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Annual Report

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    At time of writing, the ISCM Britain Board comprises 9 members: Naomi Belshaw (PRS for Music Foundation), Mark Bowden (Chair, Composer), Felix Carey (BBC Radio 3), Susanna Eastburn (Chief Executive, Sound and Music), Lore Lixenberg (artist and composer), Annie Mahtani (composer), Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (composer), Serge Vuille (producer, percussionist), Richard Whitelaw (Director of Programmes at Sound and Music).

    In 2016, the Board of ISCM Britain met 3 times and was chaired by composer Mark Bowden. Board members Stephen Newbould, Felix Carey (BBC Radio 3) and Lore Lixenberg (Artist and Composer) renewed their memberships to the Board, and Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay (Composer, based at the University of Huddersfield) agreed to stay on the Board for another two years. In addition the Board also agreed to recruit 1-2 new members with a focus on diversifying the membership.

    For the 2016 World Music Days in Tongyeong, Patrick Friel’s work Once upon an alphabet and Alexander Campkin’s work Unleash the beauty of your eyes were selected and presented, and both were able to be present. Patrick applied via the British section, whereas Alexander applied independently to the International Jury.

    Mark Bowden and Susanna Eastburn attended the ISCM World Music Days in Tongyeong and, whilst there, facilitated (with the Swedish ISCM section) an inaugural composer networking reception. It is hoped that this will become a regular activity for future World New Music Days.

    The Board decided that Sound and Music would support composers in applying for funding should their work be chosen, and this offer of support was included in the 2017 World Music Day Guidelines. The Board also made sure that information regarding the newly founded ISCM Welsh section was included in the guidelines, encouraging those who live and work in Wales to apply via the Welsh section.



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