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Annual Report

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    ISCM Canadian Section Report 2014

    2017 WNMDs Bid

    During 2014 the ISCM Canadian Section, with its parent organization, the Canadian League of Composers, worked towards preparing its bid for the 2017 World New Music Days & General Assembly, to take place in Vancouver. This bid was to be presented in October 2014 at the WNMDs in Wroclaw, Poland.

    The ISCM Canadian Section is partnering with Music on Main, a Vancouver Series with Artistic Director David Pay, in order to present the WNMDs Festival. Music on Main became a Full Associate Member of the ISCM in 2013, with our support. We will also partner with many Vancouver concert series (Participating Concert Presenters-- “PCPs”), who will each present a concert during the WNMDs and become ‘categories’ in the Call for Scores.

    We received start-up funding from the SOCAN Foundation, part of SOCAN, Canada’s performing rights organization. We then applied for and received a Canada Council for the Arts Project grant for the event. We will apply for this grant over four years. We developed our budget over the years into a detailed, multi-layered document, outlining a four-year plan. We signed a contract with our Administrative Director. There were meetings of our Advisory Committee, as well as with Music on Main, the City of Vancouver Cultural Services, and the Department of Canadian Heritage Western Office in Vancouver. We developed strategies for funding applications, and began developing our shared vision and goals for the 2017 WNMDs. We received regular reports from Music on Main, via Artistic Director David Pay, with ideas for the Festival. Working with Music on Main, we narrowed down the list of PCPs, worked on concerts presented by the Festival itself. The Festival began to take shape. We also worked through the year on the Agreement between the CLC/Canadian Section and Music on Main.

    The ISCM name and heritage are front and centre in all our dealings with government agencies on all levels (national, provincial, city), as well as Vancouver musicians, ensembles and series, and in communications with our base of over 400 composers across Canada-- bringing knowledge of this world organization to an ever wider sphere of actors and players in Canada’s new music, cultural, and political environment.

    World Music Days Wroclaw 2014

    At this event the Canadian Section presented its bid for the World New Music Days Festival 2017 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Music on Main will be our presentation partner; David Pay, Artistic Director, Morna Edmundson, Administrative Director. Jim Hiscott and David Pay presented the bid in long form to the ISCM ExCom in Wroclaw on October 8, along with letters of agreement from 18 Vancouver and Victoria PCPs, to very positive response. And then Hiscott and Pay gave an audio-visual and live presentation to the General Assembly on October 10. The General Assembly voted unanimously in favour. On October 11 Jim Hiscott signed the Contract for the 2017 WNMDs on behalf of the CLC and Canadian Section, with ISCM President Peter Swinnen.

    During the Festival three Selected Works of the Canadian Section were performed:

    Gabriel Dharmoo: Vaai Irandu (Solo voice)

    Nicole Lizée: Hitchcock Études (Electroacoustic music)

    Jordan Nobles: Lux Antiqua (Choir).

    100 copies of the Canadian Section 2014 CD of its six Selected Works were distributed among delegates, musicians , composers and presenters at the 2014 WNMDs.

    As a delegate at the General Assembly, Hiscott participated as one of the two Auditors; also gave a brief report for the Branding and Communications Working Group, and volunteered for the new Working Group studying membership and structure issues.

    Juries and CD production

    In 2014 we held our nationally-advertised Call for Works and jury for the 2015 WNMDs in Slovenia. From 41 submissions, our national jury selected six works, and submitted them to the Slovenian Section. We also produced our CD of Selected Works for the 2014 WNMDs. We distribute 100 copies of this CD each year to ISCM delegates, as well as to composers, performers and programmers. Another 200 copies are distributed in Canada.

    Jim Hiscott, President, ISCM Canadian Section

    Brian Harman, Vice President, ISCM Canadian Section

    Canadian League of Composers 20 St. Joseph St., Toronto Ontario M4Y 1J9 Canada



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