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Annual Report

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    ISCM Swedish section 2014, Activity report (Google translate, sorry)

     ISCM Swedish section's Board of Directors in 2014 consisted of:

    George Kentros, Chairman
    Malin Bång
    Eva Sidén
    Mattias Shield, Secretary
    Ylva Q. Arkvik, Deputy Chairman
    Ylva Lund Bergner (alternate)
    Johan Ramström (alternate)

    Other posts:

    Per Korsfeldt, treasurer
    Csaba Deak, Hans Parment and Jörgen Pettersson (convenor), the Nomination Committee.
    Per Hedlund, Accountant
    Thomas Ljleholm, deputy auditor

    The Board met five times during the year.
    Member Meetings have been organized twice: the Annual Meeting on May 24, and the autumn meeting on 14
    December. (See below)

    During the year, Anna Svensdotter and Mani Hosseini elected as new members of the
    Swedish section of the ISCM.

    Operating subsidies from the National Arts was 2014 56.000 sec.

    Jury Work
    Slovenia Call for Works was a little late in the year, but the jury could meet in early October and
    send their proposals to Slovenien. The jury consisted of Eva Sidén, Johan Ramström, André Chini
    and Sten Melin from VICC on Gotland.

    Of the 12 works that were selected were 2 further to the festival in Slovenia in 2015: Madeleine
    Isakson's Terre de l'absence for choir and Ansgar Bestes Rituel Bizarre for
    chamber ensemble.

    ISCM World Music Days Poland 2014
    This year took WMD place from October 3 to 12 in Wroclaw, Poland. George Kentros and
    Ylva Q. Arkvik were the board's representatives on site. The festival was part of the city
    bet as the Cultural Capital of Europe as there were both ISCM concerts and concerts
    that were curated by the city and supplemented ISCMs concert activities. Sweden was
    represented by Albert Schmelzer (cello concerto), André Chini (a piece for guitar) and
    Henrik Denerin (a choral), and all the performances were not only without remark
    but well played. The composers we met during the festival was also very pleased with
    their performances.

    During the General Assembly had, we also talked about the exchange project for which we were granted money for 2013 and that meant very close cooperation with Croatia, England
    Estonia, more about this project below.

    In 2014 took two extensive exchange place. First, we followed up on a request
    from the Swiss ISCM about an exchange with concerts in Sweden for a Swiss duo, Ums & Jip, who played in Härnösand and Gothenburg in April and concerts in Switzerland for Swedish musicians, in this case Curious Chamber Players, which played an all-Swedish programs in Forum Wallis in June.

    The most comprehensive project, and one that raised our status internationally, however, was a
    exchange between composers from four countries (Sweden, England, Croatia and Estonia)
    orchestrated by Sound and Music in England, where Magnus Bunnskog and Sol Andersson
    was the Swedish representatives. The 8 composers went to each other countries in 2-4 days
    each to acquire knowledge about how tonsättaryrket works in different parts of the world
    and in short, reason about how it is to be a composer in the 2000s. In Sweden
    visited composers Sound of Stockholm Festival, where they established contacts, listening to
    concerts and held a seminar about their experiences. The project was expensive but we chose to
    prioritize this because we see this kind of project as an important example of collaboration
    best handled by just ISCM, and it can have far reaching implications for both Swedish
    section and the involved composers.

    Magazine Contemporary Music
    Swedish section is the principal of the journal Contemporary Music. Editor of the journal have
    in 2014 was Andreas Engström. The magazine has come out with two numbers for the year,
    and as usual, we invite all members of the ISCM not members of the FST on a
    Subscription to the magazine (members of the FST already get it home to the mailbox). The magazine
    also received for the third consecutive year, increasing the funding from the KUR in 2014, a clear sign that the profile of the
    the magazine is raised in Sweden.

    Annual meeting
    The annual meeting took place on 24 May at Tulegatan 53 in Stockholm. Alongside the usual!
    Annual Meeting documents were given information on international exchange in Switzerland
    England, as well as future plans for this activity.

    The traditional autumn meeting of members was held on December 2 at Shoal house.
    Autumn meeting discussed new member applications and featured talks and reports on
    the year's activities and ISCM arrangements. Even Tamas Ungvarys stories from
    electronic music world during the '70s were much appreciated.

    Besides working with the website and regular mailings with information about, among other things
    international tonsättartävlingar continued ISCM Swedish section even with our
    Facebook page for a more informal and quicker way to keep members (and others
    interested) informed about what is going on in the section and internationally. We think
    Annual Meeting of the case there are white with other digital medium such as Twitter in 2015.

    Stockholm May 10, 2015



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