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Annual Report

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    NewMusicSA Chair’s Report

    AGM 12 September 2014


    2014 has seen the implementation of a number of successful NMSA initiatives: some new, some revived and some continuations from previous years.


    This year the Visby composers’ exchange programme was rekindled. Two composers, Pierre-Henri Wicomb and Samora Ntsebeza were chosen to participate in a four-week exchange, attending the Visby International Centre for Composers in Sweden. Plans are under way to bring Swedish composers out to South Africa. The successful implementation of this project was the result of the work by William Fourie from NMSA and Sten Melin from the VICC. Thank you to both William and Sten for organizing this project. We are grateful to SAMRO, the VICC and the Swedish Arts Grant Committee for the funds which made this project possible.


    A new initiative this year was the awarding of two commissions for new compositions, based on proposals submitted to a panel of NMSA and external adjudicators. Maxim Starcke was awarded the commission to compose a piece for this year’s Unyazi, for the South African New Music Ensemble (SANME) and electronics. This piece was played with great success on the 11th September, to a large and appreciative audience. The second commission was awarded to Pierre-Henri Wicomb, to be played by SANME in 2015.

    Due to the high standard of submitted proposals, the adjudicators decided to commission a third work to be incorporated into the 2015 budget. Diale Mabitsela was awarded a commission to be played at the 2015 New Music Indaba. Congratulations to all three composers.


    NMSA is now officially a paid-up full member of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). Chris van Rhyn attended the 2014 ISCM AGM and World Music Days (WMD) festival. He established valuable contacts within the organization and provided South Africa with a voice at the AGM. As a result of NMSA’s full membership, the 2015 WMD festival will include a work by a South African composer. The call for scores for this initiative is open until the 15th September. Thanks to Chris van Rhyn for co-ordinating the ISCM relationship in general and specifically for organizing the current call for scores.


    The 2014 festival has so far proven to be a vibrant and varied event. A very warm thank you to Cameron Harris for all his many efforts in establishing a very successful festival.

    Stellenbosch Composers’ Workshop

    This community engagement initiative of William Fourie’s saw composition instruction offered to emerging composers. Composers’ works were workshopped and played live by musicians, providing the composers with a valuable opportunity to hear their works performed. Thanks to William for the time and co-ordination skills applied to this project.


    2014 will see a new edition of the NMSA Bulletin. More details will follow in the editors’ (Chris van Rhyn and Lukas Ligeti) Bulletin Report.


    National Arts Council

    NMSA is about to start the second year of its three-year funding allocation from the National Arts Council (NAC). These funds have been instrumental to NMSA’s operations, especially the 2014 Unyazi Festival. The Treasurers’ Report will cover this funding in more detail.

    National Lottery Board

    In 2014 NMSA applied for funding from the National Lottery for the first time. The application was successful and NMSA was granted R407 000 over the course of two years. This will help considerably in the funding of NMSA’s projects, and some of the funding has already been allocated to the 2014 Unyazi Festival. NMSA extends its thanks to the National Lottery Board for this generous funding.


    Thanks are due to all the 2014 board members for their effort they have put into ensuring the successful running of NMSA. In particular:
    Cameron Harris is stepping down from the board at the end of Unyazi for a well-deserved break after many years of highly active service, including periods as Chair and Secretary. His knowledge and commitment will be much missed by the board.

    Fiona Tozer, who has also devoted huge amounts of time and energy to the successful running of NMSA, has agreed to a further one year’s service on the board. Thank you to Fiona for her dedication to NMSA, and over the last year particularly for ensuring the smooth hand-over of the Treasury Position. Thanks also for assisting Estelle Loubser with the Membership Portfolio, and thanks to Estelle for her work in this regard.

    Thanks to Douglas Scott for his work as Treasurer over the past year. Thanks also to Lukas Ligeti and Malcolm Dedman for the time they’ve devoted to the board’s activities.



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