Electronics)
    Barry Truax – The Garden of Sonic Delights (Electroacoustic)

    This list reflects our policy of gender equity as well as geographical and stylistic diversity.

    The International Call for Works (by ISCM2017: CLC and Music on Main) had over 600 submissions, between Official Submissions from Sections and Members and Individual Submissions.  The selection process was led by choices by the more than 25 ensembles and soloists performing the works in the Festival, coordinated by Artistic Director David Pay.  ISCM2017 Selected 89 works by 90 composers.

    2. From March 27-April 1, CS President Jim Hiscott attended the 2016 World Music Days in Tongyeong, South Korea, as Canadian Section President.  For this Festival, we produced a CD with our six selected works:

    Randolph Peters: Hallucinations (Orchestra)
    Bekah Simms: Murmuring Bones (String Quartet)
    Daryl Jamieson: unanswered renga (Solo Flute)
    Alec Hall: 28 Hours (String Quartet)
    Gordon Williamson: tape recorder (Mixed Choir)
    Arne Eigenfeldt: Roboterstück (Installation)

    and distributed 100 copies to delegates and performers.

    Randolph Peters was our selected composer, and he attended the performance of his orchestral work Hallucinations.  Other Canadians represented were Rita Ueda (Music on Main Official Submission) , with her string orchestra piece as the snowflakes return to the sky, and Robert Lemay (Individual submission), with Varius Multiplex Multiformis for brass quintet.  We also welcomed Canadian composer Daryl Jamieson, who attended the festival as Second Delegate.

    3.  From January 14-17, the CLC/ISCM Canadian Section co-presented with the Canadian New Music Network, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University the CNMN FORUM 2016 in Ottawa, called Connecting Canada with Europe / Europe with Canada. For this project, we were very grateful to receive funding from the ISCM Members' Support Fund. The FORUM was presented by the CNMN, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the University of Ottawa, Carleton University. Jennifer Waring was central to the organization of it. There were representatives from the U.K., the Netherlands, and from across Canada. International Guests included Susanna Eastburn from England's Sound & Music and the ISCM British Section, Henk Heuvelmans from Gaudeamus and the ISCM Netherlands Section, as well as Sonia Stevenson from the Lichfield Festival, and performers Joe Bates and Kamal Hors. The formal welcome was by Shannon Chief, representative of the Anishinabek Nation. The FORUM was a great success, with many very engaged discussions around issues involving women composers, gender, first nations, other cultures, etc. Pauline Oliveros gave the keynote address and led an improvisation concert. The National Arts Centre Orchestra presented a multi-media work called I Lost my Talk, with music composed by John Estacio.

    The Canadian League of Composers was represented by Elisha Denburg, Stacey Brown, Gayle Young and CS President Jim Hiscott; Music on Main by CNMN Board Member David Pay.  We made a point of encouraging all the workshop leaders and stage hosts to mention the ISCM and the Canadian Section as sponsors of the out-of-country guests, and to promote awareness of the ISCM and the ISCM World New Music Days 2017 in Vancouver.

    4. In November CS President Jim Hiscott represented the Canadian League of Composers and ISCM Canadian Section at the International Artist Managers' Association in Toronto.  As part of the conference he gave a presentation about the ISCM World New Music Days 2017 in Vancouver.

    5. The ISCM website has a section focusing on Featured Members each month.  The ISCM Canadian Section was the Featured Member in March 2016, for which we wrote an article and an update on ISCM World New Music Days 2017

    Jim Hiscott, President, ISCM Canadian Section.

    and on behalf of Rodney Sharman, Vice-President, ISCM Canadian Section




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