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Annual Report

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    AIC Annual Report 2014


    This year brought to fruition a concerted effort begun by the AIC in 2013 to rebuild its brand. This was done by focussing more on concert performances, by drawing on our global connections to offer more international opportunities to our members, and by using social media to spread awareness of this work. The infographic “What Is The AIC?” was created and distributed online in April. In May, we moved into new offices in Copyright House.

    Newly-appointed committee roles this year include Jenn Kirby as Web Developer and Rachel Ni Chúinn running the International Radio Exchanges. Oliver Hynes took over from John as Treasurer, organising our online bank account and updating the signatories. A PayPal account was also set up in response to requests from our members in Northern Ireland and Britain. Six new members this year brings our total up to 98.


    This year we have made five successful funding applications. Our running costs were funded once again by IMRO. Culture Ireland again supported our soundSCAPE Residency. Dublin City Council will contribute funds towards our concert exchange with Poland and we received a project award from the Arts Council to launch our new Journal and the accompanying “Irish Composers on Irish Music” concert series.

    Planning further ahead, we applied again to Culture Ireland to support our expanded range of international exchanges for all of 2015. This application was successful, and we are now preparing concerts and residencies in Poland, Bosnia-Herzogovenia, Estonia, and Italy.

    Preliminary conversations were held with the Arts Council regarding regular funding, but it was felt that 2015 might be better year to approach this question, so we will return to the matter soon.

    International Residencies and Exchanges

    Following our national call for proposals, this year's AIC Irish Artist-in-Residence at the soundSCAPE Festival in Italy was cellist and Co-Director of the Crash Ensemble, Kate Ellis. Her programme included works by Ed Bennett, Emma O'Halloran, Linda Buckley, David Fennessy, Judith Ring and Adrian Hart. She also gave a performance masterclass on these works. The Department of Foreign Affairs was informed of the event, and representatives from the embassy attended the concert there.

    This year also saw the launch of our International Radio Exchanges scheme, in which any ISCM members states could submit a shortlist of six recordings which may be selected for radio broadcast by any other ISCM member. Countries involved in this first stage of the scheme include Ireland, South Africa, Israel, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pharaoh Islands, Chile, Estonia, Slovakia and America. Following a very successful national call, the shortlisted Irish artists selected were John Buckley, Ian Wilson, Enda Bates, Grainne Mulvey, Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio, and Garrett Sholdice.

    National Concerts

    Following the launch of the Irish Canon in 2013, the series is now entering its fourth season. There were 14 Irish Canon concerts in 2014, featuring a total of some 100 Irish works. We note that audience numbers have varied wildly – from full houses to almost empty! – and therefore, finding venues outside the concert hall (particularly places where audiences can relax with a drink) has become a priority for 2015.

    New venues will be tried out in our next concert series, Irish Composers on Irish Music, which starts in January 2015. The composers' talks and the New Music Journal, with which these concerts are associated, were both launched in December.


    Responding to the need for a forum where Irish composers and performers could discuss the new trends and prolific output of current Irish classical music, the AIC New Music Journal was launched on December 5th, with lead articles from the director of the National Symphony Orchestra, Gavin Maloney, and director of Wide Open Opera, Fergus Sheil. A number of features and reviews of the ICC10 Festival were also published, as well as reflections of the Irish Canon concert series, written by the performers themselves. The journal has been enthusiastically received by the new music community. Reviews and articles continue to be released on a rolling basis. This online, multimedia journal will be compiled into volumes annually and shared internationally.


    Alongside our extensive concert programming, we still retain our role as an advocate for Irish composers, and through the support of our ISCM colleagues in Australia, we have been able to intervene in a dispute which one of our members has been having with a publisher there. We are now seeking legal advice to proceed further on the matter.

    AIC members also led a consortium of composers, performers and musicologists in confronting the Irish Times when they announced that music would not play an equal role in their look back at modern Irish art over the last century.
    This year we have also prepared a simple and useful guide for composers on filling in their own tax return. This is being shared among our members, both to spread the knowledge, and to draw on the pool of experience there, which might add to the document.

    Web Presence

    Our web development team built a new website for the AIC Journal and are presently re-building and updating the AIC homepage, which was found to be unnecessarily expensive to maintain in its existing form.

    Our web-presence continues to grow through our social media pages. Our SoundCloud and YouTube pages in particular will have an important role to play in the distribution, and in the development of new formats, for the AIC New Music Journal.

    International Partners

    ISCM World Music Days 2014
    Anna Murray was this year's delegate to the ISCM. She notes that the organisation continues its efforts to broaden its definition of “contemporary music”, particularly by seeking out new types of ensembles and venues, with the encouragement of this year's newly-elected ExComm members. While in Poland, Anna was able to discuss the possibility of further exchanges with many other member countries including Lithuania, Korea, Taiwan, Latvia, South Africa, and Estonia.

    Calls for Scores
    We had two major Calls for Scores this year, both from ISCM members: the 2015 World Music Days in Slovenia, and the 2015 Musicarama Festival in Hong Kong. The response to these calls was among our best ever, with about a quarter of all members applying. Our new format for score selection panels is to invite any AIC members to sit on a panel, and to invite one non-composer to add an outside perspective. The shortlisted composers for Slovenia were Patrick Brennan, Donal MacErlaine, Ryan Molloy, Jonathon Nangle, Gerald Power and John McLachlan. The panellists were committee members Martin O'Leary, Peter Moran, Oliver Hynes, and clarinettist Paul Roe. The shortlisted composers for Hong Kong were Anna Murray, Ben Dwyer, Elis Czerniak, John McLachlan, Peter Fahey and Ryan Molloy. The panellists were committee members Martin O'Leary and Peter Moran, and composer and guitarist Donal MacErlaine.

    Plans for 2015

    In our next Project Award application, the "Irish Canon" series is to be replaced with the less insular "Canons" series, featuring classic modern repertoire from Ireland and abroad, with fewer performances, so as to focus on building larger audiences.

    We also plan to launch an AIC "Education Wing", bringing more composers into schools, helping children to compose and perform their own music.



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