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Annual Report

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  • Please describe your organization’s activities over the past year, including concerts, commissions, collaborations, publications: 

    In 2015, the ISCM-Greek Section and the Greek Composers’ Union (GCU) that serves as its hosting organisation has tried to expand further its activities and to infuse them with an international perspective.

    To this end, more than 86 works by internationally sound composers from 10 different countries have been presented in our concert series in 2015.

    A series of negotiations with different public and/or private organisations and institutes had a very satisfactory outcome. More specifically, ‘Athens Megaron’ was an organisation that fostered its collaboration with the GCU-ISCM Greek Section, providing the opportunity to young composers to present their work in the workshops and commissioning others to new works. Athens Megaron provided the concert hall and financial support for the realization of the Workshops of Contemporary Music for young composers, organized since 1999 by the GCU-ISCM Greek Section. This year, there has been an open call for scores for the annual workshops. They were dedicated to the composer, director and full member of the Academy of Athens, Theodore Antoniou, for his eightieth anniversary. Moreover, an event “German Composers in Exile” took place at the Athens Megaron including the works of: -Kurt Weil: Unknown songs -Paul Dessau: Etude for cello and piano -Hanns Eisler: Nonet 1 - Ernst Krenek: 5 pieces for trombone and piano - Paul Hindemith: Hin und Zurόck.
    Soloists: Artemis Bogri - soprano, Panayotis Priftis - tenor, Tassos Apostolou - bass baritone, Vangelis Maniatis - baritone, Costis Theos - cello, Andreas-Rolandos Theodorou - trombone, Vicky Stylianou – piano. All the concerts in the Athens’ Concert Hall were performed by the Hellenic Ensemble of Contemporary Music. Direction: Theodore Antoniou.

    The collaboration with the Institutes of Foreign Languages in Athens, such as Goethe Institut-Athen, Hellenic-American Union, and private conservatories, e.g., Philippos Nakas, resulted in a series of concerts with thematic links.

    In particular:

    Goethe Institut-Athen

    Parallel Echoes Works by - Athena Pavlaki - Pirounia: The First Light - Adagio, Variations upon a Theme by J. S. Bach, from the First Suite for Violoncello, Reflection of the Contrasts, Aenaos kyklos - eight variations, Reflection, Wild flowers for Paganini. The Altera Musa Ensemble: Panayotis Drakos - flute, Dimitris Mangriotis - cello, Sotiris Pirounias - electric bass, Christos Despotopoulos - drums. Direction: Athena Pavlaki - Pirounia. Celebrating Theodore’s Antoniou birthday: Friendly Encounters, solo & chamber music around the flute Lament for Michelle, Moto perpetuo, Trio Lyrico, Amfictyonia I, Trio, Friendly Encounters. Plus, a piece by George Hatzimichelakis, written for the occasion. Soloists: Iwona Glinka - flute, Konstantine Yiovanis - oboe, Nickos Zarkos - guitar, Maxim Mankovski - vibraphone, Andreas Zafiropoulos - piano, Krystalia Gaitanou - viola, Margarita Sygeniotou - mezzo soprano. Video art: Michael Travlos. Theodore Karatheodoros prefaced the concert and will also give a speech about Theodore’s Antoniou oeuvre.

    From darkness to light The pianist and composer Apostolos Darlas performed works by: -Franz Liszt: Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen S.179 (Praeludium nach J. S. Bach), Variationen ϋber das Motiv von Bach S. 180 - Iakovos Konitopoulos: To the Light - Georges Hatzimichelakis: Inland II - Apostolos Darlas: Strovos X - Karlheinz Stockhausen: Luzifers Traum Klavierstucke XIII.

    Hellenic-American Union

    A Concert dedicated to Manos Hadjidakis. Songs and works for solo piano by Manos Hadjidakis Soloists: Artemis Bogri - soprano, Vicky Stylianou - piano.

    The nightingale: A concert dedicated to Argiris Kounades - Theodore Antoniou: Odd couple, for speaking bass - Lowell Liebermann: Sonate for double bass and piano - Thomas Sliomis: Topos ERRE - George Hatzimichelakis: Invention II - Argiris Kounades: The nightingale. Soloists: Vassilis Papavassiliou - doublebass, Fanny Antonelou - soprano, Ai Motohashi - piano.

    A musical voyage with violoncello and piano - Vassiliki Filippeou: Silent moon -Constantine Flerianos: Fantasia for cello and piano - Alkis Papadopoulos: Sonata for cello and piano - Bιla Bartσk: Roman folk dances - Bohuslav Martinu: Variations upon a Slovac theme for cello and piano - Sergei Prokofiev: Ballade for cello and piano n15. Soloists: Maria Moschidou - piano, Vassilis Lykos - violoncello.

    Films and Music. Three portraits of New York, with live music performance by the composer and pianist, Andreas Zafiropoulos. Jay Leyda: A Bronx Morning, Charles Sheeler & Paul Strand: Manhatta - New York the Magnificent, Robert Flaherty: Twenty-Four Dollar Island. Christos Mitsakis prefaced the concert.

    Learning through the Greek composers’ oeuvre Α’ Part: Manolis Kalomiris: For the Children of Greece (1rst book), Yiannis Constandinides: 22 Songs and Dances of the Dodecanese islands (extracts). By Vaya Daflou, Natassa Chalcodaemon, Nefeli Theofanopoulou, Mary Triandafyllou, Marina Ifandi - piano and the Vocal Ensemble of the Athenian Conservatory: Candia Bouzioti - soprano, Agapi Chouzouraki - alto, Yiannis Kavouras - tenor, Marinos Tarnanas - bass. Michalis Papageorgiou - piano. Young pianists: Athina Alygizaki, Dimitris Papakyriazis Natalia Karatzanou, Natalia Mavrides. Artistic direction: Evi Marinaki. Β’ Part: Nikos Panayiotakis: Chromatisicm, Helena Skarkou: Commun, Célérifères, Infinition (a triptych dedicated to George Braque) / Miniatures, Orestes Bazos: Fantasia for Chamber Orchestra. Chamber Orchestra «Accord»: Th. Skarlatos - flute, Ch. Pappous - clarinet, N. Petsas - horn, L. Metaxa - piano, V. Mastorakis - guitar, K. Karitzis/ P. Tsela - violin, K. Panzari - cello. Music Direction: Orestes Bazos. Soloists: Michalis Nasser / Panayiotis Tectonides / George Ntovas - guitar, Nefeli Theofanopoulou - piano.

    Philippos Nakas Conservatory

    Opera & Psychoanalysis - Bela Bartok: Bluebeard's Castle - Door no.6 - Krzysztof Penderecki: Der Teufel von Loudon (act.1 Scene 1, transcription by Iossif Valette) - Georgy Ligeti: Le Grand Macabre (three arias from the opera) - Iossif Valette: Ego (arias from 1rst and 2nd scene). Soloists:Maira Milolidaki - soprano, Iossif Valette - piano.

    The Viola from the twentieth to the twentieth first century - Paul Hindemith: Sonata no1, op 25 - Hermann Reutter: Cinco Caprichos sobre Cervantes - Igor Stravinsky: Elegie -Dimitris Economou: Glitched partita in D - Maria Christina Krithara: Invention for viola - Lina Tonia: Neuma. Solist: Elias Sdoukos - viola.

    Mediterranea - Michalis Archontides: Clarinet and piano - Ciro Scarponi: Elegia for Danny - Iakovos Konitopoulos: Aidimos Chora - Anastassis Moustakas: Make up Suite - Theodore Antoniou: Lament for Manos - Dimitris Dragatakis: Duo - Cesar Cano: Apollo en Sodoma. Soloists:Mercourios Caralis - clarinet, Chryssa Grenda - piano.

    Addicted to the Drumbeat -Sean Beeson: Prometheus Rapture - 7 legents for snare drum and piano - Constantine Carathanassis: Hekate - Ioannis Andriotis: Lokasenna - Takuma Ito: Jotaka neoteny - Alexej Gerassimez: Asventuraw - Theodore Antoniou: Encore to «just drumming». Soloists: Gerassimos Tsangarakis - percussion, Victoria Fioralba Kiasimi - piano.

    Only for cello and double bass Theodore Antoniou: LY duo, Osvald Amirali: Just us two, John Loukos: Aeolipile, Helena Skarkou: Free Associations, Alexander Kalogeras: Music for cello and double bass, Teppo Hauta-aho: Kadenza, Georgy Ligeti: Sonate. Soloists: Lefki Kolovou - violoncello, George Arnis - double bass.

    Moreover, we have facilitated and organised composition competitions in the memory of Dimitris Dragatakis and Yannis A. Papaioannou. The important endeavour of the EEM/GCU Magazine “Polytonon” continued with increasing success publishing a magazine which refers to the contemporary music events, both in Greece and abroad. This is organised and run by the GCU and serves as an information and communication channel for the contemporary artists (

    The board of GCU-ISCM Greek Section consists of Theodore Antoniou, President; Josef Papadatos, Vice President A; Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Vice President B & ISCM Greek Section Responsible; Fani Kosona, Secretary; Konstantinos Flerianos, Treasurer; Iakovos Konitopoulos, special secretary; Martin Krithara, Curator; Eleni Skarkou, Member, and Stathis Gyftakis, Member.
    Contact and for further information, or visit;;

    Prof. Leontios Hadjileontiadis, GCU Vice President B & ISCM Greek Section Responsible



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