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Annual Report

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    Israel Section Report 2015


    • The purpose of the Israel Composers' League is to promote Israeli contemporary music, to improve the conditions of creativity and employment for composers who live in Israel, and to raise awareness of original musical works written in Israel.
    • The Israel Composers' League is the local section branch of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music), and the ACL (Asian Composers' League).
      Members of the Board of Directors are: Dr Shai Cohen - Chairman, Dr John Bostock - Treasurer, and Dr Eyal Adler - Secretary.
    • In the last year, the Composers' League founded an Internet Blog to record musical events that we produced. These video recordings were released to League members and on social media through YouTube and Facebook.
    • Our "Meet The Composer" project continued this year in the format of meetings between composition students and members chosen from the League. In the past two years this series was presented successfully at the Universities of Tel Aviv and Haifa, and this year it was presented at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. In the months April/June, the chosen composers: Gideon Levinson, Ayala Asherov, and Naftali Schindler presented their compositional worlds, and received live performances in the context of the Academy's Composers' and Theorists' Forum.
    • In May, in association with The Moran Choir, we presented a concert at the Felicia Blumenthal Music Centre. The Moran Choir was founded in the Hefer Valley in 1986 by Naomi Faran, the choir's conductor and musical director. Over the years since its inception, the Moran Choir has achieved professional recognition for its exceptional musical and educational achievements, and has won gold medals in competitions and international music festivals. In this concert the choir chose to perform works by Adir Levy, Aharon Harlap, Tsipi Fleischer, Zvi Avni, Sarah Shoham, and Menachem Wiesenberg.
    • Ensemble Meitar is an Israeli chamber ensemble that was founded by pianist Amit Dolberg in 2004 with the purpose of performing Israeli contemporary music. Ensemble Meitar is the in house ensemble of the Israel Composers' League.  In June this year, alongside the performance of the Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen, the ensemble performed works with the same instrumentation by the composers: Benjamin Yusopov, Ziv Cojocaru and Eyal Adler. This program was performed in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem in conjunction with a pre-concert discussion with the composers.
    • The Israel Composers' League is responsible for producing the Klon Foundation Prize, which is given to encourage young composers who are still in the process of studying. In March, together with the Klon family, we gave the winning prize to the young composer Avshalom Ariel. At the prize giving ceremony we heard a concert of works by the prize winning composer.
    •  In January, we produced a concert for the trio of Violin, Piano, and French Horn played by Alon Reuven, Matan Dagan, and Tal Samnon. The composers whose works were played were: Ron Weidberg, Uri Brenner, Menachem Zur, and Yinam Leef.
    • In April we produced a concert for Voice and Piano at the University of Haifa. Bracha Kol and Amit Dolberg played works by Aharon Harlap, Vladimir Shcolnik, Josef Tal, and Richard Farber.
    • The Israeli Music Festival occurs yearly, and is dedicated to Israeli Art Music. The Festival occurs over a number of days, and in different locations throughout Israel. The festival sheds light on the variety of musical practice in Israel, and is open to the general public by free admission. The Composers' League partners this project through the Mark Kopytman competition, which this year chose to produce the works of composers Ofer Peletz and Yonathan Kandler. During the festival the Prime Minister's Prize for Composition is awarded.
    • The Israel Composer's League publishes works through "Mali", which holds some 38,000 works. This year we began a digitalisation project by scanning old scores into a computer format.
    • In the context of a joint project with Youth Music and the Paul Ben Haim Competition, the Composer's League requested from a number of composers to write new works suitable for young performers, with the purpose of broadening the catalogue especially for those instruments that have few works written for them.
    • The rest of the yearly budget was dedicated to supporting the production of personal CDs by composers that fitted the selection criteria.
    • In the framework of future projects, in January 2016 Ensemble Meitar, conducted by pierre andre valade, will perform works by Eyal Adler, Shai Cohen, and Ofer Peletz, together with the immortal work by Pierre Boulez - Derive 2.
    • In the framework of future projects of international cooperation, we are investigating the possibility of working together with the Russian section for contemporary music through the performance of music by Jewish composers in Moscow, and in addition, in Tel Aviv. Also we are planning common project "Celan/Sachs" with Lukas Haselboeck, a member of the University of Music Vienna in 2016.
    • This year, two members of the League passed away. Arie (Arik) Shapira (1943 – 2015) who as the recipient of the Israel Prize for Composition and Teaching and the Israel Prime Minister’s Prize for Composition, passed away on September 3rd. In August, the composer and teacher Asher Ben Yochanan (1929 – 2015), who had served as chairman of the Israel Composers’ League from 1989 – 1992, passed away.


    Dr. Shai Cohen, chairman
    Israel Composers' League



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