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Annual Report

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    Chile Section SCD

    SCD (Chilean Colletive Author’s Rights Society) and National Association of Composers (A.N.C.)
    Annual Report
    June 2014 June 2015

    1. Regular meetings of the Board of the ANC and GAMUS (Grupo Archivo de Música)
    Throughout the period there have been meetings of the board of the ANC with the
    Grupo Archivo de Música, Gamus. Gabriel Matthey continued to work as
    coordinator with the music archive of the National Library, with meetings
    monthly planning and coordination of activities.

    2. New representant of contemporary music composers at the Council for the Promotion of National Music in the National Council of Culture and Arts (CNCA)
    In June 2014 Gabriel Matthey after 4 years was replaced by Jorge Springinsfeld for the period June 2014-June 2016.

    3. Signature of ANCRadio agreement USACH, University of Santiago
    On June 30, 2014, the ANC signed an agreement with the Radio of
    Santiago University, Chile, represented by its director Ms. Gabriela
    Martinez Cuevas, with the aim of establishing a bond of mutual benefits,
    in favor of a better promotion and projection of Chilean music, highlighting the
    "Pentagram" program, dedicated to chilean contamporary music, where a
    considered a first round interview and work of each composers of the ANC. Under the agreement referred to donate a copy of each of these programs to the music archive of the National Library for enrich our heritage and leave a record that remains tu the future.

    4. National Selection for the ISCM World Music Days 2015, Slovenia.
    Six pieces were selected by the Jury members Pablo Aranda, Rolando Cori and Sebastian Errazuriz.
    They were:

    ALVAREZ, PEDRO Category 7
    “Etude oblique I” para Cuarteto de Cuerdas

    MUÑOZ, JAVIER Category 7
    “Gravitation II” para Cuarteto de Cuerdas

    PACHECO, JORGE Category 10
    “Cantus” para cuatro saxos

    “Macondo” para violín, violoncello y piano

    SOLOVERA, ALIOCHA Category 1
    “Solo para un diálogo” para flauta y orquesta

    STUARDO, MARCOS Category 14
    “Regle” para flauta, clarinete, marimba,
    arpa, violín y contrabajo

    Finally the ISCM International Jury selected the piece of Juan Manuel Quinteros “Macondo” for the World Music Days 2015, Slovenia.

    5. General Assembly Winter 2014
    On August 4th at the Instituto Chile took place the usual Winter Assembly was held. The list of topics was:
    (1) Jorge Springinsfeld as representatives on the Council for the Promotion of
    Chilean music, CNCA (implementation agreement with SCD)
    (2) National Arts Award 2014 - Music references
    (3) President of the Republic Prize 2014 (to define an own ANC candidate)
    (4) New radio program series "Pentagram" agreement with Radio USACH.
    (5) Planning concert series "ANC in Autumn 2015."
    (6) Proposal to institute "ANC Award" in recognition of individuals (not
    composers) who have excelled for his contribution to the musical life
    (7) International Activity 2015, by agreement with SCD
    (8) Renovation of ANC Executive Comite. Preparation for the election of a new president in the next Assembly January 2015.

    6. President of the Republic Prize 2014
    As in 2013, the definition of the nominee was conducted by mail, applicants being on this occasion were the composers Sebastian Errazuriz, Juan Quinteros, Hernan Ramirez, Silvia Soublette, and Jose Vicente Azuar and Gabriel Brincic. Finally was selected Gabriel Brincic with the 64% of the vote. He was officially presented its candidacy to the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CNCA), with the support of the ANC itself and the Department of Music and Sonology Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile. Our nomination was welcomed and Gabriel Brncic was finally chosen as the winner of President of the Republic Prize 2014. The award ceremony was held at the Palacio de La Moneda, Monday 22th of December 2014.

    7. Program Series "Pentagram", Radio USACH, conducted by Walter Krumbach
    The first program was recorded on July 28th and broadcasting on Monday 1th
    September. Gabriel Matthey participated in it, as president of the ANC. Subsequently
    different composers participated as Fernando Garcia, Boris Alvarado, Miguel Letelier,
    Antonio Carvallo, Santiago Vera, Felix Cardenas, Rafael Diaz, Nicolas Kliwadenko,
    Patrick Wang, David Cortés, Pablo Delano, Carlos Zamora, Jorge Martinez, Aliosha
    Solovera, Alejandro Guarello, Rodrigo Herrera, Hernan Ramirez, Sebastian Errazuriz and Leon Schidlowsky. In total there were 19 programs, transmitted on Mondays at 21 hrs. and Saturdays at 22 hrs. The program has continued since March 2015.

    8. Art’s National Award Music Section 2014
    The most important chilean prize for the arts was awarded to the composer Leon Schidlowsky. The ANC recognized colleague awarded, inviting him to record on the radio program "Pentagram" on Monday December 22th, 2014, as closing the recording season. Further, the same day in the afternoon was organized an open conversation with Schidlowsky, in the Music Archive of the National Library, which was video recorded in the archive itself.

    9. First contest Carlos Riesco, in collaboration with the ANC
    Organized by the Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Chile for the first
    time Composition Contest Carlos Riesco, biennial competition is held. In this first version the instrumental format required was following the Ensamble Bartok structure (voice, clarinet, violin, cello and piano). The call was made in May 2014. The jury members were Valene George, Cecilia Cordero and Gabriel Matthey. 20 works were presented and the final result he met in a special concert held on November 2417, 2014 at the America Hall of the National Library. The awards were:
    First Prize ($ 600,000 chilean pesos) to Mauro Esparza, with his work "Elastic"
    Second Prize ($ 400,000) Renan Cortez, with his work "The Maiden and Death"
    Third Prize ($ 300,000) to Rodrigo Herrera, with his piece "Songs of Autumn".

    10. Tribute from the piano Renan Cortez
    On December 10th at the Music Archive of the National Library, the Latin American Association of Piano Teachers, ALAPP, there was a piano concert-workshop, in tribute to the composer Renan Cortez.

    11. Web site of the ANC enabled.
    During 2014 the ANC’s Web site ( ) a several settings were made to be capable fill by the ANC members. His administration and settlement was in charge of the composer Nicolas Kliwadwenko and during 2015 it has been gradually populated and updated. Collaborate also Fernando Munizaga, Felipe Pinto and Francisco Rañilao.

    12. New ANC President.
    On March 26th, 2015 the vote of approval was carried out the new leadership headed by Antonio Carvallo. He replace Gabriel Matthey.

    13. Concert of the Symphonic Orchestral Contest 2014. Orquesta Sinfónica de Concepción
    As each year, the Symphonic Orchestra of Concepción with the support of SCD was premiered the work for orchestra of Esteban Vargas “La revolución será con cumbias o no será”. May 30th, Julian Kuerti (Canadá) conductor.

    14. "ANC in autumn": a new open space for contemporary music
    For the third time the concert series was held "ANC in autumn", always in
    America Hall of the National Library during the Monday 11th, 18th and 25th May
    2015. The first included the participation of the Ensemble Musicahora form La Serena City, who performed music of Esteban Correa, Julio Torres, Jorge Pepi-Alos, Fernando Guede, Daniel Valenzuela and Rene Silva. The second concert included works by Luciano Berio, Nicolas Kliwadenko, Mario Mora, Gabriel Galvez Silva Matthey Gabriel Esteban Correa and Correa, with the special participation of Dante Burotto (clarinet), Julio Torres (piano), George Espinoza (bassoon), Cecilia Barrientos (voice), Carmen Troncoso Muñoz and Paola Muñoz (recorders). Finally, the third concert, included
    works of Gerard Grisey and Roberto Falabella, played by the Contemporary Music Company Ensemble, directed by Carlos Valenzuela.

    15. Contemporary Music Festivals

    MusicAhora Contemporary Music Festival
    November 2014
    November 3rd to Saturday 8th 2014, was be held XI MUSICAHORA Contemporary Music Festival. His main purpose is linking music lovers with contemporary repertorie, both nationally and around the world, thus contributing to the varied musical activity that has our region.
    They emphasize on this occasion, the intervention of soloists Saxophone, Trumpet and Oboe, the participation of two percussion ensembles, a saxophone quartet and the Symphony Orchestra of the University of La Serena (OSULS), among others adds.
    With the participation of guest conductor, Francisco Nunez, the OSULS offer an interesting program on Friday, November 7 including “A la mujer que me enseñó a bailar el tango” by Juan Angel Ciurleo, and "The Labyrinth of the Minotaur" Martin Letelier, winning piece of 1st prize in Luis Advis Award 2013.
    Also were played the "Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra" by Launy Grøndahl and "... Methuselah mimesis ... (Variations for orchestra of winds and percussion)," of the chilean composer Esteban Correa.
    Groups and guest musicians
    Another important nuance that has the version of this year's festival is the participation of foreign musicians who, according to the organizers, with their views, will expand the scope of assessment of what is created today. From Buenos Aires, the event will visit the percussion ensemble 120dB; while Palma de Mallorca comes from saxophonist José Vila, and from Köln, Germany, trumpeter Paul Giw be presented.
    They join prominent national players like Benjamin Vergara, Valdivia; Valparaiso percussion group born in the region of Valparaiso; and Cycle Workshop, East Saxophone Quartet and the Metropolitan Region Tricahue groups who will share his work with the OSULS and Musicahoraensamble, which was debut this year.

    XXIV Chilean Contemporary Music Festival
    November 2014
    Since 1991 the Catholic University annually presents the "Festival of Contemporary Music UC". In these 24 years, this gathering has become an important point of reference for contemporary music in Chile and Latin America, with the participation of important composers, national and international ensembles and soloists.

    In this version, the concert series will include iconic works of literature of the twentieth century, as the Suite Op. 29 Arnold Schoenberg (Monday 10th) and Le Marteau sans maitre Pierre Boulez (Wednesday 12th) interpreted by two prominent national groups : Contemporary Ensemble conducted by Alyosha Solovera and Contemporary Music Workshop under the conduction of Pablo Aranda. The festival will also feature the distinguished visit saxophone quartet Sigma Project (Tuesday 11th), whose concert includes, among other compositions of Iannis Xenakis “XAS”.

    The XXIV UC Contemporary Music Festival, faithful to its vocation to promote and spread the Chilean establishment, released numerous scores of national artists of all generations, from novice to those consecrated composers like Fernando Garcia, National Music Award 2002 (Friday 14th) .

    The program of this festival reflects the proposals of composers and performers and aims to reveal the vitality and great aesthetic variety and technical resources that characterize contemporary musical creation: from the use of electroacoustic in “Quebrada” of Adolfo Nunez (Thursday 13th), played for Saxophone Quartet Oriente (Thursday 13th), video projections Simog / Civitella (Tuesday 11th), or works for large ensembles, like “Job en el Mudalar” for 24 voices, the same David Nunez, this time in his composer role (Friday 14th).

    XV International Contemporary Music Festival
    January 2015
    The International Contemporary Music Festival. The new version of the event organized by the Department of Music and Sonology at the Faculty of Arts, University of Chile, was take place between 13th and January 16thjanuary 2015.
    For five days, 280 musicians give life to pieces by the likes of Helmut Lachenmann, John Cage, Giacinto Scelsi, Luigi Nono, Toru Takemitsu and Salvatore Sciarrino, among others. As is tradition, the closing day will be in charge of the Chile’s Symphony Orchestra, under the Spanish conductor Josep Vicent. On this occasion was premiered the “Symphony for eight voices and orchestra” by Luciano Berio, by the Camerata Vocal University of Chile, conducted by Juan Pablo Villarroel.

    40 works have played showing to the public a wide range of trends, lines, poetics and aesthetics of contemporary music today. Within this varied program, highlighted the large number of Chilean works of composers such as Luis Advis, Pablo Delano and Rafael Diaz. Moreover, ten years after the death of Carlos Botto, the Magnificat Choir of the Faculty of Arts, University of Chile will pay tribute to the outstanding musician with “Three choral songs”.

    This edition will also feature the participation of 10 foreign guests, including the Colombian composer Alejandro Hernandez, the outstanding pianist Inés Sabatini Argentina, Carola Schaal German clarinetist, guitarist Mikkel Andersen of Denmark and the Canadian flutist Jen McLachlen.



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