C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface



Annual Report

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    SCD (Chilean Colletive Author’s Rights Society) and National Association of Composers (A.N.C.)
    Annual Report
    June 2015 June 2016

    Chilean Music Broadcasting
    Program “Pentagrama”, Radio USACH, Universidad de Santiago

    May-December 2015

    As a second version of this iniciative, weekly a special program containing chilean contemporary music was broadcasted. The program include a live interview to the composer or a special report about the composer if he is dead.

    New material of four chilean composer in the Musical Archive of the National Library of Chile

    Between August and November 2015 the musical material of Patricio Wang (26 de agosto), Carlos Zamora (28 de agosto), Félix Cárdenas (18 de Noviembre) and Guillermo Riffo (19 de Noviembre) containing scores, manuscripts and others documents were included in the Musical Archive of the National Library of Chile.

    Cycle Conversations about Music.

    October-December 2015

    A serie each tuesday from october to november take place in the Musical Archive of the National Library of Chile. The cycle was about the relationship between the student and the teacher. In this case, was the important figure of Cirilo Vila, the great Maestro of several generations in Chile. The "students" were Rolando Cori, Edgardo Cantón, (october), Francisco Rañilao (november) and René Romo y Edgardo Cantón (december).

    ANC New members
    October 2015

    The ANC received as new members the following composers: René Romo, Valeria Valle, Juan Pablo Orrego y Jorge Pacheco. The 22th december the ANC welcome these new members in a ceremony at the SCD.

    Summer Assembly 2016

    The 18th january 2016 took place the Summer Assembly of ANC.
    New members, 2015 Activities resume, Music and Musicians Cycle, ANC in autumn, 80th Anniversary of ANC, National Prize and President of Republic Prize candidates, Results of Proyects Contest.

    Concerts Cycle ANC in Autumn 2016
    16th, 23th and 30th of May 2016

    Three concerts at the América Hall at the National Library of Chile.

    Monday, 16th

    Pablo DÉLANO (1951)
    Antigua Balada (2015)*

    Fernando GARCÍA (1930)
    Más comentarios sobre dichos populares (2013)
    I. La procesión va por dentro
    II. No tiene pies ni cabeza
    III. Consulta con la almohada

    Alfonso LETELIER (1912-1994)
    Sonatina para violín y piano (1953)

    Jorge MARTÍNEZ (1953)
    Cuando faltan las palabras… (2015)*

    Gustavo BECERRA (1925-2010)
    Sonata No.1 para violín y piano (1952)
    I. Andante
    II. Lento
    III. Allegro

    * Works dedicates to Dúo Allendes-Castro
    Dúo Allendes-Castro
    Elías Allendes: violín, Patricia Castro: piano

    Monday, 23th

    René ROMO (1988)
    Visiones (2009)
    José Manuel Piña: piano

    Igor STRAVINSKI (1882-1971)
    Tres piezas para clarinete solo (1919)
    Dante Burotto: clarinete

    Félix CÁRDENAS (1972)
    Wilson Padilla: flauta

    Mario MORA (1967)
    Llamada (1992)

    Antonio CARVALLO (1972)
    Velos (2000)
    Fernanda Ortega: piano

    Edgardo CANTÓN (1963)
    Illawara sube por el canto del agua
    Ensamble Illawara, Wilson Padilla: dirección

    Monday, 30th

    Ignacio ESCOBAR (1994)
    Obra para piano (2013)
    David Rojas: piano

    Cirilo VILA (1937-2015)
    Hojas de otoño (1984)
    Natalia Martorell: flauta

    John CAGE (1912-1992)
    She is asleep (1943)
    Nancy Gómez: soprano, Fernanda Ortega: piano

    Alejandro HERNÁNDEZ (Colombia 1985)
    Agua (2015)
    Miguel Arredondo: violoncello

    Guillermo RIFO (1945)
    Retro vías
    Julio Torres: piano



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