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2015_AguaForte/Festival Música Estranha 


Annual Report

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    Mandate: Sonic fuel for restless minds

    Mission:Our mission is to strengthen and disseminate the Brazilian contemporary classical and experimental music promoting its projection and exchange with nacional and international scenes focused on innovative experiences and crossing niches.

    Profile: AguaForte is a Brazilian production company and music label that seeks to develop the music around a diverse and qualified audience in the form of creative top quality reference concerts, records, scores and commissions. It works in the classical and experimental music field, curating concerts, festivals and recordings, publishing works, coaching and mentoring artists. The company also works in education, developing workshops, speeches and seminars on music and art, sustainability and new business models.

    2015/2016 Season

    ÁguaForte’s 2015/16 Season was a year of growth in an adverse scenario. Because of economical and political Brazilian crisis, the conditionals to develop artistic projects were difficult, but nevertheless ÁguaForte showed the importance of continuing to invest in contemporary, exploratory, classical and "strange" music in Brazil. Águaforte created a new partnership with Escola Municipal de Música da Cidade de São Paulo for a music + video artist residency program, and executed a reference edition of Música Estranha Festival with three special programs putting together two different musical groups to work on a new collaboration: Michael Schmid (Germany) + Al Revés duo (Brazil), Kassin (Brazil) + Mitch&Mitch (Poland) and Ateliê Contemporâneo (Brazil) + Rodrigo Gontijo (Brazil).
    Today the main continued project of AguaForte is Música Estranha Festival. The Festival seeks to articulate national and international networks of cooperation, from composers and ensembles to music festivals, labels and initiatives that are searching for new models in classical and experimental music today. The Festival have been collaborating Internationally with TestKlang (Germany), Classical:NEXT (Germany), NonClassical (UK), Apples & Olives Festival (Switzerland), Classical Music Rave (Netherlands), Festival Cervantino (Mexico), Nova et Vetera (Colombia), and in Brazil with Centro Cultural São Paulo, Fundação Theatro Municipal, SPCine, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), amongst other.

    The strange music concept builds a special territory for innovative creation, subverting the traditional structures exploring new set ups and occupying unusual spaces, proposing singular new connections between artists and audience.
    Festival Música Estranha since 2015 is doing call for works and contests promoting new music and interdisciplinary works. In this year the calls were the highlights of the Festival. It were three different categories: showcase and music-visual creation about politic and another one exclusive for women. With an average of 80 subscribers each one, a selection committee chose 10 projects that dialogue with the Festival’s propose.
    Outside and before the fourth Festival’s edition, ÁguaForte released two albums. Duodelá, a duo (Vitor Lopes and Emiliano Castro) who plays harmonica and seven strings guitar and did the release concert at Museu da Casa Brasileira. And this semester a project to celebrate the renowed brazilian composer Claudio Santoro with a CD release called "Santoro Inédito", by Alessandro Santoro (piano and harpsichord) and Fabio Cury (basson). The release concert was at Praça das Artes (Fundação Theatro Municipal de São Paulo) with a full house and great repercution in São Paulo musical scene.

    2015/16 Artistic Highlights

    Into the Música Estranha Festival platform we have created a serie of call for works that seeks to develop an artistic collaborative environment mixing musical and visual creation, reflecting the contemporary society: in 2015 we had a Music + Viral Video category and in 2016 we had a Women Creators category and Music+Politics category. This call for works have been revealed a fresh, new and young generation of artists detached from specific mannerisms, artistic styles, niches or genres.

    In the Música Estranha Festival 2016 programe we had for the first time in Brazil the french collective called Hubbub, considered as one of the most creative bands working with improvisation in the French music scene and sets itself apart in the world of improvised music today because of two features. And played for the first time in Brazil. Also for the first time in Brazil we had the important Japanese drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, who created a new, complex and concentrated style, incorporating the expressiveness of prog rock, the freedom of jazz and the energy of punk.

    We have had 35 artistic events in different venues and places such as Praça das Artes/Sala do Conservatório, Mirante 9 de Julho, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, Espaço Cultural BNDES, Estudio Fitacrepe, Museu AfroBrasil, Nos Trilhos, Sesc Vila Mariana, Jazz nos Fundos club, Trackers, Teatro da Faculdade de Direito da USP - Ribeirão Preto, Conservatório Musical de Tatuí, Centro Jundiaiense de Música and Espaço 96.



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